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Bioresonance Therapy and Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system provides the body assistance with getting rid of waste, toxins and several other unwanted materials. Live Science explains the function of the lymphatic system as a system that transports white blood cells throughout the entire body. These white blood cells are contained in a fluid called lymph. There are several lymphatic disorders that can […]

Effective cleansing via the lymphatic system

Marina Hahlweg, non-medical practitioner, Berlin INTRODUCTION Ladies and Gentlemen, When I started to work with BIcom therapy I read the RTI volumes of the colloquia with interest. I tried many things, copied them, and finally found my own successful method. And this I can tell any beginner: It works for the good of your patients! […]

What role does the lymphatic system play in the treatment of chronically ill patients?

Bettina Decher, Naturopath, Frankfurt, Germany Part I Structure and function of the lymph system Lymphology The term ‘lymphology’ is understood as the study of the structure and function of the lymph system. We further differentiate between ‘lymphangiology’ and ‘lymphadenology’. 1. Lymphangiology describes the anatomy, function and pathophysiology of the lymphatic vascular system. Relationships between the […]