Incurable illnesses—extraordinary cases treated successfully

Sigrid Henrichmann, Naturopath, Mtinster

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to present to you a few cases which from a medical point of view are seen as (in)curable disorders.

Case study 1

One of my patients called me and asked whether I could help out a good friend of theirs who had some or other inherited disorder resulting in iron overload. Since I enjoy a challenge, as you will see, I said I’d give it a try. The female patient was suffering from haemochromatosis, a disorder which causes the body to store too much iron and requires the blood to be let every couple of weeks. Although the benefits of occasional blood-letting to detoxify the patient are acknowledged by naturopaths, but not necessarily for every patient, the iron deposits are not reduced as much as required, leading to anaemia.

The patient is 46 years old and also has raised blood pressure, which may have something to do with the haemochromatosis, and has therefore been taking an ACE inhibitor and a betablocker since the start of therapy in May 2002. Neither form of medication is doing her any good and I explained to her that we would also try to lower her blood pressure with bioresonance therapy and homeopathy.

During the course of overall treatment I repeated the following programs after testing, with up to four programs maximum per session:

270            Blood pressure too high
901            Hereditary disorders
530            Metabolism
430            Liver detoxication
311             Liver degeneration
480, 481   Reduced kidney function
310, 311     Improve blood values
1000        Iron elimination.

After I positively tested an iron ampoule on 170 I eliminated iron via the liver and pancreas using program 1000.

To begin with, we continued treatment on a weekly basis, and subsequently every 14 days. Now it’s every 3 to 4 weeks. Each time I test the iron ampoule and more or less eliminate it.

At the start of December 2002 the iron value stood at 162 jig/dl (50-160), the ferritin values were 40.4 Before treatment the iron values were 600 to 700. Blood is let every now and again because it acts as a double protection. To combat her increased blood pressure I prescribed her the naturopathic blood pressure lowering agent Hornviotensin in addition to slowly fazing out the betablocker. We also slowly reduced the ACE inhibitor after a few months. Her blood pressure at the start of January was 120/90. We are both happy with this and after 2 1/2 years she is still coming but at less regular intervals so that she can maintain her good health. Her doctor knows that she is being treated with bioresonance therapy, tells her that she should continue with it but shows no further interest in this therapy. This patient’s brother has the same problem and has consistently high iron values which will eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver. He doesn’t believe in using naturopathic remedies, however, and would in addition have to pay for such treatment himself.

I sometimes ask myself whether people need to be terminally ill before they start to do something about their illness.

Case study 2

A female patient, 86 years old, hypertonia 185/85, pulse 50, aged 29 she underwent the Billroth II procedure. 7 months before she came to me she had to undergo radioiodine therapy as a result of an autonomous adenoma in her thyroid gland. Very tall, slim patient with an extreme stoop but other-wise very active and feisty. Every time she comes she brings me new food supplement products which she has bought either from a salesman, while out on a trip or by mail order and believes will grant her eternal life. I test to see whether the products will actually be of any benefit to her and more often than not they won’t.

She says that she has problems with her stomach, she also has constant diarrhoea and her doctor even suggested that she may possibly have cancer. It was difficult to understand how such a statement could be made without targeted investi-gations for cancer, but perhaps he was right. At that time I had no means of testing for cancer and she had in any case been receiving radioactive therapy. She also had back pain around the lumbar vertebra region.

Initially the following programs were applied again after testing, with up to four programs maximum per session:
910,960          Suppression of scar interference via stomach and thyroid gland
430                        Liver detoxication
970                        Eliminate toxins
565,460                Intestinal regulation
560                       Pain in lumbar vertebra region
310,311                  Improve blood values
331,911                  Stomach — nerval system
401                        Improve heart activity
480,330                Kidneys.

One day she didn’t turn up for the appointment. I called her but she didn’t respond. Now I was get-ting worried because she lives alone in her house and it takes her about 1 hour, including connec-tions, to get to me on the bus. I called her daughter who lives in a different town and she confirmed that her mother had told her the day before that she had an appointment with me. She telephoned round all the hospitals in Munster and found her in a hospital. What had happened?

For several months she had been taking the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept in addition to the heart and circulatory agents Norvasc, Enahexal and Iscover. “I’m always so forgetful”, she had said to her doctor, which at her age is not uncommon.

Since she already only had a pulse of 50/minute and a completely irregular rhythm and according to the instruction leaflet this drug would cause her pulse rate to decrease until she became syncopic,she had as I had feared fallen into a state of syncope on the bus and was rushed to A&E with a pulse of 40/minute.

After 3 weeks she came to me again — with a summary chart from the hospital and a new dosage of medication, which was more than she’d ever been on before. The doctors in the hospital failed to discover that she had been taking a drug for Alzheimer’s and had also done nothing to investi-gate the cause of the syncope which, to my mind, constitutes malpractice.

Now I’m tired of it. I had already treated her several months previously with the BICOM®, in par-ticular because of her stomach and also as a means of detoxification. She sometimes says: “I no longer have these stomach problems — how can that be? I’ve had them for more than 40 years.” Excellent, I say, that’s down to our treatment. Now I wanted to know whether we could try to sort out the entire arsenal of medication which had recently expanded further, because her daughter, a pharmaceutical rep, is happy to give her this or the other drug.

First of all, I positively tested the Alzheimer’s drug on program 170 and found that this drug was not helping her and eliminated it with program 998 for 10 minutes. The drug was removed completely because she simply suffers from the forgetfulness that comes with age. I then stabilised the heart with program 401 for 15 minutes and afterwards vegetative program 960 was given via the stomach and heart region and high blood pressure program 270 was likewise used as required. During these treatments we gradually discontinued the betablocker Norvasc, reduced the ACE inhibitor Enahexal to half a tablet and also withdrew Iscover, the thrombocyte aggregation inhibitor. Her blood pressure was only 130/60 as it was. I wanted her diastolic value to be higher and her pulse 50/min. as I believe that these values first arose as a result of her taking the medication.

998 Elimination of Alzheimer’s drug
401 Improve heart activity
960 Disturbances in heart rhythm 270
High blood pressure as required.

After 4 weeks the patient had blood pressure of 120/80, a pulse of 60/min., a reading which I had never seen for her before and, for me, the most astounding thing was that there was no longer any sign of disturbances in her heart rhythm. She now only takes 1/2 an Enahexal tablet and 2 Homvio-tensin (hawthorn and Rauwolfia) tablets each day. The latter is a homeopathic drug which lowers blood pressure because it treats the heart and is therefore a form of causal therapy.

Soon afterwards she went for treatment at a “naturopathic clinic” which she had signed up for several months previously but was again treated with a whole arsenal of blood pressure lowering agents. She had got worked up fearing she would need a colonoscopy and her blood pressure briefly rose again. She was also taking a new Alzheimer’s drug called “Axura”. One of her daughters who is also a patient of mine said to me “Mother does not feel well there and I don’t know what they are doing with her”.

After her return we again weaned her off the Alzheimer’s drug, treated the heart and blood pressure as before and everything was restored to normal.

Since she has also still been going to her own doctor in the meantime, who himself often uses the BICOM® device, she once asked him whether he could help with her problems, “No,” he said, “this cannot help you, it is used to treat allergies. You must take your tablets”. Since she did not have the courage to tell him what we had achieved using bioresonance therapy she didn’t tell him that she was no longer taking them. And therefore he will probably never know or even try to treat his patients who have internal disorders with the BICOM® device.

Case study 3

A female patient, 54 years old, advanced stage of multiple sclerosis for 18 years. For half a year, trigeminus neuralgia on the right hand side, II branch. Neurological analysis found no mass or compression along trigeminus. Simvastatin and Copaxone to combat the MS, Gabapentin to combat the neuralgia. The Copaxone costs €1,135 for 28 days.

After testing the medication she only continued taking Simvastatin since she realised herself that the other medication was not doing anything for her. I also tested the intolerance on program 170 and eliminated both medicines. She had a geopathic stress which I treated.

I placed an applicator on the right cheek and treated the trigeminus branch with

911 Nerve attenuation
922 Acute tissue activity
998 Elimination of Copaxone and Gabapentin and ear acupuncture after Nogier, trigeminus point.

Two days later she came back. It felt somewhat better on the day following treatment but did not go away. She had come through the cold wind and for a few minutes suffered a slight relapse. She cried and I felt for her, asking myself why this woman who had formerly been a young university lecturer and who now could scarcely walk as a re-sult of the MS now also had to endure these terrible trigeminus pains. She had already received an ap-pointment to attend the University Clinic in Aachen where the plan was to use gamma rays to sclerose the connection between the trigeminus branch and the brain. I said to her that she should wait first because I believed that these rays would only make MS worse.

I tested for trichomonads using the depth probe on the trigeminus branch, these being the cause of many illnesses. You may well now ask “why trichomonads?” which sit in the urogenital tract. They do, but they travel via the blood throughout the entire body and can even cause cancer in some cases. I will come back to this in my final case studies. I eliminated the trichomonads directly from the trigeminus branch on the right hand side, which I also tested on the head, by the way, and it became clear to me that these parasites could also be the cause of the MS.

When she came back 4 days later she was laughing again. The trigeminus neuralgia had only returned very briefly but then immediately subsided again. We were both delighted.

Now three quarters of a year have passed and the trigeminus neuralgia only appears occasionally for a few seconds and then subsides, and this only when she has taken the latest wonder drug against MS.

Despite this she still attended the appointment at the University clinic in Aachen since she had already registered with them. She has in the meantime become very cautious and believes that the trigeminus neuralgia will reappear. This is possible, but then we would simply eliminate the trichomonads again. In the clinic they looked at her in some amazement and asked “How come you are longer in pain — what have you done?” Unfortunately she was both unable and unwilling to explain our therapy and prefers to state that she has stopped taking all her medication.

I find that a shame, although I have not told her this. However, I would now like to state quite clearly that if we do not succeed in getting patients to tell people about their success with BICOm therapy we will always be seen as outsiders and bioresonance therapy will never get the recogni-tion it deserves. But we must also trust ourselves to use BICOM® therapy even if dealing with serious disorders such as MS or cancer. We must also be brave enough to reduce medication or even dis-pense with it altogether if it is not healing patients’ illnesses but merely easing the superficial symp-toms and also preventing the truly far-reaching successes of BICOM® therapy. We claim to cure patients and with the BICOM® device for the first time we have a therapy which can really do this.

Case study 4

A female patient called me between Christmas and New Year. She has breast cancer but didn’t want an operation because she wanted to keep her breast. When she sat in front of me in the new year I noticed immediately that she was a bit different from other patients, mainly because she is very esoteric and also believes in miracle cures. I ex-plained to her that BICOM® therapy is a scientifically based therapy and that for me, medication always forms the basis of my treatment. “But I don’t want an operation. You have been heaven sent, please help me.” During my short break between Christmas and New Year I had read a new book with the title “Cancer Pathogens Discovered”. I was fascinated since the Russian scientist Tamara Lebedeva wrote here that cancer cells were not degenerated human cells but instead the most prim-itive forms of trichomonads. It would be wonder-ful to finally know what cancer is and where it comes from. It would then be possible to target cancer effectively. I felt the lumps in the patient’s left breast. Then I placed the magnetic depth probe on the area, the ampoule tested positive for Mammalian carcinoma and then I placed the trichomonad ampoule in the cup and again tested positive at 170. Trichomonads were therefore present. Then, using the red lead I eliminated the trichomonads exactly on the spot where the depth probe lay. After about 10 minutes of elimination therapy I tested again. It was astonishing because not only did I not test any trichomonads but there was also no Mammalian carcinoma. Instead there was a Mam-malian adenoma, which is a benign tumour.

I therefore treated the patient over several weeks and have not tested Mammalian carcinoma again. In addition, I used the following programs (each after testing, with a maximum of four programs per session):
970 Eliminate toxins
530 Metabolism
570 Immune system
930 Intestine
930 Lymphs.

However, the lump remained unchanged. It did not disappear, for indeed there was nowhere for it to go. A further biopsy now would likely lead to the same conclusion as before, namely the presence of atypical cells, the difference being that these were perhaps now no longer active. Yet this can-not be determined as cancer cells once removed are in any case put in formalin and so killed off. I believe she would continue to be told that she had a malignant carcinoma in her breast and that she would die if she didn’t have an operation.
She felt well nevertheless and then started see-ing a healer and I have not heard anything more from her since.

Case study 5

A female patient, aged 46, called me from a hospi-tal and asked for an appointment. The person in the same ward was a patient of mine, she said, and she now wanted to come to me too. She had just had an operation and had had cancer in her left breast. When she spoke she seemed confused, which is not unusual after such an operation. She wanted to come to me while still receiving hospital care and so had obtained permission from the doc-tor looking after her. We made an appointment and before she came to me the doctor phoned from the hospital. She did not have anything in principle against it but wanted to brief me on her mental state. It isn’t often that doctors contact naturopaths and I was pleased that she had. The patient had refused chemotherapy and radiation treatment and as a doctor she had to respect that.

Clinical report: Multifocal mammalian carcinoma on the left hand side, suspicion of lymph node metastases.

First of all, I tested the mammalian carcinoma via the ampoules in Multisoft and although the breast had been removed the depth probe placed on the scar tested positive, i.e. the carcinoma frequencies were still present. I also tested positive for tricho-monads. I removed the scar interference with pro-gram 910 and eliminated the trichomonads over a period of 20 minutes. I placed one applicator on the scar and one applicator in the armpit because of the lymph nodes. When I test something directly with the depth probe in the place where the problem occurs I also place there the applicators with the red lead for elimination purposes. I like-wise place the magnetic field mat on the back. This is what I did in the case of this patient too, since the trichomonads do not just sit in the tumour area but also in the blood vessels or in the urogenital tract, where they originate from. As was the case with the other patient, I no longer tested mamma-lian carcinoma following elimination. I continued treatment to detoxify and build up the patient as I would any other.

910                     Scar following mastectomy
900                    Internal scarring, vitality
998 (1000)        Elimination of trichomonads
998                  Fasciolopsis bush (parasites responsible for cancer after Hulda Clark)
998                   Methanol alcohol which attracts parasites
970, 430           Detoxication
922                   Tissue activity
570                   Immune system.

From the company Heel we additionally used Galium Heel, Lymphomyosot, Ginseng comp., three homeopathic complex agents, which the com-pany Horvi had previously always recommended as an additional treatment to their snake venom for treating cancer.

The patient seemed psychologically exhausted which was understandable given her husband’s treatment of her — he had already hit her and hu-miliated her. And even her 15-year old daughter and 5-year old son were wearing her down. All the more astonishing given that she clearly knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want.

She has been coming to me for treatment since the start of April. Her female doctor visits her for follow-up examinations, all of which have so far been negative. She feels well and on my sugges-tion has contacted a marriage guidance counsellor and sometimes calls me if she wants my opinion on a problem. I have already treated her 5-year oldson, who actually looks like a 9-year old and un-fortunately I have to report that unless someone intervenes he too will become violent at some stage. She wants to continue coming to me and now sees me every 3 weeks.


By the way, I test trichomonads in almost 99 % of all patients. The Russian scientist Tamara Lebe-deva likewise writes that these parasites have al-ways lived in us and with us without causing us ill-ness. However, the human body is being exposed more and more to harmful toxic effects, causing serious damage to these single-cell parasites which, in response, try to survive by multiplying at a very fast rate and by migrating to weakened organs where they assume their most primitive form and establish colonies. The result is cancer. In one experiment the Russian scientist placed the cancerous cells in a nutrient solution rather than formalin and something remarkable happened. The cancerous cells acquired a flagellated form and were able to move. They were identical in all respects to trichomonads. She surmised that cancerous cells were in fact trichomonads. Where trichomonads are exposed to chemotherapy the strongest survive, move to other parts of the body where the immune system is weak and reform and multiply. And this is the basis for metastasis. As we know all too well from chemotherapy, this process then continues until the patient dies.

I can fully appreciate this theory when I relate it to my work with the BICOM®. Ladies and gentlemen, I also ask myself why conventional medicine ignores a theory which offers so much hope, especially given that no one knows for sure where cancer comes from and consequently how it can be treated. More and more people are dying of cancer after months or years of misery enduring chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The pharmaceutical industry talks in terms of a ‘cancer market’, which to my mind is one of the insults of the century because it is an affront to cancer patients.

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