Online Courses

Why take online training?

Since the pandemic, we have not been able to provide face to face training or classroom sessions. What we have done is improve our online training to the point that we can deliver internationally and provide the same level of training as you would in a classroom.

All approved device sales from Bicom UK include the required training via the online courses, personal zoom calls and 24/7 WhatsApp messaging. You will always have the support you need wherever you are in the world.

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Bioresonance training is available in the whole of the UK.

We offer the only training in the United Kingdom accredited by the BICOM® manufacturer, Regumed GmbH. This saves practitioners the cost of travelling to Germany.

You can also register to access our monthly webinars for virtual training throughout the year. This will give you the opportunity to hear from experts, ask questions and learn new tips to help you in your practice.