Interfering fields in the sleeping space: Investigation and solutions

Dr. Hans Schwarz, MD, FMH for General Medicine, Luzern, Switzerland


     1.1.    The significance of interference fields for chronically ill patients

In our patient population, 56 % of the chronically ill patients have a geopathic and/or e-smog exposure at their place of sleep.

If we take into account that we are in repair mode at night and the communication between our body cells is 1018 times weaker than during daylight according to Prof. Popp, it is easy to understand how geopathic and electromagnetic interference radia­tion can complicate our night-time regeneration in the long run. This consequently promotes the development of chronic diseases. Compared to most of the other stres­ses known to us from the “barrel model”, finding and remediating these interference fields is usually not very complex.

This should encourage us to look into this issue. Whether we delegate the solution or take it into our own hands is of less importance.

     1.2.   Baron von Pohl: (Quote from the original publication)

“Baron von Pohl had offered to take over a croquis of the Vilsbiburg underground streams to prove that all deaths from cancer must have occurred in houses under which particularly strong underground streams flow.” The inspection took place on 23/11/1927. The maps proved the intriguing fact that all cancer deaths in Vilsbiburg were located on the strong underground streams mapped by Baron von Pohl.

Today a number of stresses have been added to our environment. However, this should not hide the fact that earth radiation is still an important obstacle to therapy.   

    1.3.   My personal experiences

At the age of 3, one of my sons started waking up screaming at night. Nothing could calm him down, but then after half an hour he would lie down again and go back to sleep. From the many well-intentioned pieces of advice I received, a radiesthetic exa­mination of the bedroom proved to really help. The Zurich architect Matthias Mettler found the “ideal” place for the cot and this helped my son sleep well again.

In the “Geopathology Garden” of Mr. Mettler I was allowed to use different rods to learn how to look for netting, streams, curry strips and much more and how to reduce or eli­minate their radiation with suitable measures. From then on the examination of the sleeping location formed an integral part of the treatment of chronic diseases.

    1.4.   Of course, the following explanations also apply to work and treatment units.

2. What are the issues?

Sleeping space

2.1.          Electric smog

2.1.1. Alternating electromagnetic fields (240 Volt/50 Hz):

Electromagnetic fields are created wherever current which changes in strength or polarity flows. These are dependent on the current and frequency. Their strength decreases with distance.


Alternating electromagnetic fields

used for the investigation:

  • Sleep history
  • BICOM® Program no. 701.0 and E-Smog ampoules fit, MP4a tests weak etc.
  • A digital multimeter for measuring capacitive coupling: When we are in an electromagnetic field, it induces a similar field in us through capacitive coupling. This can be measured by a measuring instrument connected to ground with the unit “Volt”. The recommended limit value is 40 mV.
  • A digital electrosmog analyser (e.g. ME 3851A Gigahertz Solutions)

Sleeping space radiation

Recommended limit value:

Electric fields: up to 2 kHz: below 10 V/m (1 V/m)

Magnetic fields: up to 2 kHz: below 200 nT (20 nT)

Capacitive coupling: below 40 mV

2.1.2. The earth’s magnetic field, a natural, constant magnetic field:

The earth’s magnetic field can be explained by the structure of the earth: The earth’s core in the centre consists of iron, nickel and silicon. It is surrounded by the outer core of molten iron. This is followed by the earth’s mantle of silicates and oxides. The outer-most layer is the earth’s crust.

The earth’s magnetic field forms an invisible protective shield against the high-energy cosmic radiation and solar wind. The charged particles are directed along the magnetic field lines around the earth. Artificial magnetic direct fields are created by magnetised steel. They distort the earth’s natural magnetic field.

These can be found in our sleeping areas in the form of spring mattresses, iron and steel on beds and in building structures. They strengthen the coupling to electromagnetic fields, such as radio signals from radio or television, and therefore promote the formation of electrosmog.

Equipment used for the investigation: We use a compass, which we pull slowly over the mattress on a string. If the needle remains aligned to the north, the base is metal-free.


2.1.3. High frequency fields in households (selection, 100 kHz-300-GHz)

High frequency fields in households

1. WiFi (2.4/5 GHz)

2.4 GHz for wireless communication with computers

5 GHz for wireless communication with TVs

Cress experiment

2. DECT (1.9 GHz) Cordless phone, baby monitor

3. Mobile phone antennae (2/3/4/5 GHz and other frequencies)

Mobile phone antennae

Red mark corresponds to our place of residence. Yellow dot: Antennae on a neighbouring buildings. Click with the cursor: the property information will open.

Notes and equipment used for the investigation

2.2. Geopathy

2.2.1. Individual stimulation zones  (selection)

1. The Global Network Grid or Hartmann Grid:

At the beginning of the fifties Dr. med. Ernst Hartmann described a grid and named it the GLOBAL NETWORK GRID, better known today as the HARTMANN Grid 1. Order.

The HARTMANN grid is magnetically aligned according to N-S and E-W and is contained in the atomic cube system according to BENKER. The stimulus stripes are approx. 21 cm wide and are 2 m apart in the N-S direc­tion and 2.50 m in the E-W direction. The distances can vary depending on the geographical location.

2. The curry net or diagonal grid:

This grid with stimulus strips of approx. 60 cm width runs diagonally to the HARTMANN grid with a distance of approx. 3.5 m. Here the crossing points in connection with the BENKER and HARTMANN grids have a negative effect on the well-being and, depending on polarity, a more or less large impact on well-being.

Hartman grid

3. Geostationary radiation, water veins, faults, crevices, etc:

Geostationary radiations are interference zones with a cause that is geological in na­ture. These geologically conditioned fault zones, especially the water veins, faults and crevices, work as radiation collectors. They can have a pathological effect on cell growth and the well-being of humans and plants.

These zones (earth rays or interfe­rence zones) can be envisioned as “invisible walls”. The width of these zones is equal to the width of the measurable interference zone.

Depending on the geological situation, basic atomic radiation (e.g. radon) can occur locally, especially vertically above deep crevices and water veins, which can have a considerable influence on cells. With biophysical measuring methods (dowsing) or by means of geo-magnetometers these interference zones can be located with physical measuring instruments and then the location can be checked and evaluated with a Geiger or scintillation counter.

Notes and equipment used for the investigation:

  • Sleep history
  • Program no. 700.0 and geopathy ampoules fit, testing MP4a etc.

There are fundamentally a variety of ways to measure the quality of a sleep or treat­ment unit. The simplest is bovismetry. This method, developed by A. Bovis, measures the global quality of the location, without taking interference zones into account. Va­lues below 6500 Bovis take energy from us, values above 6500 provide us with energy. For places of sleep, 6500 Bovis are most suitable.

The “Bovis Meter”

The bovis meter

Here’s how it works:

The pendulum should be positioned over the zero point of the boviscale diagonally right whilst swinging. Slowly move it to the right until it oscillates continuously verti­cally, this is the value you are looking for.

•Dowsing and modern physics

The grip length technique is based on the fact that each material has its own specific oscillation frequency. All laws of oscillation physics for electromagnetic waves can be found here. For example: Water molecules have a frequency with a wavelength of around 12 cm.

The handle lengths, which are indicated in cm, prac­tically created a common “language” in radiesthesia. In the past, the dowser had to mentally concentrate on “water” when searching for water. By knowing the grip lengths and H3-antenna values, today’s work with the rod is much more precise and trace­able. The rod is only the antenna, the measuring instrument is the human being!


4. Radon

Radon room

Radon is a radioactive noble gas that occurs in va­rying quantities in all types of rock and soil. It dif­fuses to the earth’s surface through porous rock and soil formations, penetrates homes through missing or leaking basement floor slabs, cracks and joints. In poorly ventilated cellars the concentra­tion of the gas will increase. It rises to the upper floors through stairways, pipe shafts etc. Gas can escape with regular ventilation.

Radon concentrations are regularly measured nationwide and documented in maps.

The health consequences of high radon concentrations were first documented in the 16th century by Agricola Schneeberger in the Erzgebirge (Germany) mining region. The discovery that “Schneeberg’s disease” was lung cancer caused by a radiation from inhaled radon was only made at the beginning of the 20th century. Today we know that radon is the most common cause of lung cancer in non­smokers.

Germany radiation map

Limit value

In 1988, the WHO recommended a guideline value of 100 Becquerel per cubic meter of indoor air (Bq/m3). The European Council issued a directive according to which radon concentrations should not exceed 300 Bq/m3 (valid for homes and workplaces). This directive had to be converted into national law by the EU states by the end of 2018.

Equipment used for the investigation:

  • Sleep history
  • Aqua pluvia May 1986 D6/D30/D200 Staufen Pharma, ampoule radioactivity, MP4a tests weak etc.
  • First indications can be the place of residence (compare the radon map) and the biophysical testing of a “radioactivity ampoule”.
  • With an Airthings Radon Detector “Wave”, the radon concentration can be mea­sured in the patient’s bedroom over a period of several weeks and read via an app on a smartphone.

3. Example of corrective measures in the bedroom

We first draw a plan, indicate the north direction, furniture, sockets, power cables, power sources, mirrors etc.

3.1. Geopathy

Geopathy radon

We look for the “good” place using the bovis meter. There is a zone on the window side of the room with values between 5500-6500 Bovis. We move the bed to the right and recommend buying a metal-free mattress.

Geopathy radon 2

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid them due to difficult space conditions. Of the countless shielding devices tested, the use of 4 rose quartz stones (approx. 1.5 kg) in the corners of the bedroom has proven to be very effective.

It is important to test the polarity of the stones, e.g. with the tensor. You should look for the “face” of the stone, the surface that later looks towards the room. With the tensor in your hand, test all of the sides until you have found the face. On the right side of the face write an R.

Then, with correct placement a stone circle will be created. The oldest circle is the approximately 175,000 year old stone circle created by Neanderthals in the cave of Bruniquel in France.

3.2. High-frequency radiation

Now we remove the sources of high-frequency radiation:

3.2.1. In the left of the picture we can see the router, which radiates with 3 different frequencies into the bedroom. We can turn it off at night with a timer or set up a timer circuit with software. For this, we have to enter the IP address of the router in ourbrowser and we will then see the picture below:

High frequency radiation

2.4 GHz: 2 Computer

5 GHz: TV DECT telephone

3.2.2. The better solution is of course not to use WLAN: we connect the TV box and the computers/printers to the router with a fibre optic or network cable.

3.2.3. To fight antenna radiation that comes through the window, we use a special day curtain, which shields a large part of the high frequency fields, e.g. Swiss Shield fabrics. (The same material that we used in the cress test to protect the control group).

You can also hang this fabric over the bed as a canopy.

3.3 Low-frequency electromagnetic fields (50Hz/240 Volt)

Low frequency electromagnetic fields

3.3.1. The smartphone, clock radio (connected to the mains) and baby monitor are removed from the bedside table.

3.3.2. Now we move the bedside table next to the bed and connect the bedside lamp to the socket located far away from the bed. The final measurement of the capacitive coupling with the multimeter shows a value of 150 mV. Compared to the initial value of 2,350 mV, this is a significant improvement (although not yet the desired 40 mV).

Warning: if the plug for the be­dside lamp is 2-pole, you should test with the multimeter which position of the plug shows the lo­wer capacitive coupling and mark the plug on the upper side with a dot. Reason: The phase (socket to the right of the socket, red cable) should be connected to the con­sumer’s switch, as shown in pic­ture B.

Bedside lamp

3.3.3. It could be the case that a high value is still measured even after all consumers have been unplugged. In this case, we switch off the bedroom fuse and measure again. If the value is significantly better, an automatic disconnecting device (mains disconnec­tion switch) can be used.

This is a device that switches off the circuit after the remai­ning electrical appliances have been switched off. There are then neither electric nor magnetic fields on the connected cables and devices. There is one small drawback: We have to supply all power sources that permanently need electricity (transformers of electronic devices such as printers, computers etc.) via a socket strip with lights and switch them off before going to bed.


A night light in the socket next to the entrance indicates with a light that the mains cut-off switch is not yet working, i.e. someone is still using electricity. If it stops illumi­nating, everything’s fine!

3.3.4. It is not always possible to bring the power supply to the side of the bed. In this case, a shielded cable helps.

3.3.5. If all of the cords break, there is a mattress topper that can be connected to the ground via a cable. As a rule, the values can be greatly improved.

3.3.6. Radon

If the limit value is clearly exceeded (over 300 Bq/m3), you can try to lower the values with frequent ventilation. If this is of no use, it is advisable to consult an expert.

  • Summary of the bedroom examination

We draw a plan of the bedroom, possibly also of the adjoining rooms (this does not need to be to scale) and draw electrical installations, furniture, mirrors and power consumers/routers etc. We mark the north direction.

  1. Geopathy We measure the Bovis values above the bed and enter them into the plan.

If they are between 6000-6500, there is no need for action. With values significantly below 5000, we then look for a better place in the room. If a change in the location of the bed is out of the question, we use our already prepared 4 rose quartzes and mea­sure again. (Please refer to 3.1.2.)

  1. High frequency radiation

Before the home visit, we look for mobile phone antennae in the vicinity of the place of residence on the corresponding website. Using high-frequency antennae (e.g. HF 35C from Gigahertz Solutions) we scan the room and note the values that can be mea­sured at the place of sleep. For corrective actions see 3.2.1.-3.2.3.

  1. Low-frequency electromagnetic fields

We measure the capacitive coupling with the multimeter. In addition, the patient lies in his bed. Hold a hand applicator connected to one wire of the multimeter (which one is irrelevant) in your hand, the other wire is connected to the ground connection of a 3-pin plug. (Warning: potentially have it connected by a specialist!!).

Now we measure the initial value and note it down. One after the other the power sources are unplug­ged until we get a reading below 100 mVolt.

Finally, we switch off the fuse and note down this value as well. For 2-pole connectors we measure positions A and B (3.3.2.) Is a mains cut-off switch required? (3.3.3.)

  1. Radon

If the pre-test has shown a radioactive contamination, and/or its location according to the radon map on the Internet is in an area with high values, we provide patients with a measuring device (e.g. Airthings Radon Detector “Wave”) for 4 weeks. They can follow the measurement results on their smartphone via an app. Recommendation: Ventilate living areas well, if that is not enough, consult a professional.

I hope you have learned something to help with you for your daily practice. Begin with curiosity and courage with the investigation of your therapy and sleeping locations. If you feel safe, you will enjoy the home visits.

On that note:

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.