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Bioresonance As The “Medicine Of The Future”

The medical industry is growing faster than ever before. Diseases that could be deemed incurable just a decade or two ago are now seen as medical conditions that can be treated successfully. In addition to pharmaceutical companies making breakthroughs almost on a daily basis, numerous complementary therapies are also being developed and becoming widely accepted in the medical industry, offering methods in which diseases and underlying health problems that are contributing to symptoms can be diagnosed more accurately; thus also leading to a more effective treatment strategy.

Bioresonance therapy (energy medicine) is one such complementary therapy that has gained the attention of medical professionals all over the world. This technique offers a cost-effective aid to diagnosing a variety of health ailments, including those underlying factors that are prone to contribute to the development of unwanted diseases. Here, we will discuss essential facts to be considered about Bioresonance therapy, a complementary therapy that the world often looks upon as the “medicine of the future”.

Reasons Why Bioresonance Therapy Is Seen As The “Medicine Of The Future”

Bioresonance therapy is often thought to be one of the complementary therapies with the most potential when it comes to treating diseases without always opting for the use of pharmaceutical products that may cause a patient to experience side-effects. These are only some of the reasons why this rising technology is seen as a potential mechanism for providing a solution to the treatment of some common diseases amongst the global population:

  1. Unlike a large number of pharmaceutical procedures that are currently available to patients, Bioresonance therapy does not first attend to the symptoms caused by a medical concern, but rather looks beyond the symptoms and identifies potential causes. This is one of the most important facts to consider about this complementary therapy since the approach will help resolve the problem, rather than just cover up the symptoms.
  2. Side-effects are often reported amongst patients utilizing pharmaceutical drugs to treat a disease or symptoms caused by a particular disease. The use of Bioresonance therapy does not place the patient’s body at a risk of developing side-effects; thus offering not only a safer but also more convenient approach to treating a large number of medical conditions and even some common ailments. Bioresonance is one of the least risk forms of energy medicine.
  3. Bioresonance therapy can be utilized as a complementary treatment method in both humans and animals and uses a similar technique for the treatment of both. With pharmaceutical procedures, a more specialized approach is often required.
  4. Pharmaceutical drugs can cost a significant amount of money, depending on the ingredients used to formulate the drug and the particular condition being treated. Bioresonance therapy, on the other hand, is a more affordable and cost-effective alternative option.
  5. Many pharmaceutical drugs are only appropriate for patients of certain ages. Bioresonance therapy, on the other hand, does not pose a threat to patients of a younger age or those of a senior age. Thus, the therapy can be utilized by individuals of any age, young or old.

Current Level of Research Behind Bioresonance Therapy

It is not always wise to only consider the potential benefits reported concerning a particular treatment option in the medical industry. Requesting and considering proof of the claims made is an important part of realizing the potential that such a particular option may have for the patient and for the medical industry in general. Here, we will consider some of the most vital research studies that have been conducted on the use of Bioresonance therapy in a variety of diseases and medical ailments.

  • A study by the Rehabilitation Hospital in Canada found the use of electromagnetic field therapy, a technique that utilizes low-frequency electromagnetic waves (similar to how Bioresonance therapy works on the patient’s body) to be effective in reducing pain symptoms experienced in the lower back of patients who suffers from a degenerative disc disease.
  • A study by the University of Istanbul in Turkey concluded that Bioresonance therapy is effective in assisting patients in their journey to quitting smoking, just like it was previously believed prior to the existence of the evidence provided by the University.
  • A study by the Second University of Naples found the utilization of Bioresonance therapy to be effective in treating patients diagnosed with chronic psoriasis vulgaris.
  • According to a study that was conducted in Deutschland, Bioresonance therapy is effective in reducing symptoms of gastrointestinal problems and discomfort, including meteorism and abdominal pain.
  • One study monitored the effects that the addition of Bioresonance therapy had on patients who were already undergoing treatment for gonarthrosis. The study found the addition of the complementary therapy to be effective in prolonging the effectiveness of the conventional treatments utilized. Anti-inflammatory, anti-exudative and anesthetic effects were also observed amongst patients.
  • A study by Salford University Liverpool UK on the work of Frohlich led to further studies by Dr Cyrill Smith, this work studied the effects that electrical stimulus has on cells, the study also covered Quantum theory.
  • A study by Dr Cyril Smith at Manchester University UK continued the work of Frohlich. Studies were conducted on the harmful effects of frequencies on cells in the body. If was proven that modern electrical devices can have a negative effect on the body and lead to disease. Conversely, it was found that beneficial frequencies can have a positive effect.

Diseases And Medical Conditions Treated With Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is not as well known as certain types of complementary therapies and like many other nonpharmaceutical options has been attacked as quackery. As more and more positive reports are being disseminated though this complementary therapy mechanism it is quickly gaining grounds in the medical industry. While we have presented details about several studies performed to provide better evidence on the effectiveness of Bioresonance therapy in the medical practice, the therapy is also utilized in the treatment of many other diseases and medical ailments. Some of the additional conditions successfully treated with Bioresonance therapy includes:

  • Allergies And Hay FeverExperienced by millions of people, allergies, and hay fever are some of the most common ailments patients complain about. Bioresonance therapy treats allergies in multiple bodily systems, including within the digestive system, the respiratory system, the neural system and the dermal system. Regumed the largest manufacturer of bioresonance devices were taken to the High Court in Germany as the claimed they could “Diagnose and Treat Allergies” Due to the testimony of patients that numbered tens of thousands they won the court case. In Europe now patient case studies can be used as a method to prove a therapy works.
  • ParasitesParasites can invade the human body without the host being aware of the infestation, only to cause the development of symptoms at a gradual pace. Still, the infestation of parasites can be deadly to the host. With the use of Bioresonance therapy, parasitic infestations can be effectively detected and treated to avoid the development of potentially problematic symptoms.
  • Autoimmune DiseasesAn autoimmune reaction occurs when the immune system attacks the host’s body mistakenly. Numerous autoimmune diseases have been identified and these can be deadly in some cases. Bioresonance therapy is able to assist with the treatment of autoimmune health conditions in different ways.


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