Magnetic field module

3. Magnetic field module

Dynamic multi-impulse treatment (DMI) for energetic regulation. Patients’ energy can be amplified or attenuated, depending on their needs, with this treatment module. This magnetic field treatment can be applied on its own or combined with other treatment options offered by the BICOM BICOM optima®.

BICOM® Optima with DMI

Most naturopathic methods are based on stimuli and responses. This is also true of bioresonance. This means that, during treatment, the therapist introduces a stimulus designed to provoke a response from the patient’s body.

The body needs energy in order to be able to react. Chronically sick patients, in particular, often lack this energy due to the long-standing pathological process. So a lack of energy can also act as a treatment block. For allergy sufferers the constant battle against the allergen consumes large amounts of energy. It is therefore recommended that fortifying dynamic multi-impulse treatment is applied as well as bioresonance.

Suppressive DMI treatment can be useful in addition to bioresonance in the case of acute conditions and hyperkinetic children.

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