My observations on Bicom 2000

Andrea Beike, non-medical practitioner, Greven

Dear colleagues!

As you have already heard, there is a new BICOM® 2000. It combines the proven BICOM® 4.4 with magnetic frequency patterns and micro impulse therapy. I was asked to test the new instrument in my busy practice at the beginning of this year.

I used BICOM® 2000 with a healthy amount of scepticism, but also curiosity, on the following clinical pictures:

  • acute vaginitis
  • pain in the knee
  • as preparation for chiropractic
  • vertigo
  • cephalagia
  • infections
  • vegetative dystonia
  • skin diseases
  • colitis ulcerosa
  • acute allergy attacks.

More than 150 patients in total were treated with BICOM® 2000. The application parameters were always tested individually with all three of the bioenergetic test methods. I wish to tell you about some cases.


Case 1

Female patient aged 63, serious pain in the knee for the past 2 months. We did a metabolic treatment, programme 530, for only 4 minutes, plus magnetic coil. The patient noticed nothing directly after treatment, but she phoned the next morning to say that t he pain in her right knee had disappeared completely, while the left knee was 10 % better.

Four days later a new treatment was done, thistime with micro impulse therapy. It lasted 8 minutes in total. The output applicator was put on the right knee.

The patient told me the next morning that she was without pain!

Case 2

Female patient aged 62, again pains in the knee. She comes to me mainly because she has had a liver transplant and suffered from hepatitis C The patient complained about permanent knee pain during the previous two weeks.

We only did micro impulse therapy, intensity 6, duration 6 minutes. Even during the treatment the patient said that she was without pain. The complaints returned after two days because the cause of the pain, namely the serious liver problems, had at that stage not been completely cured. This means that causal therapy needs to be given priority.

Case 3

Female patient aged 34. Diagnosis: cephalagia, vertigo, parasethesia, shoulderneck syndrome. We did treatment 581 plus magnetic coil in preparation of the chiropractic treatment. The patient said directly after the treatment that the vertigo had improved. Then the chiropractic treatment was done, followed by basic therapy H with 4.5x amplification, 5 minutes.

Thereafter also the parasethesia had disappeared, and the patient was without complaints.

Case 4

Female patient aged 53. She came for a second treatment on 11.1.2000. The first treatment was on 3.1.2000, acute bronchitis, acute irritating cough, lasting up to one hour at night.

The treatment on 3.1.2000 did not bring conclusive results. Although the bronchial complaints improved somewhat, acute rhinosinusitis now developed. We then did basic treatment H with 4.5x amplification, fixed frequency 270 Hz, building up DMI and BMF switched on, then therapy 500 (sinusitis), also with stimulation.

A few days later the patient came for a checkup and told us that she ha d ha d no complaints since the day after the treatment.

Case 5

This was one of my first cases, when I was still very sceptical. My female colleague, aged 27, came to the practice one morning with acute flu accompanied by violent headaches.

Usually the first thing one does is to give an injection in order to be able carry on working. However, in this case I was curious and simply wanted to see whether the new therapy was effective.

No patient own resonances were used. Only damping down micro impulse therapy. intensity 6, duration 4 minutes, the output applicator was put on the back. She told me after 2 minutes that the headache was improving and after 4 minutes everything was finished, so that my colleague was able to work as usual. (The treatment is really effective!)

Her blood pressure went from 90/60 before the treatment to 110/70 after 4 minutes. (It normalized.)

What would happen in the case of somebody suffering from high blood pressure? The next case illustrates this.

Case 6

Fema le patient, 40, obese, psychically very labile and suffering from high blood pressure.

We did individualised basic therapy with therapy type H+Di, amplifications H = 0.7 and Di = 10, fixed frequency 2400 Hz, magnetic coil switched on, total treatment time 7 minutes.

The blood pressure was 150/90 before treatment and 120/70 afterwards.

Then I thought, if this therapy influences the regulatory system within such a short time, what happens to the conductance?

Usually the conductance does not change so fast after treatment. I had a patient with a very low conductance, which I will discuss as the next case.

Case 7

The female patient, aged 80, had been under my care for three months. She has a very low conductance.

She came to the practice on 16.2.2000 with a conductance of 59.

We treated the catalysts of the central control, lymph KP 1, 3, 6. Then therapy 900 (activation of joie de vivre) was done, buildingup DMI was switched on, total therapy time 10 minutes.

After the treatment the patient said that she was thirsty and tired. The new measurement of the conductance was 68.

Case 8

For 8 days a small girl, aged 7, had had acute vaginal burning and pain during urination. First treatment. We did a basic treatment with H < 1. The second step was programme 191 plus damping down DMI, and BMF. The treatment was individualised with a vaginal secretion and ampoules of the Cross linked Test Technique, mycoplasma pneumoniae, adnexitis and trichinella spirals A. The third step of the treatment was programme 133 with eurytrema pancreaticum A in the input cup. Finally programme 192 was done as stabilisation with ampoules of the Cross linked Test Technique in the input cup, „II female genital organs ovaries left”, „I p ituitary gland”.

The total therapy time was 10 minutes. Directly after the treatment the patient had to go to the toilet and she told us that she had had no further problems.

The next cases are about observations of BICOM® 2000 in comparison to BICOM® 4.4.

Case 9

Patient aged 29. Diagnosis: colitis ulcerosa. He had been under my care since May 1999.

This patient comes for treatment once a week and is treated alternatingly with BICOM® 2000 and BICOM® 4.4.

While the patient still notices some reactions on the day after treatment with BICOM® 4.4., like pressure in the stomach and, noises in the stomach, he feels better directly after treatment with BICOM® 2000 and notices no negative reactions after treatment.

The next case illustrates an allergic attack.

Case 10 Female patient aged 41. She has been under my care since 1994, mainly because of stomach problems and several allergies, especially a pomaceous fruit allergy. After eating pomaceous fruit her tongue swells up and she feels a terrible itch in the entire region of the mouth and throat. We had the allergy under control except for apples. The patient still said that she felt itchy after eating apples. Allergies could no longer be tested. Therefore the allergy was treated unspecifically using a drop of blood plus ampoules of the Cross linked Test Technique (catalyst of the central control), „Congenital allergy”, KP 1, 5, 7. After the treatment testing was done again: the test ampoule „Apple” plus a real apple. The values were absolutely stable. No apple allergy could be tested. I then gave the patient an apple to eat, i. e. we did a provocation. Unfortunately this provocation was not successful: After tasting a minute piece of the apple, the patient said that her tongue itched badly and that her tongue was swelling up. Thereafter we immediately put the original apple in the input cup, Ai, 3 minutes. The second type of treatment: Apple in the input cup, H+Di, amplification H = 4.5, Di = 32, dampingdown DMI, total therapy time 5 minutes. The tingling and itchiness in the throat disappeared completely after 2 minutes of treatment. The patient ate an apple the next day and has been able to eat apples without allergic reactions ever since.


I can say that my scepticism has disappeared. Especially all kinds of pain react very fast to the therapy, i. e. even sometimes during the treatment the patients say that their symptoms decrease or vanish. Of course this is a good reason for patients to get further treatment (and for us too). The improvement of the microcirculation and the accompanying loosening of muscles make chiropractic interventions easier and the success lasts longer. The fast effect on the reactive, regulative and compensatory systems is impressive. This can be recognised very clearly in the normalisation of the conductance, as shown in measurements taken immediately after treatment. The effect on the regulation of the blood pressure is just as impressive. It is an advantage in a practice that the treatment can easily be delegated to the staff The patients accepted the treatment easily, especially because they often experience fast improvement of their complaints. All in all I regard BICOM® 2000 as a further improvement of the therapy, a new door to the new millennium. I wish to thank the team in my practice, because it is thanks to their enthusiasm for BICOM® therapy, their enjoyment of their work and their commitment that so many case studies could be collected within such a short time.

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