Optimum use of the body’s own substances in BICOM bioresonance therapy 

Karin Heine, Naturopath, Munich, Germany 

Endogenous (body’s own) substances – do we really appreciate what a valuable resource, what inestimable potential these present?

They actually represent our own pharmacy, our very own software from or with which, in principle, it is possible to cure almost everything.

Applying acupuncture to this potential with acupuncture needles, for example, is also beneficial as balancing the energy restores the body’s harmony. In other words, rectifying the shortage where there is a deficiency or channelling the excess where there is too much energy.

I have deliberately used the phrase endogenous substances as, in addition to body fluids such as blood, saliva, lymph and urine, everything else which the body produces or excretes, hair and nails for example, can be placed in the input cup as information.

You have probably gathered from introductory seminars that you can work with blood, sputum, urine or stool in the input cup and have maybe incorporated this into your routine practice. However, I should like to examine this topic in more detail today and consider when and why it is of benefit and also what diagnostic clues we obtain when we also work with the spin tester. This is just as an aside.


Let’s begin with blood. It’s not for nothing that Goethe had Mephisto say, “Blood is a remarkable fluid“.

Blood gives us information about the body’s capacity, about its restorative powers.

Following Frau Karz’ suggestion, I prefer to take blood from the upper left region of the back, specifically midway between the 7th cervical vertebra and upper edge of the shoulder blade.

This point can be pricked relatively painlessly, an important factor when dealing with anxious patients and also children. Moreover, large amounts of lymph flow in this region and the reflex zones on the back for the heart also lie beneath this area. Consequently, this drop of blood contains highly specific information which is extremely valuable and useful for therapy.

In my practice I mainly work by simply taking the patient’s pulse as this gives me very precise information. By taking a pulse I don’t mean RAC or testing the pulse as in Chinese medicine. I mean just the quality of the superficial pulse which can be felt relatively strongly at the start of the tested therapy step and which can barely be felt or not felt at all once therapy is completed.

Give it a try. It really is a relatively simple way of discovering the BICOM optima®l therapy time.

I also need to take a pulse if I am looking for the subsequent individual frequency in the second stage after the basic therapy tested out through the quadrants.

This individual frequency provides me with excellent diagnostic clues as to where the body requires support following treatment with the sweeping bandpass from 10 Hz to 150 kHz , i.e. with a basic program 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 or 126. Towards the end of this basic therapy a small frequency range will still remain. I’ll use 52 kHz as an example. A large number of programs are indicated in this frequency range:

530 hyoid bone – temporomandibular joint 531 torticollis correction 570 increasing powers of resistance etc., see frequency list

When taking a pulse, this frequency range is felt like a small pulse wave whereas we feel virtually no superficial pulse during the other frequencies.

The required program is tested kinesiologically using a frequency table. This also gives us important diagnostic clues as to which of the body’s systems still needs help and with what.

But back to blood! Something is wrong with the blood of around 95% of our patients. In other words, in the initial treatment session, it is essential to include it in the input cup during therapy.

We say then that the blood is predominantly leftspin.

A brief definition of right and left spin, according to electromagnetic criteria.


Everything which builds up the human body must display predominantly right spin, in energy terms. This includes, first and foremost, our blood and saliva but also our food and the air we breathe.


Everything which we excrete must predominantly contain leftspin oscillation patterns since all toxic substances comprise an overwhelming proportion of leftspin substances.

These substances include the endogenous products sweat, urine and stool.

The spin tester is an elegant solution for determining the direction of spin of a substance. However it would go beyond the bounds of this lecture to explain its operation.

Perhaps another time.

It is quite straightforward to determine by tensor, pendulum or kinesiologically whether blood should go in the input cup.

It is always important to know before performing basic therapy whether geopathy or any other radiation exposure is present. Treating these always takes priority and it is important to find out whether it is a case of geopathic stress and/or electronic smog. Likewise it should be decided whether the person’s sleeping area or workplace requires cleansing. The advice of a dowser or building biology practitioner should be sought.

It is very easy to find out if a geopathic disturbance exists by testing on the SP 4a point using kinesiology.

In the kinesiological test the patient touches the SP 4a on the left foot with their finger and the therapist checks with the arm test whether this point is weak. If the arm is weak, we know that there is some form of stress present but we don’t yet know which one. We find this out by testing the required program using kinesiology.

As I mentioned earlier, this treatment always has priority. It is also easy to see that a disturbance such as this must be eliminated. For if the body has no opportunity to relax during the night, the necessary regeneration processes cannot take place. Patients then complain of tiredness, are less resilient or complain that they are sleeping enough but rather than feeling rested in the morning they feel exhausted.

In addition longterm geopathic stress and electronic smog contamination pose a cancer risk.

We know from the tested program which disturbance is present:

program 700 geopathy
program 701 electronic smog
program 702 diffuse radiation exposure

I use the applicator positions recommended by Frau Karz for program 700.

Input: magnetic depth probe on navel
Output: point applicator on SP 4a left foot

Program 701

Input: SP 4a with point applicator or goldfinger
Output: button applicator or goldfinger on vitamin B12 point (also cobalt point)

Program 702
Input: articulated band along sacrum
Output: medium flexible applicator diagonally above this (kidney area)

With program 701 it is often the case that information needs to be transferred onto a chip too – often just this program – and after treatment the chip is then frequently stuck on the B12 point which is also linked to radiation exposure.

It is also very helpful when treating children if the parents’ or even grandparents’ blood is added to the input cup, particularly if hereditary transmission is involved. For example, in the case of neurodermatitis or asthma. Please always test out accurately and usually it is an H or an A program which we use for this therapy.

Perhaps my remarks have brought home to you the importance of blood.


Like blood, saliva also has to perform “reconstruction work” and it often makes sense to use some saliva on a swab when treating patients.

There are a large number of “mucous membranes” in the body – think of the meninges, paranasal sinuses, jaw and mouth, gastrointestinal tract as well as joints, intervertebral disks and sexual organs, consequently it is almost always recommended to place saliva in the input cup and use it to help make therapy supple.

Nevertheless please always test out need, for the more accurately each parameter is tested out, the more effective the therapy will be.

In this context the discovery is also interesting that saliva and sperm have so far resulted in equal value in differentiation testing.

If a couple are trying for a baby, one option is to treat the woman with the man’s saliva in the input cup, as follows:

Input: man’s saliva in input cup

Output: possibly with magnetic hammer or button applicator on CV 6. This is the phosphorus point, 2 finger widths beneath the navel.

An H or an A program is recommended but please test out each parameter accurately.

What has also proven effective in practice with couples trying for a baby is (after testing) to prescribe high doses of vitamin C for the man – during the woman’s fertile period.

It should not be administered for more than 34 days to prevent an excess of vitamins building up in the body. Taking vitamin C for a brief period makes the spermatozoa more active.


When working with urine in the input cup, saliva should always be included too. Saliva prevents the synovial fluid being destroyed, i.e. with joint disorders, rheumatism, arthrosis, etc. it is very useful to apply saliva and urine together, for in order to break down and process the deposits the “synovial fluid” is built up and stabilised through the saliva information. Subsequent unpleasant reactions can largely be avoided through this approach.

We can help the symptoms of an acute attack of gout very rapidly with BICOM® therapy by, for example, placing urine and saliva in the input and, for the output, wrapping an articulated band around the painful toe joint requiring treatment. Test out an H and Di program, perhaps add drops or oil to the output and away you go! It’s amazing how often this program has been shown to relieve pain!


With all metabolic problems the patient’s stools should be placed in the input cup. This can be a piece of toilet paper bearing stool residue or extracted from the rectum with a moistened cotton bud. The information is all that is needed. The stool is an excretory product and contains bacteria, rejected epithelial cells, products of the digestive organs, bile pigment and also nutrients from our food which have not been absorbed.

Ideally stools should be leftspin, i.e. the body should be capable of filtering out the nutrients provided in food. Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case nowadays. Consequently adding stools to the input cup offers a wonderful opportunity to influence the metabolic process in a positive way with each treatment.

If the diet is relatively healthy and balanced, metabolic imbalance will then only occur if the body cannot break up nutrients and these can then be found in the stools.

Therefore with all allergic problems in any case (and I don’t know of any case of allergy where there isn’t something wrong with the patient’s intestinal flora or their intestines) treatment should proceed with stool in the input. Please always test out all the parameters however!

This applies to all hay fever patients as well.


As Frau Karz so clearly reported regarding a patient, the use of ear wax has proved effective not only with all local ear disorders but also with complaints affecting the gallbladder and lower abdomen. She discovered this link through a patient who came to her for treatment for tinnitus. After the first focal therapy session the patient reported that her tinnitus had almost disappeared. However instead she had trouble with her gallbladder again which had previously been surgically removed. Following elimination of scar interference and focal therapy for the liver and gallbladder, this region quietened down again. However the tinnitus made its presence felt again albeit in a weaker form. Following two focal therapy sessions for the ear and the gallbladder region – with ear wax in the input cup obviously – both these affected areas quietened down.

The positive effect of earwax on the organs of the lower abdomen has been affirmed again and again. Especially in women who experience discharge or in cases of lochia. The hormonal balance must first return to normal following pregnancy and ear wax helps in this.

If this substance is used, then we know early on that there is perhaps an insufficiency in these organ areas which is placing demands on the body in some way or creating problems for it.

The simplest way of collecting ear wax is to use a cotton bud. Please also test out from which side the information should be taken, i.e. from the right or left ear or possibly even from both. Along with the ear wax we may also obtain epidermal scales which are located in the ear. This is also important information.


On the subject of epidermal scales, the removal of dandruff and even of cornified areas where the patient has eczema can be very helpful. Does this possibly provide us with information about toxins which the body is attempting to get rid of in this way? For we must be clear that our skin represents the “third kidney”. This means that if the kidney’s excretory function is restricted in any way, the body will take the opportunity to excrete substances through the skin instead.


Sweat is also an excellent source of information which we can exploit. While treating your patient ask them about sweat on the forehead, behind the ears (often also fatty substances), under the armpits, in the groin or even on the feet.

It is unbelievable how much toxic contamination can pass through the leather of the shoes via the feet. And in bioresonance therapy we have a really elegant solution for relieving the body by giving it the necessary information through our therapies, whether basic therapy or subsequent focal or indication therapy, e.g. by inverting this as yet unidentified toxin.

An observation as an aside: for therapy to be as effective as possible it is always very important to collect information from every substance, e.g. sweat suddenly appearing during therapy, and add it to the input cup. This also applies to tears (not unheard of during therapy), an acute irritating cough or runny nose, etc. I immediately give my patient a tissue for them to cough into, wipe their nose on or dry their tears.

It is amazing how many pathogens are passed on with airborne infection!

Naturally there are very good test kits available and I too sometimes work with this information as well. But we’re a long way from having available in ampoule form everything which makes our lives difficult, challenges us, weakens us or even makes us ill.


Here too we need to test out from where information should be taken. Both hair and nails are linked to mineral balance. I’m sure many of you know about hair analysis and it is exciting to test and check the results on the nutrient points. Frau Karz has written a wonderful book about this (“Nährstoffhaushalt und Allergien” [Nutrient balance and allergies]) which describes exactly how to locate the points and also the connections.

Test out, for example, which hair goes in the input cup, whether it is hair from the head, armpits or even pubic hair. Hair which has been coloured may irritate the hydrogen point for example.

There are also big differences with the nails. Are the nails from a particular finger or from the toes? Very often information from the big toe is required. The big toe is assigned to the liver and spleen/pancreas system through the acupuncture points but is also linked to the head via the foot reflex zone.

Dr. Beereuther from Switzerland presented a very interesting paper at least year’s Congress. Amongst other things he reported on sulcus fluid which he collected from previously tested teeth, specifically from their periodontal pockets, with the tip of a piece of paper and treated the patient with this information in the input cup. The paper appears in RTI Volume 31 under the title “BICOM – the efficient addition to dental practice”.

Our therapy manual contains excellent programs such as detoxifying the mucous membranes where there are unknown allergens, for example. For this you use morning saliva which you ask the patient to bring with them. Before cleaning their teeth, the patient should collect as much as possible in a small glass, using their toothbrush if necessary.

Program 999

Input: saliva
Output: button applicator or magnetic hammer beneath the chin

Therapy time set individually according to results of taking patient’s pulse, tensor or kinesiological testing

As always one should consider which substance should go into the output.

Further excellent programs from the manual are:

Detoxification through finger and toe nails
Detoxification through skin particles
Detoxification through nasal secretions
Detoxification through earwax

Use the indicated positioning of the applicators as a guide. It is immensely important for the body where the information is collected and where the therapy information is fed back.


I have tried through my remarks to throw more light on the most important substances. There are no limits to your imagination. Other options include a slide which the patient has breathed on or a handkerchief they have used, in other words, nasal secretions which I also add to the input cup during therapy. This proves particularly effective when treating hay fever sufferers where the discharge from their streaming eyes can also be placed in the input cup.

Finally, I should like to give you something to take away with you. Test your patient’s blood each time if possible. It doesn’t take up much time and yet provides important information. It changes such a lot. The place where a patient sleeps which was previously fine is suddenly not right because a new mobile phone mast or suchlike has been erected. By taking this reading you can monitor the course of effective therapy or discover new stresses.

I hope I have been able to give you some ideas for your practices.

I found a central theme, a therapy system, a great help. I base my approach on Frau Sissi Karz’ therapy system and I am very grateful for this invaluable framework. We are all under great pressure in our everyday lives and so it helps when we can draw on a pool of experience offering solutions to a great many problem cases, whether such solutions take the form of helping, accompanying or making things easier for us.

BICOM® therapy simply gives us an unbelievable range of different options.

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