Seminar on Bioenergetic Test Methods


This training is designed for holistic health practitioners, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other therapists, as well as students and trainees who are in vocational training in order to practice one of these professions.

Seminar goals:

This seminar involves intense practical work with the three bioenergetic test methods

  • Tensor
  • Kinesiology
  • Electro acupuncture

Subjects taught include:

  • For all three test methods
    • how to achieve accurate test results and then use the findings to create logical and effective therapies
    • strengths and weaknesses of each test method
    • possible combinations of the different test methods and benefits that come from combining them
    • testing of remedies
    • allergy testing
    • testing of dental material
    • sources of error and how to avoid them
    • many practical exercises
  • Kinesiology
    • test of vertebrae
    • test of organs through skin reflex zones
    • test of meridians
    • testing of scar interference fields
    • rapport test to test relationship therapist – patient
    • surrogate test
    • self test
  • Tensor
    • how to check one’s own and the patient’s testability and how to restore it if necessary
    • testing of toxins and other stressors
    • Identification test according to Dr. Schumacher:
      • mycoses, parasites
      • viruses, bacteria
      • environmental- and pharma toxins
      • food additives
    • testing of dental material, amalgam and focal toxicoses
  • Electro Acupuncture (EAP)
    • measuring conductance value and its significance
    • measuring quadrant values and their significance
    • how to test all terminal points of the meridians and achieve consistent, reproducible and accurate results
    • the hypothalamus point (triple warmer 20)
    • the point spleen-pancreas 4a
    • testing of spin direction of the blood by means of a spin tester
    • interpretation of test results

Introduction to BICOM Bioresonance Therapy is available

During this seminar, we will do extra hours in the evenings for those therapists who have not yet done the introductory seminar. This will, in a nutshell, cover the most important items from the introductory seminar and thus allow you to get started with your new BICOM Optima Device without having to wait for the next introductory seminar.

Fifty per cent of the surcharge for the introduction will be credited for those who later on within 12 months after this seminar decide to join one of our introductory seminars.

Seminar venues and dates:

Ambleside, Cumbria, English Lake District:

May 2018 (2 1/2 days) – provisional date

Our final dates for this seminar will be announced in November 2017. Please check our website.

Ambleside Parish Center, Vicarage Road, Ambleside LA22 9DH, Lake

District, England, U.K.

Seminar price:

£ 425.00 (if number of participants is 5 or more)

£ 495.00 (if number of participants is below 5)


Surcharge for Introduction to BICOM Bioresonance Therapy (in the late afternoon / evening on 17. and 18. May)

£ 70.00  (£ 35.00 of which will be credited if you later on, within 12 months, join our Introductory Seminar)


Booking deadline:

15 April 2017

Surcharge for bookings made after this date or if payment is received after this date: £ 50.00