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Treatment for Lyme Disease

BIORESONANCE FOR LYME DISEASE Treatment of Lyme disease has been among the most successful ventures of the Bioresonance therapy. Before delving into how Bioresonace works in the management of this disease it is imperative to brush through the basics of this disease. Possible scenario A few days after you are bitten by ticks you develop […]

Borrelia infection – what next?

Thilo Schank, Naturopath, Ottweiler, Germany  Lyme Borreliosis Lyme borreliosis or Lyme disease is a multisystemic infectious disease triggered by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium of the spirochete family. It can attack any organ, as well as the nervous system, joints and tissues. The disease occurs in humans and in all other mammals, as well as in birds. […]

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The significance of underlying intracellular stress in chronic, rheumatic and neurological disorders

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich Dear colleagues, Over the last two years one particular parasitic stress has increasingly caught my attention for the following reasons: 1. its frequent appearance with chronic diseases, especially those belonging to the neurological field of diseases 2. the problems associated with treating it 3. the extraordinary success achieved by treating […]

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