BICOM® UK work with the only UK approved Regumed service and repair centre BiocalUK. We offer onsite and return to base service and repairs, telephone and remote desktop connection for software support is also available.

Most medical insurance companies would not payout in the event of a claim if the BICOM® used had not been serviced and calibrated according to manufacturer requirements. Ensure you have your BICOM® serviced and calibrated every 24 months.

BICOM® service engineers working on a BICOM® in Leeds UK
BICOM® service engineers in the UK
Test and calibration equipment to service BICOM®
Some of the test and Calibration equipment used


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Items Checked

BICOM® servicing checklist

Our engineers have listed this video on YouTube to show why calibration is important, you might find it useful to watch, it also shows why the Bicom is different to frequency generators and that the Bicom works much more effectively as to requires frequency information input from the patient’s body.