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Therapy for headaches

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany Headaches are among the most commonly cited symptoms in general practice. They may be caused by relatively harmless stresses or equally by more acute disorders. Therefore it is necessary to complete a thorough internal neurological assessment before every treatment. Where headaches are a symptom of a serious disorder such as tumours, metastases, cerebral […]

Migraines and headaches

Dr. Sinan Akkurt, Izmir, Turkey Dear colleagues and bioresonance friends, We are together again here for the 53rd International BICOM® bioresonance congress. I would like to start with thanking Mrs. and Mr. Brügemann who provided me this opportunity for the last three years and Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey for her tremendous contributions to my vocational […]