Premium PRO Mobile

The BICOM® Optima Mobile has over 1100 built in programs and substance complexes which are stored in the portable device. This alone is being used by many therapists worldwide. Sissi Karz built a very well known reputation by just using the device, body excretions and applicator placements. This Premium PRO package allows professional and new users to build a business or even treat themselves at home with the addition of computer integration and all the 5 elements linked test sets. These test sets cover virtually everything you may come across as a practitioner an will help you identify specific stressors on the body.

“Allow the BICOM® to do its job – you will be amazed by the results”

Package includes

1 x B22 BICOM BICOM optima® mobile device with EAP test part and standard accessories (below)

  • 1 x Accessory suitcase, trolley
  • 1 x BICOM® modulation mat BICOM optima® 64 x 20 cm
  • 1 x package BICOM® chips (100 pcs)
  • 4 x glass insertions for cup applicators (50 ml) each
  • 3 x black and red safety cables (2m)
  • 1 x charging device,
  • 1 x car charger,
  • 1 x foot switch
  • 1 x therapy stylus,
  • 1 x low pressure applicator feathered
  • 1 x pair of cylindrical standard hand applicators
  • 1 x sample Propolis
  • 1 x BICOM® BICOM optima® program handbook,
  • 1 x operation manual

1 x GST56 Starter Set accessories BICOM® BICOM optima® mobile for humans (below)

  • 1 x set of flexible applicators (5 pcs),
  • 1 x pair of BICOM® multicoated hand applicators
  • 1 x BICOM® magnetic knob applicator, 32 mm
  • 1 x therapy stylus black
  • 1 x roller applicator
  • 1 x pair of ball applicators, 60 mm
  • 1 x goldfinger
  • 5 x bottles BRT skin oil (10 ml)
  • 5 x bottles BRT minerals (10 ml)
  • 10 x testing tubes with stopper
  • 1 x G0604 BiRek high-grade steel handle small tensor

8 x CTT Test and Treatment Sets 

  • 1 x G0456 Test set of the 5 functional circuits 5E Human
  • 1 x G0460 Test set environmental loads and parasites
  • 1 x G0461 Test set vaccinations, metals and miscellaneous
  • 1 x G0462 Test set allergic strains
  • 1 x G0465 Test set bacteria
  • 1 x G0466 Test set viruses fungi
  • 1 x G0467 Test set degenerated cells
  • 1 x G0468 Test set teeth

Total Package Price £29,170.00 plus VAT

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