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The Role Of Bioresonance Therapy In Mildew Fungi Contamination

mildew and fungi bicom treatments

While we often pay close attention to the more obvious exposures that may affect us, such as trying to avoid being in the presence of a person that is ill with a disease that can be transferred from one person to another, we usually fail to identify some of the less obvious exposures – which […]

Impressive new treatment possibilities of mildew fungi contamination in food a problem not yet sufficiently taken into account

Dr Gregor Will, medical practitioner, Cologne OCCURRENCE AND DIAGNOSIS OF MILDEW FUNGI CONTAMINATION Serious gaps in our knowledge still exist with regard to the importance of diagnosing and treating fungal illnesses in practices and hospitals (Mycology Study Group at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, WHO). Not only candida, but also mildew fungi infections play […]