New options for the treatment of young children

Pavia Koieluhova, MD Fontana s.r.o. — Centre for Holistic Care, General practitioner for children and youth, Pilsen, Czech Republic

The essential principles of treating small children using the BICOM BICOM optima® bioreso­nance device are the same as with adults.

The therapy is faster as children are not so “blocked” as adults.

The therapy has to be faster because children would not sit e.g. 2 hours on the BICOM.

On the other hand, my experience is that if they receive a correct treatment, they sit very quietly — even those with ADHD — which is very surprising for the mothers.

The youngest child treated in my practice was a 5-days old newborn with neonatal jaundice where there was a risk of repeated stay and phototherapy at the hospital.

The oldest child was a 98-years-old man (he used to be a child once) and therefore he continues to visit his “paediatrician”.

Most patients are tested by means of EAV — there is a great advantage of quantitative as well as qualitative testing of energy on the individual lines.

Children aged 1— 3 are the most difficult to handle — they do not want to hold the ap­plicators so I use biotensor.

With children up to 6 years I use programme 125 a lot instead of the standard harmo­nization program; it facilitates and speeds up the individual sessions.

For small children, in particular, I use a flexible small square application that is placed on the abdomen — in fact it covers the entire body — and there is no need for complica­ted testing for where the applicators should be positioned.

Time and amplification need to be tested — you have to work quickly.

  1. Mother-child cooperation

Advantage — mother sits with the child on her lap and modulation mat is inserted between her and the child.

From the psychosomatic point of view a child up to 8 years shares it’s aura with the mother — the child’s problems are very often determined by the mental imbalance of the mother.

Most commonly there are: fears, anxiety… anger, rage … liver, gallbladder

This is why the therapy is so complex — the modulation mat transforms the therapeutic action to the child and the mother.


  1. Breast milk therapy

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for an infant up to 1 year — it provides the essential nutrients, liquids, but unfortunately also various chemicals.

In psychosomatic terms it is the essence of love. Breastmilk equals love.

Any imbalance reflects in the child — usually on the skin or in the digestive, respiratory, or urogenital tract.

This is why I use MM (breast milk) in the therapy of small children.

We always test the individual programme — usually it issues from H + Di or Di, less fre­quently Ai or A + Ai comes out.

Input — MM (breast milk) + saliva.

Output small flexi application on the abdomen. We test time and amplification.

  1. Therapy using photograph

We use this when there is any imbalance in the mother-child relationship. But also father-child or grandparents-child or sibling-child relationships. Types of programmes — explanation of context:

  • Ai “totally hate each other” —the therapy eliminates this hatred
  • H+ Di some part of personality is causing a problem, but in general the child li­kes that person
  • A — I enjoy being with this person, I resonate with her.
  • Di — tender programme that only removes partial intolerance where we do not need to improve tolerance
  • A+ Ai „I love and hate at the same time”

The more acute the problem — the greater the amplification tends to be The more chronic the problem — the lower the amplification

The number of therapies is individual, we usually sort the problem out with a single session — this needs to be tested out.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to use own photograph — we do this with ol­der children or with adults — to sort out the RELATIONSHIP TO ONESELF

  • A — needs to support confidence
  • Ai — hates herself totally
  • Di — only a part of oneself is not accepted
  • H+ Di — we basically support confidence and remove only a small negative part

This therapy can be used with children as well as with adults — relationship problems —between partners or with the mother-in-law, boss at work, friend, etc.


Input — the golden application — the photograph of the given person with whom the child has a problem — picture facing the application + saliva.

Output — flexible square application

  • modulating mat
  • headband, if possible

Testing the individual programme.

2nd channel — stress or tested neurotransmitters — GABA, Serotonin, Dopamin, etc.


Boy K.N. born on 17 April 2016

Dg.: Atopic eczema since 2 months old — gradually spreading all over the body.

The child practically doesn’t sleep at night — keeps scratching, is grumpy and restless during the day.

The eczema is excoriated, moist, with secretion, purulent in places.

The mother is an “ice queen” — emotionally cold, face without expression, doesn ‘t smile, the child is permanently sucking on her breast.

According to the mother the child has great problems with falling asleep — he only falls asleep in his mother’s arms. If she tries to let him fall asleep on his own he screams and scratches himself to blood.

Family history: Both parents had neurodermatitis in childhood; the mother still has the eczema.

Personal history: Perinatal history insignificant, no vaccinations yet, only breastmilk, nursed frequently. The mother tries to introduce milk-free food — with partial success.

First visit 3/2017 Biotensor testing:

  • Earth: stomach, CNS,
  • Wood: gall bladder
  • Metal: TS (colon)
  • Fire: 3E
  • Suppression: Fire
  • Loads: Bacteria, fungi, MH disorder
  • Allergies: Nuts, artificial colorants, sweeteners, pork, fish, egg white, milk (pro­tein), wheat, carrot, parsnip, pepper, tomato.


  • 991,125
  • 900, 951 … 4 min
  • 700 … 3 min
  • 970.5, 3036.0, 915.2, 3084.0, 911.1 … 8 min
  • 370, 432.2, 3064.0, 430, 431, 3460.0 … 10 min
  • 0, 121.3 … 5 min

Home therapy:

  • Homeopatic remedies: Hepar sulphur 30CH + Pyrogenium 15CH + Graphites 15CH + Mercurius sol 15CH + Nitridum acid 15CH 4-5 x 10 drops
  • Mixed herbs for bathing + herb ointments
  • Probiotics, Fenistil gtt
  • Bach essences : Crab Apple, Honeysuckle, Holly, White Chestnut, Chicory, Rock Wother, RR + 200CH Lac caninum 4 x 4 drops

10 more visits in approximately 1 month interval Gradually performed:

  • Treatment of scars
  • detoxification, support to the weakened organ systems
  • Elimination of the essential allergens
  • Elimination of SPAH (staphylococcus aureus), Candida

However, after the 4th visit the result hadn ‘t been satisfactory. The child still had a re­latively extensive eczema all over the body. It was not purulent anymore; it was dry, but still present.

5th visit — we tried the Ai breastmilk therapy — finally an improvement by about 50 % After that stagnation again, the mother decided to quit breastfeeding after 1.5 years.

7th visit — we are talking about the situation in the family because the eczema has ag­gravated again.

There are great relationship problems between the mother and her own mother. I therefore suggest therapy using a photograph.

First of all it is therapy with the grandmother ‘s photo in Ai and then mother ‘s photo in H + Di.

We finally “hit the target”.

The boy started sleeping all night, is not so clingy to the mother any more, and the eczema started “miraculously” disappearing.

The same therapy was performed during the 8th session. Grandmother’s and mother’s photograph in H + Di.

Now, after 1 year the boy has 2 small lesions that need just local treatment with creams.

There are also small energy imbalances that “ventilate” through these lesions. The body is cleansing himself in this way. When the eczema gets worse it is a symbol for the mother that something is happening and the child is not feeling well.

Through the child ‘s eczema the mother understood that she had to sort out the relati­onship with her mother first…