Relationship of certain viruses, bacteria and fungi to certain chronic diseases and the effect on therapy

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Cologne


Dear colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure to present a paper once again on my many years of experience with BICOM® resonance therapy.
This time I am going to report on a new technique but one which fits in very well with our bioresonance therapy and can be included in our considerations. I have now incorporated this new discovery fully into my BicOm therapy and a number of patients’ reports bear witness to its success.This time I am going to report on a new technique but one which fits in very well with our bio-resonance therapy and can be included in our considerations. I have now incorporated this new discovery fully into my BicOm therapy and a number of patients’ reports bear witness to its success.


In spring 2002 I met the Mexican doctor Dr. Goiz in Bad Ems and attended one of his intensive seminars. I first became aware of him on learning that he had been researching magnets for years and later had used them in therapy, recording the effects both in diagnosis and therapy on over 135,000 patients (reference at the end of this paper).
Dr. Goiz works only with individual magnets. We BICOM® therapists can consider this option and integrate it into BICOM® bioresonance therapy using the mat which is available to us. Obviously not everything is transferable to the letter, yet practical experience has shown that I can use this technique to make what, for me, are valuable discoveries, notably as regards the mechanisms of action of parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Magnetic field therapy enables us to exert a beneficial influence on tissue hyperacidity, thereby depriving the tested pathogens of their basis for life.
“In its healthy state, all the vital functions of the human body operate with the tissue at a fairly neutral degree of acidity (pH 7).”
If the pH is predominantly acid, viruses and fungi associated with them find a favourable environment.
Where free radicals occur and a deficit of H+ ions exists, bacteria develop in an environment ideal for them.
Many people are carriers of micro-organisms without displaying definite signs. These may even lie concealed in the body for many years waiting “to be deployed.” We can expose these preventatively with our test methods and introduce effective therapy. In the case of already existing symptoms, it is possible to identify connections and undertake holistic therapy.
Dr. Goiz works with bipolar pairs of magnets. With our BICOm bioresonance therapy, however, we can also create the acid-base balance, determine the parasitic, viral and bacterial stresses at work and treat these successfully.
Patients already feel better after just 1 or 2 sessions, their vitality increases and the symptoms of disease decline with each treatment until they completely disappear.


Dr. Goiz investigated the connections between parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria and I should like today to pass on to you some insights from what I have learned from him.
Parasites develop in an alkaline environment and are fed by bacteria. If you find a parasite, then you must also find the right bacteria.
A virus is always present where a fungus is found (the fungus needs an acid environment which the virus creates).
With acute diseases, only one cause is usually found, while with chronic diseases there may be several.
With elimination therapy you should always administer a lymphatic agent as well, support the eliminating organs (which are not affected) and give the patient plenty to drink.
Reactionary inhibition usually occurs in patients receiving cytostatic drugs and radiation therapy as metal fragments destroy the cells and remain in the cytoplasm.
Cortisone is slightly more “harmless” as it only has a negative effect on the cell membrane and is therefore still accessible for magnetic therapy.
In some cases Dr. Goiz’ pairs of magnets are contra-indicated (e. g. with pacemakers, metal fragments in the body). This is not so with our BICOM® mat.


Dr. Goiz assigned certain combinations of pathogens to certain stages of disease. I should like to pass on to you these findings I have learnt from him and since put into practice.


Anaerobes such as Clostridium, Pseudomonas are responsible for the formation of metastases. Mycobacterium leprae is always present with neoplasia.
Mycobacterium leprae is not present with benign tumors!
Radioactive radiation certainly damages the cell membrane yet, without Mycobacterium leprae, this does not lead to malignant degeneration.

What determines the growth factors:


Hepatitis diseases and their sequelae are being encountered in our practices with increasing frequency. Dr. Goiz has classified these as follows:


Dr. Goiz always found the following to be linked:


Dr. Goiz tests certain parts of the body with pairs of bipolar magnets to determine which pathogens are at work. I have been able to train in this with him at various seminars.


Since, like you, however, I have had the opportunity of testing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites for years with our test sets, I do not want to give this up in future and would like to entrust this method to you. Nowadays it is no longer possible to correctly classify patients into a treatment plan after a rapid diagnosis. Environmental pollution, the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles are increasing continually and constantly present us with new problems. One huge advantage of Sicom bio-resonance therapy is that it is not just excellent for testing but that unknown stresses which are nevertheless present can be included in therapy by treating the patient with endogenous substances.
Virtually all the patients who come to my practice have already tried a number of types of diagnosis and forms of therapy elsewhere with little or no success.
The fact that we can intervene positively here is thanks to almost twenty years of bioresonance therapy and several generations of the BicOm de-vice.
I obviously continue to work with individual settings which we have tested out beforehand but frequently use the mat as well. It is not only easier to treat patients wrapped in a “magnetic egg” but also more effective. Many patients find it an agreeable experience that we can program in several therapies at the outset and they can enjoy their therapy undisturbed for approx. 20 minutes in apleasant soothing atmosphere (it is not necessary to continuously change applicators).
Some of our patients travel a considerable distance to reach us and here the possibility of prolonging therapy with a chip has proved invaluable. Unfortunately, the therapy drops which we used to produce were not always taken regularly! (It was difficult for some employees to do so while at work!)
Please do not forget when treating parasitic, viral, bacterial infestation, to apply the various elimination methods. I support these with oral medication, e. g. LymphophOn, Lymphdiaral, Solidago, Antitox, Derivation tablets, etc. However, it is also important to test out dosage to avoid a genuine “initial exacerbation”.
BICOM® bioresonance therapy is a gentle therapy and we must not use “violent” accompanying therapy.
I would ask you to continue helping each other by sharing your experiences. Our annual colloquium in Fulda, the seminars, not forgetting our study group, are all ideal opportunities for this.
Those who stick rigidly to what they have learnt in the past have no future. We have been offered a means of therapy which is forward-looking and constantly evolving. I hope we will continue to meet one another here often and thank you for listening today.


Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran: The Biomagnetic Pair.
Translated by Janice Bailey.
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