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Bioresonance Therapy And Insulin Resistance 

diagram of insulin resistance

The body utilizes sugar, converted into glucose, as a source of energy. When food is consumed, the body breaks the food down into smaller particulars. These different particles are then absorbed into the body through numerous processes. Glucose, in particular, is absorbed through the hormone known as insulin. This hormone is synthesized and secreted by […]

Bioresonance Therapy And Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious medical condition that causes blood sugar levels to increase as the body is unable to properly use glucose as a fuel source for cells throughout the body. When this condition develops and blood sugar levels rise, dangerous symptoms may develop that may even put the patient’s life in danger. Diabetes UK […]

Raised blood sugar: Diabetes mellitus – autoimmune diabetes

Irene Kolbe, Naturopath, Hanover, Germany Dear Colleagues and Senior Management, Mr Sinn and all colleagues at Regumed How a working hypothesis became a certainty I began my lecture last year with these words and presented you with the changes in blood seen in dark field using bioresonance. I also made further comparisons in order to […]