Bioelectromagnetic medicine: The role of resonance signaling

Alberto Foletti 1,3 , Settimio Grimaldi 1, Antonella Lisi1,2,3, Mario Ledda1,2,3 & Abraham R. Liboff2 1Institute of Translational Pharmacology – CNR, Rome, Italy, 2Department  of Physics, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI, USA, and 3Department of Innovative Technologies-DTI, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland-SUPSI, Manno, Switzerland Only recently has the critical importance of electromagnetic (EM) field […]

The unrivalled accuracy of bodily secretions and excretions in bioresonance therapy

Karin Heine, Naturopath, Munich INTRODUCTION Bodily secretions and excretions are our own intelligent medicine cabinets containing all, yes all, information. Why is it can we talk in terms of unrivalled accuracy when we use the body’s own substances for the purposes of therapy? Just imagine if instead of using bodily fluids we needed to come […]