Surprises revealed in the course of therapy by case histories

Michaela Garbotz, Naturopath, Leipzig


Ladies and gentlemen,

I should like to tell you about some instances from my practice as surprising revelations from patients’ case histories always give me inspiration for their cases.

When I first started up in practice in 1994 I had no inkling of what was in store for me, of the conditions patients come to us with.

In line with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Art. 2 of Organon, 6 th edition, the only pretension for me was:

“The highest ideal in healing is to restore health rapidly, gently and permanently or to improve and destroy the illness in its entirety in the quickest, most reliable, least harmful way possible for clearly understandable reasons.”

The difficult situation in which we naturopaths find ourselves was revealed after just a few consultations. People who present to a naturopath are generally frustrated, all the medical options have been exhausted or they have been diagnosed as incurable or psychosomatic.

What was Ito do?


I began my practice with bioresonance therapy and traditional homeopathy.

I felt at home with both approaches to therapy, yet I could not initially explain the links between the two. This is why, particularly in recent months, I have been endeavouring to find out why these methods go together so consistently and I found the answer in Fritz Albert Popp’s “Die Botschaft der Nahrting” [The message of food], Marco Bischof s “Biophotonen. Das Licht in unseren Zellen” [Biophotons. The light in our cells], Giinter S. Hanzl’s “Das neue medizinische Paradigma” [The new medical paradigm] and in Michael Galle’s “Mora Bioresonanztherapie und es funktioniert doch” [Mora bioresonance therapy … and it really works].

  • Every biological system has its own particular oscillation pattern which can only be recorded by reduction to a limited extent or even not at all. Life is not just determined by materialistic principles
  • Its internal workings are integrated and, if not disturbed, can only be perceived as a rustling noise, in accordance with a black box as it were.
  • All systems, in young and old alike, impact upon one another both upwards and downwards, irrespective of our perceptivity.
  • With bioresonance therapy I am acting upon the oscillation field of the “human form” and thereby, through downward causality, upon all biologically hierarchical subsystems.
  • By oscillating remedies, I am acting on levels unknown to me; with homeopathy I am having an effect on the lowest level of the hierarchy and thereby, through upward causality, on the oscillation field of the “human form”

Now the patient only presents to me with perceptible symptoms, the disease emerges through changes at all levels and it is appropriate to ask about the case history in accordance with Art. 6 of Organon:

“Even if extremely astute, the open minded observer — aware of the worthlessness of super sensory musings which cannot be experimentally proven —, perceives in each individual disease nothing other than changes in the state of the body and mind identifiable externally by the senses, signs, incidents, symp 43rd International Congress for Blcom Users, 2 to 4 May 2003, Fulda, Germany REGUMED Institut fiir Regulative Medizin, 82166 Grafelfing • wn Volume 27 • May 2003 83 toms, in other words, deviations from the healthy former [M.G.’s highlighting] state of the person who is now ill. Changes which he himself feels, which those around him perceive and which the doctor observes in him. All these perceptible signs represent the illness in its entirety, that is, together they make up the true and only conceivable form of the illness (48).”

With BRT I can test everything on the patient and eradicate what presents itself as it were and what springs to mind and can be tested; a very rewarding task, particularly with allergies.

With homeopathy I can examine the patient’s individuality, in accordance with Art. 153 of Organon:

“When searching for a homeopathically specific remedy, that is, in this comparison between the sign concept of the natural illness and the symptom range of the available medication in order to find one artificial illness potency similar to the malady to be healed, the more striking, odd, unusual, and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms (156) of the case should be considered in particular and almost exclusively, for these especially must correspond to very similar medication within the symptom range sought, if they are to be the most suitable for a cure.”


I should like to present two cases which show that it is definitely a combination of these therapies which helps my patients.

Case 1

Frau Karina Sch. first presented to me on 20 June 2001.

She reported suffering from neurodermatitis since 1997. The clinical picture of the skin was relatively calm, however the patient was extremely nervous. The condition had stabilised since November 2000 with 10 mg/day cortisone.

In May she had a severe exacerbation which looked like a bad case of sunburn. The most important clue was that she was constantly freezing, to such an extent that all her joints and muscles hurt.

Her work involved looking after elderly people in a nursing home.

Since March 1997 she had suffered psychosomatic heart attacks which were treated with conventional medicine by a stay in a day clinic.

She had never been tested for allergy yet she herself had noted that she reacted to formaldehyde. Peanuts also promptly provoked an attack. She preferred to eat eggs and drink milk shakes.

In 1990 disinfectant solution caused open sores on her hands.

BRT history

  • tested for basic allergens (milk, wheat, moulds) with no reaction.
  • checked main functions of detoxifying organs liver, intestine, kidneys, lungs, skin causing considerable reactions, especially in liver and intestine areas.
  • enquired about inoculations: Hep A 1999, Hep B March 1997.

Laboratory values

  • GOT, GPT, gamma GT raised but not relevant from viewpoint of conventional medicine,
  • total IgE > 2000 kU/1 (norm: < 180 WA),
  • RAST borderline for tested parameters, vit B 12 574 pmo1/1 (norm: <517 pmol/1),
  • biotin deficiency, iron deficiency, magnesium excess.


  • neurodermatitis with onsetting metabolic disturbance in the liver
  • allergy of uncertain origin
  • nicotine abuse
  • neurasthenia with somatisation in cardiac region.


  • BICOM® programs 125, 900, 135, 442, 403, 480
  • cortisone discontinued
  • liver supported with Lactulose, Heparpasc DUO, Pascopanlcreat novo
  • BICOM® program 191 Hep B.

Homeopathic history

  • mistakes when speaking, difficulty finding words, frequent slips of the tongue
  • suicidal
  • washed her hands constantly
  • deterioration through cold and becoming cold
  • moved about continuously.

Homeopathic treatment

  • Lac-c C30
  • smoking forbidden

Already by 28 June the skin reacted as if cortisone had never been used. The skin all over the body was swollen and inflamed and discharged a sticky, viscous, yellow liquid.


When searching for the causes, including the reason for reactions during initial attempts at therapy, the patient told me about medically indicated silicon implants inserted submuscularly on 28 September 1998.

Although medical approval for the implants had ceased over one year previously, their removal could not be considered in view of the emotional problems and the particular form of implant incorporation.

Bioresonance therapy

  • Daily BicOm prog. 125, 900, 135, 442, 350, 480, 125 H+Di 8.5+0.025, continuous operation, 20 mins
  • 1 x weekly BicOm prog. 191, Ai, frequency sweep, 3 secs, amplification increased stepwise 90 secs per level up to 64fold, continuous operation, silicon, latex.

Homeopathic history

  • all body’s orifices red at point of transition from mucous membrane to skin deterioration after 3-4 o’clock and midday at 11 o’clock
  • craving for beer.

Homeopathic treatment

  • Sulph C200 1 x weekly
  • Phytotherapy: Heparpasc DUO, Pascopanlcreat novo, Lactulose

18.07.2001 Liver values had deteriorated. Expert recommended hospitalisation. Internal well-being well-balanced.
23.07.2001 Skin only cracked when overlapping. Everything was an indescribable effort, her feet hurt after just brief exertion.
30.07.2001 Could not tolerate sun.

Homeopathic history

Recurrent minor relapses just before period or infection. Still discharging but no longer smelt putrid but of hay. Worst time of day was from 4 p.m. onwards.

Homeopathic treatment: Lyc C1000

14.09.2001 excellent health
25.09.2001 returning to work in 10 days.

Bioresonance therapy

  • weekly sessions
  • BICOM prog. 125, 900, 135, 442, 403, 480 Sulph C1000 in input.

09.10.2001 Reduced to every fortnight
14.12.2001 Reduced to every 4 weeks, even infections were now overcome in 2-3 days.

Could eat everything, not started smoking again, back working shifts as a nurse again.

Case 2

Janosch F., born 22 January 2001, first brought to me on 9 January 2003.

Case history

Neurodermatitis since the latest inoculation, which therefore occurred at 3 months. Vaccinated with Infanrix and Priorix.

One of the main symptoms was that he did not really like eating which the doctors regarded as a disturbed mother child relationship.

Consequently he was breastfed up to the age of 14 months.

It was also significant that he had rather a lot of infections. His stools were always very loose. He was admitted to hospital at 14 months because he had frequent diarrhoea and vomited a lot. At this time the mother had an allergic shock.

In spring 2002 he was force fed.

No strength, extreme iron deficiency, stopped walking at 15 months.

He weighed just 9 kg

Could not sleep at night, severe wind, kneeelbow position.

BRT history

  • Vaccines checked
  • Wheat allergy or intolerance tested, also milk but with no result.

Bioresonance therapy

BICOM programs 191, 999, wheat, Infanrix and Priorix.

Homeopathic history

Rage attacks, slept in knee-elbow position, left side worse.

Homeopathic treatment: Lye C1000.

Weekly sessions checking vaccines with BRT and therapy for vaccines repeated once.

20.02.2003 Much better health, no more diarrhoea, sleep well-balanced in all positions, still various rage attacks at home, especially directed at the mother, only ate chocolate pudding at home yet ate everything at childminders.

Homeopathic history

  • Black spots especially on incisors, coughing especially after midnight, pungent discharges from neurodermatitis sites on left wrist making skin sore, entire abdomen distended, aversion to food.
  • Severe mood swings, even with me at the surgery switched from laughing to loud crying then seconds later laughing again.

Surprising revelation from case history

His aggression when contradicted was particularly striking and one almost had the impression when father and mother were talking that he did it to annoy the mother. From a homeopathic perspective this could be interpreted as “wants to annoy, harass others” especially his mother.

Homeopathic treatment: Chin C1000

10.03.2003 Everything was fine! He was eating and drinking, he and his mother were getting on well. His mood swings were also a thing of the past.

He had put on a kilogram since 20 February.


These two cases show in particular that I would not have reached a solution with one of the two therapies and also unexpected factors could emerge during treatment which pinpointed treatment.

In my opinion, the basic treatment sessions had such an effect on the energy of the “human form’s” oscillation field that the case history was clear, the patients’ problems were more obvious to them so that, during treatment, they felt the need to pass them on to me for the future.

Thank you for your attention and I should like to take my leave with the words

“Always be curious and vigilant!”



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