Permeability – A new way of dealing with environmental pollution?

Jürgen Hennecke, MD Specialist in General Medicine and Simone Maquinay, BICOM Therapist, Aachen, Germany

Increasing environmental pollution in recent decades and the subsequent rise in chronic diseases both pose a great challenge for conventional medicine, naturopathy and bioresonance therapy. Therapy programs and test ampoules are constantly being developed to counter exposure. However, there isn’t always a corresponding “antidote” for each new radiation risk that arises. New strategies are required to tackle these new challenges.

Radiation exposure – a fear of 5G?

Radiation exposure is an issue that has preoccupied people for thousands of years. Observations and experience show that radiation exposure is a potential (contributing) cause of multiple health problems and chronic diseases. It’s also repeatedly described as an obstacle to therapy.

The pathogenic effect of radiation from water vein crossings, geological faults and other zones of geopathic stress has been acknowledged since ancient times. Radiesthesists were tasked with detecting these fault zones and providing the population with information on how to avoid these zones, especially as places to sleep.

The advent of the industrial age and the development of electrical and magnetic devices led to an entirely new dimension of exposure; so called electrosmog. Here, too, exposure varies from location to location and close proximity of interference fields from power lines, radar and railways can be avoided. Electrical household appliances such as TVs, radios, computers, microwaves etc. can also easily be removed from bedrooms.

BICOM Therapy has developed methods for testing these sources of exposure and “diverting” them when required. Almost 40 years ago, Sissi Karz developed programs that are still used today under the numbers 700, 701 and 702.

Over the past 20 years, the amount of radiation our environment is exposed to has radically increased. New sources of exposure that are impossible to avoid are created on a daily basis: Mobile phones (including radio towers and satellites), cordless phones, WLAN and increasingly dense radio networks.

The public attitude towards radiation exposure is certainly polarised. There are people who fall asleep each night above water veins and under a high-voltage power line for decades and grow old and remain healthy nonetheless.

In contrast to this, there are conversely (seemingly increasingly?) people who react to even the smallest electromagnetic fields and spend sleepless nights in hotel beds, potentially developing life-threatening chronic diseases in the long run. In cases such as this, other sources of exposure such as toxins and pathogens often come into play. The pathological term “electrosensitivity” has become somewhat a buzz word as of late.

Emotions such as fear have a tendency to focus our attention and awareness on a problem even more, so that we resonate even more strongly with the “negative vibrations”.

“Radiation protection” devices, which either helped or proved to be ineffective, were constantly developed: Balls and bags with mineral mixtures, with or without lighting, etc. For therapy, additional test ampoules were developed with the intention of making the increasing radiation levels at least somewhat treatable.

Now the next crisis is just around the corner: the 5G network! Nowhere is safe anymore, universal “supply” (even just with self-driving cars, for example) and frequencies can resonate directly with our brain and body cells (that’s why they should be harmless!). Do we now need new shielding devices, new ampoules or new programs?

Previous strategies

The previous strategy was: “avoid, protect, shield”.

That won’t work in the future!

A possible solution

Perhaps the answer lies not in fear-obsessed defensive measures, but in letting the negative energies pass through our bodies without resonating with them.

Toxic exposure

Ever since the conception of the bioresonance method, we have been concerned with heavy metals and the removal thereof. The main focus was placed on mercury (mostly from amalgam fillings), but also lead (exhaust gases) and other primarily occupational exposures (aluminium, cadmium, etc.).

With the appropriate test ampoules, the energetic diagnosis and drainage can be carried out. As a byproduct incurred during the development of the chemical industry, chemical toxins (pesticides, cosmetics, detergents and cleaning agents and food additives) that were completely new to our metabolism and immune system increasingly entered our environment.

While some of these chemicals have been taken off the market again due to their toxicity to humans and animals, it’s not rare for new, often unknown and insufficiently tested substances to find their way onto the market. Consequently, the number of diseases whereby allergies and intolerances have been deemed to play a causal role has also potentially increased.

For us therapists, there are an increasing number of test ampoules used to counter the most important and frequent substances. What role does the ever-increasing number and complexity of chemicals play? More ampoules, more tests?

The emergence of a new disease may be attributed to this development; the syndrome of multiple chemical hypersensitivity. The media are actively promoting a culture of fear and consequently make things worse by drawing our attention to it and increasing the resonance effect.

A possible solution

The days of testing for hours on end and months of laborious elimination need to come to an end. The preferred practice should now be letting negative vibrations pass through the body to avoid resonance with all body cells.

Exposure to pathogens

Acute infectious diseases may seem like a nightmare from a bygone era prior to the advent of antibiotics which were solved by innovations in conventional medicine. Increasingly more issues are caused by latent infections in chronic diseases.

Nowadays, therapists have an extensive arsenal of test ampoules of the most important fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites at their disposal. But this does not prevent the emergence of new relevant pathogens. Synergistic attacks from different pathogen types can make the situation even more confusing.

Do we really need to find and hunt down every pathogen? Should we not instead teach organisms to stop resonating with the germs?

A possible solution

Resonance phenomena can avert the need for a meticulous search for pathogens and combinations by achieving more permeability for incoming germs and a reduction in virulence.

We have tried to find a therapeutic option for ourselves and for our more “challenging” patients. We have tested the following program and observed its effectiveness with numerous patients. Our aim is to promote the permeability of pathogenic information from our environment in an energetic way to ensure it does not resonate with our system.


Input: thymus, heart area; Input cup: blood + possibly quartz

Output: Modulation mat placed on the back

Single parameter: Nr. 5 in the main menu

H + Di: Nr. 1

Deep-frequency: Nr. 2

Bandpass-sweep: Nr. 1

Bandpass-sweep-speed: 133 seconds

Amplification constant: Nr. 4

Amplification: H 1,9 + Di 28,0

Intervall: no

Therapy time: 12 minutes

Experiences with patients

Many patients already report physical sensations during and after the therapy program. Physical and psychological energetic stabilisation has even been improved in the long-term.

A 51-year-old neurodermatitis sufferer with multiple allergies and food intolerances reported a “sensation of things loosening up in her head and neck area” during this therapy program. This reported sensation was neither pleasant nor unpleasant, but she certainly felt that “something was happening”.

A 79-year-old female patient who suffers from extreme weather sensitivity and reacts to all fluctuations in air pressure with violent circulatory reactions and a fluctuating blood pressure. Previous therapies (including BRT) proved essentially fruitless in countering these symptoms. After the therapy she reportedly feels much better, her head is “freer”.

A 68-year-old Swede has suffered from depression since his youth and endured multiple chemical hypersensitivity for several years. He is unable to be in rooms with chemical smells. Subjectively he senses, amongst other things, a “blockage in the thymus area”.

As he lives in Paris, he is only able to come to BRT every few weeks. He has already described feeling that his “blockages have been released” as a result of his therapy program thus far. He had never experienced this intensity with any other program.

A 62-year-old teacher approached us due to depression, chronic pain in the oesophagus region and neck as well as a burnout syndrome, caused by professional and family stress (worries about her old and sick parents and the death of her sister). During therapy she reported that it “works everywhere where she feels the pain …”.

A 51-year-old self-employed baker’s wife was also under professional pressure. After three treatments she reportedly felt relief from the pressure she had felt in her thoracic region, neck tension that had radiated to her arms and felt more able to deal with stressful situations.

A 52-year-old patient has considerable family problems with her teenage daughters and depressive husband. She comes regularly to BRT and is often on the verge of psychological decompensation. After this therapy, she felt a slight but noticeable relief in her physical and mental pressure.

A 76-year-old pensioner has been coming to BRT every few months for years for the treatment of intestinal and skin problems caused by stress and allergies. Towards the end of this program she reported a “feeling of lightness and freedom”. Her abdominal sensation of pressure subsided and she felt calmer and more relaxed.

Indications for permeability therapy (permeability)

  • Multiallergic persons
  • Multiple exposures to toxins and/or pathogens
  • Chronic tiredness and fatigue
  • Psychosomatic clinical pictures
  • Use as a supplement to specific allergy and elimination therapies

It has proven to be helpful and “therapy-enhancing” to talk to the patient about the purpose and goal of this therapeutic step. This additionally focuses attention and awareness and can be used to improve the therapeutic effect. With appropriately “open” patients, adopting a comfortable posture during therapy has helped alongside the performance of Dhyana Mudra with the patient’s hands.

Dhyana Mudra (instructions)

Both hands should be placed on the patient’s lap, palms up, with the back of the right hand on the left palm.

A visualisation of the energy flowing through can also help, together with an affirmation, which can also be assigned as “homework”.


“Everything that comes into contact with me is transformed by me into light and energy that I can use for myself. Everything I do not need, I let flow through me so that it will go its way.”

Here is a suggestion for very deep, tried-and-tested meditation (with or without the BICOM program).

Visualisation (Meditation)

Sit (stand or lie) in a comfortable and relaxed position with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply in your own rhythm. While breathing in and out, feel the connection to your heart. Feel at home in your body.

Feel connected to the world around you; you are part of the universe.

Your body is made up of billions of atoms and molecules with an infinite amount of empty space in between. Imagine your body as a transparent organism. Imagine each cell as a hexagonal, silver-white structure, like a honeycomb filled with empty space.

Now envision a grey cloud with all the negative and positive information from your environment (radiation, air and food), which slides through the empty spaces of these honeycombs and penetrates all your cells. The grey cloud penetrates your skin and the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tract.

The light grey and white part of this cloud comes into contact with this hexagonal honeycomb structure and supplies it with energy. The honeycombs now shine in abright, silver-white colour and bring you new life energy. The dark grey and black part of this cloud floats through your body and leaves it on the opposite side without coming into contact with your cells.

Find your inner peace and feel strengthened and liberated. Internalise this image by placing both of your hands on your heart. Take three deep breaths, inhaling with your tongue touching the palate of your mouth, exhaling with your tongue positioned downwards.

Now open your eyes and see the world around you like an ocean of infinite energy that you can use all for yourself.

This enables an organism to allow all negative energies to pass through without adhering to it and without resonating with it (permeability). Our organism learns to select useful information and convert it into information that is positive for it (transformation). This therapeutic step is not intended to replace the proven tests and therapies for allergies, toxins and pathogens with specific programs and ampoule information, but can be very helpful as a useful supplement.