Introduction to the BICOM Congress 2006

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing

The theme for our 46th Congress is:

BICOM bioresonance methods – Joint pioneering work for the medicine of the future

Pioneers are trailblazers, bridge-builders. What do we have in common with them? We too are trailblazers; trailblazers for a new type of medicine. It is a huge, beneficent task, which brings with it a great deal of responsibility. We all have just cause to be proud of our revolutionary role. We are bound by the certain knowledge that we can offer real help, especially to those chronically ill patients who have often given up all hope of recovery.

There is a large group of patients who have already tried all options that conventional medicine has to offer and yet still do not enjoy good health. These patients are said to have exhausted all possible treatments. To be able to help these people in spite of this, and maybe to relieve them of their symptoms altogether or to achieve a significant improvement is more than many therapists dare to hope for. But we are all well aware that this also meets with a lot of resistance and negativity. It is important to increase the level of public acceptance still further. Successes in therapy promote ongoing trust in and increased awareness of bioresonance therapy.

Through your professional work with bioresonance you are all contributing towards this goal. New findings and valuable experiences will again be passed on at this year’s Congress. The results of a survey of our BICOM therapists gives us an idea of what we have already achieved and why we have every reason to be very optimistic about the future.

The survey was carried out in October 2005 among German-speaking BICOM users. We received 533 responses in total. Question 6 asked:

“There are patients who have exhausted all treatment options offered by conventional medicine. How many of these patients have you treated with BICOM bioresonance therapy?” and furthermore: “In how many patients were you able to achieve the following results?”

Completely free from symptoms
Significant improvement
Slight improvement
No improvement

396 responses were straightforward to evaluate. A total of 142 responses were not taken into consideration in respect of question 6 because further detailed questions would have been needed for them to be properly evaluated.

A prefatory note: the mean value obtained from evaluating mathematically the results of some 400 responses may be viewed as coming very close to actual results.

In total 241,664 patients had exhausted all forms of treatment using conventional medicine in the 396 practices.

• 46.7 % of those patients who had tried all treatment using conventional medicine no longer showed any symptoms.
• A further 34 % of patients experienced a significant improvement.
• 13.1 % of patients registered a slight improvement.
• 6.2 % of patients showed no sign of improvement.

This shows that in around 80 % of patients who had exhausted all treatment options using conventional medicine it was possible to completely eliminate their symptoms or achieve a significant improvement in their condition.

If we now only look at the number of patients whose symptoms completely disappeared then this amounts to 112,660 patients in 396 practices.

If we suppose for argument’s sake that worldwide just 60 % of the practices with a BICOM device apply bioresonance therapy in the same way as the respondents to our survey, then it may be assumed that a complete recovery was experienced by more than 1,000,000 patients who had exhausted all forms of conventional medical treatment and a further 780,000 patients registered significant improvements.

The results of the survey can be taken as representative because it was not just practices specialising in bioresonance therapy who responded. In fact, around one third of answers came from practices where bioresonance therapy is only used on up to 10 % of their patients. Almost 20 % of responses came from practices that use bioresonance therapy on all patients and 27 practices treat their patients using only BICOM bioresonance therapy.

I would like to take this opportunity again to warmly thank all the therapists who took part in the survey in October 2005.

Those of you who often hear long tales of woe from chronically ill patients can understand what it means for these millions of patients to be completely free of all symptoms. What does this say about our prospects for the future? It shows that we all have important pioneering work to do for the future of medicine. Of course, no one individual can influence the development of medicine by himself.

However, we should never underestimate the influence of this joint pioneering work for the medicine of the future. The BICOM Congress 2006 will also make a significant contribution to our pioneering work.

Our thanks go to the speakers at this year’s Congress who have taken the time to record their experiences and have come here to Fulda to share with you their valuable insights.

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