Structured Water

There is more to water than many people realise. Rather than simply being a physical substance, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto demonstrated that water also has the ability to receive and retain information from its environment. Similar conclusions have been drawn by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, who found that water is greatly affected by sunlight – which is made up of visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation – and this can alter the molecular structure of water, creating what is known as structured water. 

Structured water is found in natural sources of water and inside living cells and has molecules that form hexagonal clusters. It is theorised that these molecules may have a higher level of electrical charges, which are important for cell function. Having water molecules in our cells that are charged to the optimum level is beneficial to the function of structures and tissues throughout the body. Conversely, when water has been chemically treated or contains various contaminants such as hormones, pollutants and toxins, the molecular structure is detrimentally altered in a way that minimises the health benefits the water would otherwise have. 

Water that is found in nature contains many antioxidants and is full of energy. Proper hydration is vital in order to support the immune system, assist digestion and detoxify the body. These health benefits, and many others, can be amplified when the water that is being consumed has the optimum molecular structure. 

A device called the Atlantik uses electromagnetic energy from minerals, including precious and semi-precious stones, to help to improve the structure, properties and energetic potential of water that is close to it. It can also help to bring the pH of the water within a more desirable range. 

Even placing a glass of water next to the Atlantik for as little as 10 minutes can make a difference by helping to restore the natural properties that the water would have in a healthy environment. In addition, the Atlantik can have structural benefits to fluids inside the body, including blood. In one study, patients who were suffering from blockages in the blood sat in a room near the device for 90 minutes. After this time, they all had improved blood flow. It has also been found that simply holding the Atlantik for about 10 minutes can be beneficial to blood flow.  

In conclusion, by helping to bring drinking water and bodily fluids back to their more natural, healthy molecular structure, the Atlantik has the capability to enhance a person’s general health. 

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