GE4S9   Special ampule set “pancreas” 


Common diseases of the pancreas are:
·         Diabetes mellitus
·         Pancreatitis (acute / chronic)
·         Pancreatic cancer
·         Cystic fibrosis

The primary goal of treatment with these ampules is to support and stabilize the pancreas in all its functions and its tasks.
The special ampules kit contains the following ampules:

–          Pancreas
–          Pancreatitis
–          Pancreatic enzymes
–          Pancreatic cells
–          Blood sugar

In order to cover the subject area more comprehensively, we decided to also extend the kit by including the following ampules from existing test kits:
–          Yin Spleen / Pancreas from the test kit STT Psycho-Energetic-Balance
–          Shock / Trauma from the test kit Degenerated Cells II
–          Stress Reduction from the test kit Degenerated Cells II