Overstrain syndrome in sportsmen

Clinical study on the use of BICOM resonance therapy on overstrain syndrome in top sportsmen Dr. med. Breda Jesensek Papcz, Dr. med. prim_ Joze Barpvic German translation and adaptation T. Rome and R, Moyses   Introduction The organism’s biophysical processes are fundamental characteristics which are present in all organisms and are superordinate to biochemical processes. […]

Effectiveness of Bicom therapy proven with dark field photographs of three different cases

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, non-medical practitioner, Cologne INTRODUCTION Dear colleagues At the last colloquium last year I reported my attempts to prove the effects of bioresonance therapy with dark field microscopy tests. I became a bioresonance therapist 18 years ago but I only started using the method of Prof. Enderlei and Dr von Brehmer in my own […]

A new era dawns in Bicom resonance therapy

Hans Briigemann, Grafelfing 1 WHAT HAS BEEN ACHIEVED TO DATE? The title of my paper reveals that I will speak of something which is essentially new. When basic new developments are to be reported on, it seems sensible to discuss the state of development of our knowledge and of BICOM® technology. Since the first seminar […]