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Bioresonance In Veterinary Practice


Similar to humans, dogs and cats are also at a risk of developing numerous types of diseases that can put their life at a risk and cause them to experience pain and discomfort. Unlike humans, however, dogs, cats and other animals are not able to speak out when they feel ill or experience symptoms of […]

Treating tumours in animals

Dr. Claudia May, Veterinary Surgeon, Munich INTRODUCTION I have been a dedicated BICOM therapist for a number of years now. Two years ago I stood here in Fulda and talked enthusiastically to you about the broad range of bioresonance therapy available and the success it has enjoyed in my practice. I am still treating all […]

Vaccine blockages and their impact on animals

Dr. med. vet. Solveigh von Jordans, Paderborn, Germany In the last two years, in particular, an increase in post-vaccinal reactions has been observed, and not just in my veterinary practice. What is known as immediate reactions within 1 to 12 hours post injection were primarily seen in small dog breeds and also young dogs, but […]