Rheumatism and osteochondrosis

No longer any need for orthopaedic shoes, able to ride and ski again

My first contact with BICOM® was some ten years ago when I attended a presentation. I was sceptical and thought to myself: “If it worked that well, everyone would be healthy!”

But then one of my colleagues, who suffered from neurodermatitis, was tested by a BICOM® therapist and told me when she came back that she had numerous allergies. “And now they are being removed!” she said. “Nonsense!” I replied. “Allergies can’t simply be removed!” But she went ahead with the treatment and was almost free of symptoms after three months.

This really impressed me and so I bought a device. After I attended my first bioresonance seminar, I gave a presentation in front of 25 patients, who then all wanted an appointment.

My practice was growing at an unprecedented rate.

Here are two cases which I remember vividly.

A lady, 40 years young, had psoriasis which had developed into rheumatism (also known as psoriatic arthritis). She had bad joint pain, deformities, could sometimes barely walk and could not move her fingers properly. Extensive testing revealed that she had an allergy to various foods. I treated these allergies with the BICOM® device. I also used the rheumatism programs stored in the device at the same time and I carried out own blood therapy through the BICOM® in order to strengthen the immune system, a process which, incidentally, is completely pain-free for patients. In addition some organ ampoules were used and the information was then oscillated to the patient using the BICOM® device.

The patient was treated at weekly intervals. The entire treatment lasted around half a year, until she said: “I don’t know what to make of it – I feel so good!” She had suffered the symptoms for a number of years and now has been free of all symptoms for 18 months. The deformities have considerably improved. She can walk again and move her fingers well enough to continue her work as a secretary. She can even knit again now.

The second case concerns a 13-year-old girl. For six years she had been experiencing symptoms, which were diagnosed as queried osteochondrosis (bone and cartilage degeneration). She was suffering from acute pain from her lower legs to her ankles and was so weak that she could scarcely walk. The child needed to wear ortheses (orthopaedic brace to stabilise and bring relief to the limbs) and was always carried around by her father. She frequently had a high temperature. She could no longer go riding, which was her favourite sport. And so, pale and listless, she came to my practice.

I carried out a similar rheumatism and own blood therapy as outlined before. After the fourth treatment the girl no longer needed a walking aid.

The orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital, an authority in his field, was stunned to see this change after all these years.

“I don’t know what bioresonance is and I don’t know the naturopath either, but it’s good news so keep going!” he remarked.

After the tenth session the therapy was complete. She no longer had to wear orthopaedic shoes and could ride again and even ski! This was previously unthinkable!