Modern Chakra therapy – new aspects of therapy for chronically ill patients. In cases of lack of energy, lowered resistance and hormonal imbalance

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Specialist in General Medicine, and Simone MaquinayHennecke, BICOM® Therapist, Aachen, Germany


Does this sound familiar? You have been treating a chronically sick patient for months. You have been able to rid him of all his ailments and his symptoms have improved. But now you cannot seem to make any progress. He no longer has any energy, is unable to fight off infections, his hormone system has gone mad and he seems to have lost all interest in life … High time to retrieve chakra therapy from its esoteric niche and include it, in contemporary form, in your routine therapy.

Meridians and nadi

Ideas from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have been successfully integrated into bioresonance therapy for years. We work with energy pathways, the acupuncture meridians, according to the principles of 5 element theory and/or the results of energetic testing to activate and harmonise our patients’ energy flow. These energy pathways are also described in traditional Indian medicine (in some cases they follow the same course as the meridians), where they are called nadi. The 400 or so acupuncture points in the body are located at the place where two nadi intersect. The points where seven nadi intersect give rise to 49 higher “energy centres”, also known as lesser chakras. The intersection points of 14 nadi form the 21 most important minor chakras and the sites where 24 nadi intersect the seven main chakras. BICOM® therapy via the chakras has a very profound effect on the body’s energy flow and acts on the tissues and organs, either directly or through the nadi/meridian system. Chakra therapy is mainly indicated for disorders of the hormone and immune system, general lack of energy and therapy blocks.

Prana and chi

In TCM vital energy is known as chi, while in Indian philosophy it is called prana. The main sources of this vital energy are food and breathing. However our energetic field (aura) also needs the vibrations of the (mother) earth and (father) cosmos. The earth’s energy enters the body via the root chakra and the foot chakra (start of the kidney meridian). Cosmic energy is absorbed through the crown chakra and the minor chakras in the thorax.

The seven main chakras

Years ago Sissi Karz proposed a chakra therapy which we adapted and passed on in our seminars and which has proved successful for hundreds of patients. The objective is to activate the chakras via frequency patterns involving vibrations from colours and gemstones. To do so all seven main chakras are treated working upwards, regardless of the test result. Contrary to recommendations in the computer manual, the (flexible) input applicator is placed on the coccyx and the magnetic depth probe or the PowerApplikator is positioned on the anterior inlet or outlet of the relevant chakra. A semiprecious stone is placed in the input cup with coloured film over it. Programs in the normal frequency range have proven effective for years and we continue to recommend them.

You will find therapy for the seven main chakras summarised in table 1 (next page). All the endocrine glands are harmonised so we continue to recommend this traditional chakra therapy combined with the BICOM® hormone programmes for treating endocrine disorders. Dr Rauch’s lecture contains details of the individual main chakras, their associations and therapy versions. Table 1 (next page) shows the therapy programs we tested in the low deep frequency range, which previously were only used in isolated, specially tested cases.

Fig. 1 Spleen chakra and pranic triangle
Fig. 1 Spleen chakra and pranic triangle

Important minor chakras

Alongside other areas, important minor chakras are found in the head, shoulders, elbows and hands as well as the hip joints, knees and feet. According to traditional thought, the minor chakras in the thorax play an important part in absorbing and distributing prana. They increase the overall level of energy (vitality) and, at the same time, form an energetic shield protecting us from negative external influences, by stabilising our electromagnetic field (ethereal aura). Therapy via the minor chakras is therefore particularly indicated in patients suffering from exhaustion, lack of energy, hypersensitivity and multiple internal and external stresses.

Spleen chakra and pranic triangle
(Fig. 1)

The spleen chakra is located about one hand’s breadth to the left of the spine beneath the costal arch. In Indian medicine it is called suriya (sun) chakra and is closely associated with the solar plexus and the 3rd main chakra. This is where cosmic energy (from the sun) is absorbed and distributed.

The chakra we call the pulmonary lobe chakra lies between the shoulder blades at around the level of thoracic vertebra T3. It is connected with the vagus nerve and is associated with breathing and the intake of prana through the breath.

The chakra we call the diaphragm chakra is located some three fingerbreadths to the right of the spine on the right costal arch, slightly above the diaphragm and the spleen chakra. It is possibly connected with digestive function and the absorption of prana through food.

These three minor chakras are linked with one another by a threefold “thread of energy” and form the “pranic triangle”.

Chakra therapy programs in the low deep frequency range
Table 1 Chakra therapy programs in the low deep frequency range

In kinesiology a test point is used which is located directly to the left of the spine slightly above the spleen chakra (thoracic vertebra T10). Prana energy can be tested here (as a %) by asking questions and used to check how therapy is progressing. Therapy increases the overall energy level and vitality.

BICOM® therapy for the Pranic triangle
Input: both feet
Input cup: Larimar

Output: PowerApplikator mid thoracic vertebra T10 (within the pranic triangle, test point)

H+Di; 13.7 Hz; H 2.7; Di 0.05; wobble off, no interval, 6 mins

Will to be healed

A major therapy block in chronically sick patients is reduced “will to live” or, to put it better, readiness to accept therapeutic help and thereby to activate the body’s selfhealing powers and enable it to heal. In the ethereal body this block is linked to two energetic triangles. The lower triangle consisting of the root, sacral and spleen chakra stands for the physical will to live. The upper triangle is made up of the crown, forehead and throat chakras and represents the mental, spiritual will to live. We have observed that it is connected to the alta major chakra.

Alta major chakra

(Fig. 2, bottom of next page)

The alta major (Latin for “great height”) chakra, also known as the “mouth of God”, is another important minor chakra. It is located in the back of the head as an extension of the medulla oblongata, level with the first two cervical vertebrae. Amongst other things it controls our vital functions (breathing and cardiovascular function) and takes care of the “straightening” and stability of the spine. The alta major chakra is connected to the crown chakra and the socalled “carotid gland”, an energy centre near the carotid forks.

The upper energetic triangle
(Fig. 2, bottom of next page)

The spiritual will to live is activated by treating the upper main chakras in the low deep frequency range in the order crown chakra – forehead chakra – throat chakra. The entire upper triangle can also be treated with the following program:

Input: both feet
Input cup: diamond (possibly also rock crystal)
Output: PowerApplikator on alta major chakra (base of skull, back of head)

H+Di; 2.2 Hz; H 1.8; Di 12; wobble off; no interval; 6 mins

The lower energetic triangle

(Fig. 3, next page) The physical will to be healed is stimulated with therapy programs in the low deep frequency range in the order root chakra – sacral chakra – spleen chakra. The entire triangle can also be activated with the following therapy setting:

Input: both feet
Input cup: black tourmaline
Output: PowerApplikator on right side of the abdomen (to the side and below the navel; alarm point large intestine meridian)

H+Di; 7.8 Hz; H 2.8; Di 1.25; wobble off; no interval; 6 mins

The frequency range corresponds to the Schumann wave, one of the main frequencies of our (mother) earth.

We test thoroughly whether patients need just one of the two energetic triangles treating or whether both are needed. We often treat both triangles and also the pranic triangle.

Prana therapy

We call the combination of therapy for the pranic triangle and for the upper and lower energetic triangles “prana therapy”. We have primarily used this therapy of the  minor chakras in chronically sick patients who have been receiving bioresonance treatment from us for some time. All patients were initially released from their therapy blocks, allergies and toxic stress in weekly sessions. They then come to the practice, often at intervals of several weeks, to maintain, or further improve, their positive state. “Slotting in” this therapy once or several times has proved effective, especially in acute phases of disease with therapy blocks, lack of energy, tiredness, despondency and new physical and emotional stresses (“energy buildup”). After virtually all prana therapy sessions distinct prints were visible on the footplates which we interpret as a strong detoxification reaction.

Alta major chakra and the upper energetic triangle
Fig. 2 Alta major chakra and the upper energetic triangle
The lower energetic triangle
Fig. 3: The lower energetic triangle

Case studies

G.L. female, aged 72, metastasising breast cancer

Status post left mastectomy and radiotherapy (2008), chemotherapy was refused. Generalised bone cancer diagnosed in December 2014. Antihormone therapy, mistletoe therapy and pain therapy. She comes regularly for bioresonance therapy (including CTT degenerated cells). Therapy is still proving to be remarkably successful with her blood parameters improving periodically. After prana therapy in December 2015 she felt her energy boosted, more interest in life and was able to handle pain better.

C.L., female, aged 55, chronic polyarthritis, polyarthrosis

Multiple arthritic pain, took antiinflammatory drugs regularly, functional intestinal problems, improved after BICOM® therapy (including wheat). Straight after prana therapy in December 2015 better able to deal with pain, experienced feeling of physical and psychological “ease” and a strong sensation of inner security as regards her life. She copes with the violent conflicts in her family life with more openness, confidence and mental stability. Treatment repeated in January 2016.

P.M., female, aged 58, allergic diathesis, chronic cough

Chronic eczema disappeared after BICOM® therapy in 2013. Chronic cough since summer 2015. Testing and treating allergy brought no real success. Following prana therapy in December 2015 marked improvement in coughing fits and overall state of health. Treatment repeated in January 2016.

J.B.,female,aged 53, autoimmune disorder with glomerulonephritis, vasculitis, arthritis

Following several months’ bioresonance therapy no further arthritic episodes, daily dose of cortisone reduced to 5 mg. Considerable psychological stress at home. Energy boosted markedly following prana therapy.

M.J., female, aged 48, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic cervical syndrome

High levels of stress at home with two daughters going through puberty and a husband suffering from depression. Increased inner calm, confidence and energy following two sessions of prana therapy.


If you have the impression you’ve reached a therapeutic deadend with your chronically sick patients, you should consider chakra therapy. If hormonal problems are the main factor, treating the seven main chakras is recommended as they are closely connected to the endocrine glands. We recommend the conventional programs in the normal frequency range or the new programs in the low deep frequency range, depending on testing. If lack of energy, lowered resistance and despondency are the main factors blocking energy, then focus on prana therapy, treating the minor chakras through the pranic triangle and also the upper and lower energetic triangle.

Chakra therapy in the normal frequency range
Table 2 Chakra therapy in the normal frequency range

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