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Bioresonance In Veterinary Practice


Similar to humans, dogs and cats are also at a risk of developing numerous types of diseases that can put their life at a risk and cause them to experience pain and discomfort. Unlike humans, however, dogs, cats and other animals are not able to speak out when they feel ill or experience symptoms of […]

Experience of using bioresonance therapy in veterinary practice

Dr. med. vet. Claudia Goebbels, Veterinary Practitioner, Munich INTRODUCTION Dear colleagues, It was my own case history which brought me to bioresonance. As a small child I was plagued by allergies which unfortunately got visibly worse as the years went on; so bad that, during the final years of my studies, I had to take […]

Veterinary practice findings

Jorg Fiedler, Veterinary Practitioner, Baunatal SOME CASE STUDIES FROM MY FIELD OF WORK Small animal practice Siam tomcat Tobi, 13 years old Icteric mucous membranes, anorexia, apathy and internal body temperature of 36.4° C. Laboratory diagnosis: GOT, GPT, AP and bilirubin extremely high. Differential count: leucocytosis with thrombocytopenia. Bioresonance test following consultation with the owners: […]