Orthomolecular substances: sensible use during Bicom treatment

Marianne Thalmann, BICOM® Therapist, Gatingen, Switzerland


I am sure there is no need to go into metabolic processes in detail in such eminent company as this. Nevertheless, I would like to discuss a few basic points in relation to my presentation on orthomolecular medicine in conjunction with bioresonance.

Our bodies are characterised and controlled by metabolism, which plays a fundamental role in the human body and bodily functions. Various essential circuits are governed by metabolic processes. Minerals, trace elements and vitamins, etc. are absorbed and distributed throughout the body where they produce energy and sustain life. We all know how vital these processes are and how drastic metabolic disorders can be. Experience has shown that virtually ALL chronic illnesses are accompanied by severe to very severe metabolic disruption. This may well be due to (often only minor)

deficiencies persisting over a number of decades. Initially dormant, these deficiencies may have gone unnoticed for many years, progressing insidiously to chronic disease.

I am convinced that we can nowadays refer to metabolism disease as an almost generic term.

In conventional medicine “appropriate” drugs are normally used to treat metabolic disorders, but I wonder if this really is the right approach.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

According to this important theory postulated by Hippocrates, it is much more important to raise awareness amongst our uninformed, “sleeping” patients and give them a clearer explanation about lifestyle. Enzymes are the key players in metabolism. They catalyse the various chemical reactions to ensure that the metabolisation process runs smoothly. As a first step, then, our patients need to be aware of their dietary habits. Only a healthy and, above all, well-balanced diet can provide the human body with all of the substances and nutrition it needs. Patients are normally unaware of this but they should realise that, through the diet, exogenous substances are converted into endogenous materials via metabolism. And only foods that actually live, and a food MUST live if it is to keep our bodies healthy or even restore health, are actually beneficial to the human body. If most of what we consume is made up of living vegetable substances, we will be going a long way towards safeguarding our health and giving ourselves every chance of living to a ripe old age.

Providing guidance and clear explanations of the importance of a healthy, well- balanced diet and helping patients during this difficult process of adjustment are, alongside the sound application of bioresonance therapy, quite possibly the most important aspects of our work as therapists, dear colleagues. Because only in this way can we, in addition to our wonderful treatment method, bioresonance, help our patients effectively in the long term. Just remember, our role is not to heal patients but to awaken the healer within and put their self-healing powers on the right track. And we can succeed every time provided the patient is prepared to admit his/her shortcomings and does not simply seek to shift responsibility solely on our shoulders as therapists. Most important of all is ensuring a balanced, healthy diet for body, mind and soul.

Orthomolecular substances

rthomolecular medicine (orthos [correct] and molecular [component]) is an alternative form of medicine which was chiefly influenced by Linus Pauling, an American chemist and Nobel prize-winner. This method has won acclaim in the fields of medicine and natural healing. The approach focuses on using “the right molecules in the right amounts” to prevent and treat disease. As a rule, orthomolecular medicine recommends a far greater daily intake of vitamins and minerals than natural science and food science would suggest. There is evidence to show that these higher doses are successful in the treatment of numerous diseases. In my practice, in addition to bioresonance therapy, we used to advise our patients to take high doses of a range of micronutrients. We did this for many years and the success of this approach was in many cases plain to see. Logically, though, the underlying metabolism problem was never resolved in this way. I gradually realised that this could not be the right approach to accompany bioresonance. I also found it increasingly hard to justify “feeding” people with so many different additives and causing them perhaps unnecessary expense.

I felt there had to be a way of using bioresonance, ie adopting an approach based on energy alone, that would give us the same result, or better.

I also believe that due to unnatural breeding/ growing methods, long transport routes, prolonged storage periods and a whole array of different cooking methods, our foods contain only a fraction of their original substances. And such facts led me to the conclusion that a large proportion of the population is actually suffering from chronic deficiencies. In addition, our modern diet, based on foods containing too much fat and sugar and often produced on an industrial scale or, for example, further degenerated by microwave heating, leads to a shortage of vital micronutrients. It is therefore important that we change direction for every patient and for every condition treated.

Only this begs the question whether supplementing a diet with isolated single micronutrients over prolonged periods is the correct long-term approach when it comes to rectifying the often precarious deficits and poor diets as they affect diseased organisms. Such an approach can only ever work if stringent dietary improvements are made at the same time.

It may be inappropriate to suggest this, but I am absolutely convinced that nowadays society focuses far too often on details. Furthermore, science in particular often disregards the bigger picture when it comes to such key issues. Pinning our hopes on a single, solitary foodstuff to cure or prevent ailments, such as, for instance, vitamin E to prevent cardiovascular disease, seems to me to be too blinkered an approach. We are disregarding the infinite complexity of life and the regulating processes at work in the human body. The metabolic processes per se and those linked to diet together function as an infinitely complex biochemical system involving thousands of chemical substances and with thousands of implications for our health. In this respect I am entirely certain, ladies and gentlemen, that most processes are still far from being thoroughly investigated and fully understood by humans. In my opinion, it is therefore rather absurd to claim that isolated supplements taken over a prolonged period of time are a genuine substitute for a nutritious diet or lead to good health in the long run.

In-depth investigation into the biochemical components of foods and attempts to draw broad conclusions about diet and health have often led to contradictory results. This both undermines and corroborates the fact that, especially today, micronutrients are deemed to be very important and extremely beneficial. However, they offer no panacea for good health.

So what is the best proportion in terms of added nutrients? The answer is, we don’t KNOW and never will. We can only surmise this based on healthy human understanding.

The best approach is to eat a varied, well-balanced, living diet based on the best that nature has to offer!

The natural law that “Everything affects everything else” coupled with the at times unfathomable success of bioresonance therapy led me to the idea of energetically introducing ALL of the missing micronutrients to a patient at the same time, in a single treatment phase via bioresonance, i.e. in the form of a tried and tested micronutrient cocktail. Obviously, this would not eliminate deficiency but it would provide a positive stimulus for the body’s biochemical processes and poor metabolic status.

Orthomolecular symphony” via bioresonance

And at this point, dear colleagues, allow me to make a link between bioresonance and the world of musical performance. As the conductor of various brass ensembles in my other life, I have learned from experience that it only takes one member of a well rehearsed musical ensemble to be missing for even the biggest symphony orchestra to sound incomplete. In terms of energy, we are now looking at a completely different situation. True, it may not be noticeable to every person in the audience, but there lies the rub.

Let’s compare a symphony orchestra to the human body and every member of the orchestra to a human cell or to orthomolecular substances. It then becomes clear that every cell has to function at exactly the right time and ALL the micronutrients must work together under BICOM optima®l conditions if the orchestra is to play in “perfect harmony”. Only then, in energy terms, can a human being hope to radiate good health and so guide the material body towards healing.

This gave me the idea of the “ORTHOMOLECULAR SYMPHONY”!

So when conducting an initial bioenergy test I used BICOM® to start testing my chronically ill patients in particular for any deficiencies in terms of all the essential micronutrients known to me. We started out using test sets we had prepared ourselves. Now we have a test set that contains all of the essential substances and we are currently in the process of supplementing this with various medicinal herbs that have even greater impact on heavy metal elimination. We also took the initiative to compile extensive

lists containing a great deal of information on each individual substance. This is extremely useful for therapy.

With the tried and tested “orthomolecular symphony” in the input cup, i.e. ALL of the tested micronutrients, I would include a treatment phase during a patient’s very first session using an A program in which I tested all of the parameters for this particular phase. I discovered later that you can also use program 195 (setting “A”, all frequencies, constant amplification A 30) if time is of the essence. We also created a similar low deep frequency program and stored it under program no. 1095.

The results proved me right and patients soon felt better. However, as was to be expected, the deficiency situation hardy improved at all and was much too slow although the diet was changed to include mostly vegetables.

I wondered whether there was a micronutrient that needed to be oscillated in isolation rather than en masse(?)

And that struck precisely the right chord, giving me the impetus to move to the next stage:

Soloists also have an important part to play! So I investigated the selection criteria for these “soloists” and how they should ultimately be used.

Based on these considerations, BICOM BICOM optima® channel 2 was also used to accommodate just one of all the micronutrients I had tested. Testing was carried out via tensor or a muscle or arm length test. This approach proved to be the right one for every therapy. However, unfortunately, there was still no marked improvement in the patient’s deficiency situation.

Following on from the “orthomolecular symphony” stage, this led me to investigate whether it was still sensible to supplement micronutrients. Multiple testing showed that ONLY ONE of the tested substances still needed to be taken by the patient. Using a priority test, we worked out the most deficient substance that needed to be substituted/supplemented.

And so I had found the “leader of the orchestra” — the first violinist, or first clarinettist, so to speak, who “sets the tone”.

This tested “concert leader” (micronutrient) was then recommended and consumed by patients based on the approach of Linus Pauling, often at very high doses but only for a short period of time — generally 3-6 days. Repeat testing was then usually carried out around 1 to 2 weeks later when another “orthomolecular symphony” was “played” to the patient. A new “concert leader” was selected and elevated to “first chair of the orchestra” or, in other words, the recently tested micronutrient was also substituted. And lo and behold, results were now improving. It seemed important to “respond” to the patient’s metabolic status in exactly the same manner, at regular intervals, and to use similar inputs in the same way. Using this approach coupled with an optimised diet for body, mind and soul, it was incredible to see how deficiency situations visibly improved very quickly, often with quite remarkable results.

Orthomolecular support for the chronically sick suddenly seemed to take on an entirely different dimension. It is also important for patients to be in constant contact with their “orthomolecular symphony” via chips — usually 1 to 5 (very often 3). Following therapy, they must also be attached to the nutrient points to be tested.


Based on these positive developments, it may be concluded that obviously important metabolic processes in the human body can be optimised when the concentration of all these missing substances is changed by playing a so-called “orthomolecular symphony”. The relevant bioavailability in the body can be considerably increased by applying these missing micronutrients via modulation mats and essentially via Regumed’s adhesive applicators to certain tested nutrient points on the body. The information also stored on chips has a catalytic effect, it would seem, on the body’s metabolic processes.

This approach combined with a more comfortable, well-balanced diet will promote a remarkably rapid recovery even in the weakest of bodies. This form of therapy must also be supplemented by additional, well-established stages of bioresonance therapy.

Concomitant therapy with medicinal herbs

My garden and the numerous medicinal herbs I lovingly tend and apply to my own body, led me to include some medicinal herbs in my system. The herbs I have chosen to include in my test set mostly comprise tea plants, which have enormous biochemical potential and extremely positive effects because of their ingredients. We mainly use relevant combinations of various medicinal herbs as concomitant therapy to improve purification and support the elimination of heavy metals as soon as bioenergetic elimination is feasible. I have used these medicinal herbs as concomitant therapy for many years after “devouring” the book by Katharina Vanselow-Leisen and L. Feist entitled, “Die Leisen-Kur”.

These herbs also eventually found their way into our test set.

BICOM® testing and therapy
1st session

  • Test all orthomolecular substances:
    Program 171
    Please test acute cases in contact with acute focus
  • Test which of these substances should be used as the soloist in channel
  • Basic therapy according to conductivity and quadrant values (the following low deep frequency programs are often highly recommended as the basic program):
    – 3036
    – 3013
    – 3017
  • “Orthomolecular symphony” therapy:-  Input cup: all previously tested micronutrients
    –  Channel 2 (BICOM BICOM optima®): equip according to test
    ■BICOM 2000 alternatively in 2 steps:
    1st step: apply therapy using ALL tested substances via A (including previously tested “soloists”)
    2nd step: tested “soloists” again separately via A
    –  Test both settings (A program)
    ■Often: low deep frequencies (BICOM BICOM optima®)
    ■Very often: via a potency or potency accord (usually 3 potencies)
    As potencies cannot be applied at the same treatment stage, they must unfortunately be applied (for the time being?) successively.
    ■Possibly program 195 / 1095 (test therapy time)
    – Test the output applicators:
    ■Modulation mat and/or
    ■Adhesive applicators/point/finger applicators on tested nutrient points (4-5 outputs may be needed)
    – Test the chips (usually 1-3, sometimes 4 —5)
    – Start treatment
  •  Following on from therapy:
    – Test the positioning and adhesion of the chips
    – Test the top priority micronutrient for substitution
    -(Priority test in relation to all previously determined substances)
    – Test the quantity/time span for substitutionIMPORTANT: the micronutrient with the highest priority must be substituted.IMPORTANT: Enlist the support of a doctor if allopathic medicinal products are being administered concomitantly (interactions)

    2nd session: (test BICOM optima®l time if necessary)

  • Basic therapy according to conductivity/quadrant values.
  • Bioresonance follow-up therapy Examples:- First therapy according to Sissi Karz or
    – Procedure according to CTT
    – Indication program: Meridian / indication programs according to symptoms, especially superordinate blocks, excretory organs

    3rd session: (test BICOM optima®l time if necessary)

  • Exactly the same procedure as in the first session:
    Test “Orthomolecular symphony” and channel 2 “soloist”
    Basic therapy
    “Orthomolecular symphony” via an A program
    – Hitherto prescribed substance (micronutrient) possible, but rare
    – establish new priority substance
    • AFTER applying the “Orthomolecular Symphony” and
    • BEFORE testing the substance to be substituted, all other indication programs are feasible.For example:
      –  First/second therapy according to Sissi Karz (single frequency or temporomandibular joints/conduction therapy) or
      –  Proceed according to CTT or
      – Meridian/indication programs according to symptoms
 4th and subsequent sessions:
      • Alternate procedure in exactly the same way
      • Extremely beneficial: treat nutrient points according to Sissi Karz
      • As soon as the elimination procedure is used, also test tea combination as concomitant medication
      • Continue to optimise dietary habits.Case studies
        Case 1 Female patient, aged 65Lung cancer diagnosed in December 2012 (no chemotherapy/radiotherapy), suddenly felt worse before Christmas with circulatory collapse on 26 December 2013.The patient has been undergoing treatment with me for a long time, but only attends sporadically. She is basically doing very well and this episode was obviously a dip over the Christmas period with psychological-emotional stress playing a major part. Given the shortage of time over the Christmas period, we only carried out one test for missing micronutrients and applied relevant therapy, namely the “orthomolecular symphony” using 3 attached chips. We then waited until January.Testing on 27.12.13: Omega 3, methionine, tryptophan, Vitamin C and E
      • Preparation for therapy: 2 Rosalinde flowers
      • Application of “orthomolecular symphony” (based on test)
        A program, low deep frequency range, all frequencies, amplification: A 28, Interval, 6 min
      • Output applicators: vitamin B 12 point (MTS), platinum point, zinc point (adhesive applicators)
      • Positioning of chips: platinum point, phosphorus point and B12 point (The points are given on page 79 of the BICOM 2000 Manual)
      • Additional measures:
        Immediate switch to healthy, vegan diet Information given by telephone 3 days later:

        Patient feels much better, digestion has suddenly improved considerably

        Treatment repeated on 17 January 2014:
        Substitution: vitamin B complex for 10 days
        In addition, bioresonance therapies:

        • Nutrient points according to Sissi Karz therapy system
        • Tumour therapy CTT)The patient was doing very well on 3 February, given the circumstances.Case 2 Female patient, aged 48Heavy smoker, husband died from cancer 6 months ago. As a result she has lost 8 kg in weight over the last few months and is very thin. Hormone problems since her husband’s death (sweats), severe sleeping disorders, alternating rheumatic pains in the wrist and ankle as well as in the hip region. The patient was very depressed the first time she visited my practice.Testing on 22 October 2013:Tryptophan, cysteine, iron, selenium, lithium, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E
        • Application of “Orthomolecular symphony”:
        • A program, potency accord D30, D50, D100, all 3 programs applied in succession
        • Output applicators: adhesive applicators on zinc point, vitamin C point and vitamin E point
        • Storage device: 4 chips
        • Positioning of chips: lysine point (recently detected point), vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc point
        • Substitution of vitamin C (high doses for 6 days)

        Additional measures:

        -Starting immediately, for 3 weeks, total avoidance of animal protein coupled with balanced vegetable-based diet
        -Then dairy products, eggs, three times a week, in small quantities, fish once a week — not more than 100 grams
        -Rosalinde flowers and passion flowers for the psychological element

        Treatment 28.10.13:
        Results: Much better. However, sweats unchanged.

        -Basic therapy according to quadrants (prog. 125)
        -Low deep frequency program 3027: depression
        -Passion flowers continued for psychological side

        Treatment 08.11.13:Findings: patient much better. Completely pain-fee for 4 days. Analgesics discontinued completely. Sweats — approximately 30-40% improvement

        Test for orthomolecular substances: Tryptophan, vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin E, zinc


        • Orthomolecular symphony:
        • Program, potency D 200
          • Channel 2: Tryptophan
            • Output applicators: Modulation mat, adhesive applicators on zinc point, vitamin C point and vitamin E point
            • 1 chip: lysine point
            • Substitution: tryptophan for 6 days in the morning, on an empty stomach

              Also Quinoa + Amaranth for breakfast in addition to fruit

              Treatment 20 11 13: Sweats disappeared. The patient is feeling really well.

              Test for orthomolecular test set:
              -No more resonance on micronutrients
              -Combination of teas: St. John’s Wort (50), yarrow (20), marigold (10), horsetail, dandelion, camomile, lime blossom (5 portions of each)

              Substitution: 3 weeks: drink 1 litre throughout the day, every day, followed by a 2-week interval. Then repeat for 2 weeks.

              -Low deep frequency program 3050 for hormonal imbalance

              Since then the patient has been doing very well in all respects. She is so enthusiastic that she is “sticking to her diet whenever possible” and will contact us in the event of a relapse. This has been the situation since 13 December. We have not heard anything from Mrs. B. since then.

        Orthomolecular substances

        These substances have proved to be essential or important in our practice.

        These substances have proved to be essential or important in our practice

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