Terrorists in the immune system

Alexander Rijsberman, Dipl.Naturopath, Zug, Switzerland

I would like to extend a warm welcome from Switzerland.

It is very exciting to be standing before so many colleagues. It gives me pleasure to be permitted to pass on to you some of what I have learnt. I have made a discovery which I should like to present to you.

But first an appropriate saying from Confucius:

He who knows the goal can decide.
He who decides finds peace.
He who finds peace is secure
He who is secure can consider.
He who considers can improve.

Very often I treat the patient but make no progress. Perhaps you also find this. You have gone through all the therapy with your patient, treated all the central allergies such as wheat and cow’s milk and are simply not satisfied with the result. The patient presents with ever more exotic allergies which just can’t be reached. You keep coming to the same point, although at the start everything was perfectly clear. You are probably beginning to doubt your abilities.

What’s wrong?

Why don’t the ampoules indicate the right thing, they should do! Have I overlooked something?

Maybe the patient doesn’t respond to testing today?

Have I been taught incorrectly or have I not understood something correctly?

Should I test all the test sets again systematically even though it’s not recommended?

Or fall back on my old therapies, etc. etc.?

Is it the limits of the method or my own limits which is causing the problem?

I’ll tell you:

It’s my own blocks and limits, I have applied the wrong pattern of thinking.

We need different intellectual approaches. It hasn’t been possible to convert the old patterns of thinking into strategies.



Now for a tip.


I set the device to programs 193, 192 and 191 and reprogram 193 into an H+Di program. I then test the CTT 5 element set (5E set for short) on 192 and you actually won’t find anything any more as the patient has already been treated this way. We then test all the organs and meridians on program 191 (Ai). So no longer with A, but with Ai. Now it’s not a question of support but of provoking the individual meridians and organs. The answer is: can the individual organ put up any resistance or does it immediately break down. In the latter case the organs have not been supported sufficiently and require more therapy.

The “CNS” ampoule almost always tests positive. Testing the CNS on Ai means that the patient’s personal opinion is filtered out.

I add to the “CNS” ampoule the “stabilise immune system” ampoule from the degenerated cells test set or the “strengthen immune system” ampoule from the bacteria test set. Once again an A ampoule is assaulted by Ai.

This suppresses the immune system. Now I place another one on top of it.

In the parasite, environmental stresses, etc. test set (environment set for short) there is a black ampoule “against other influences”. I put this in the input cup as well. Now we get totally different results if I add a “rainwater” ampoule as well. I test the pink ampoules in the 5E set once again with this group of 4 to obtain information about the other CTT sets.

What happens now? What gave me this idea?

Now it gets even more exciting.

I had a patient with polyarthritis. She had been treated with high doses of cortisone and also with methotrexate to make the cortisone more effective. Methotrexate is a cytostatic agent, i.e. a chemotherapeutic agent which, as a side effect, is an immunosuppressant, in other words suppresses the immune system. This is the approach of practitioners of conventional medicine if cortisone is not sufficiently effective.

This woman came to me because she wanted to become pregnant and planned to stop taking this medication in order not to harm the foetus. She wanted me to eliminate the medication and also treat her inflammations and painful joints. Not an easy task as, on the one hand, we’re trying to strengthen the immune system and, on the other, she’s taking medication which suppresses the immune system. A real challenge for sometimes I had to attenuate the medication and sometimes I had to incorporate it again or even harmonise it again. It didn’t really make any sense.

I tested this methotrexate on several patients and noticed that many wanted it eliminated although they had never taken this medication. Tested with an A program it would indicate cancer cells.

Instead of the “stabilise immune system” ampoule I use this methotrexate in practice.

All the yellow ampoules in the CTT test set can be tested and treated with A and Ai.

The environment set includes a black ampoule. Nobody was able to tell me what the real significance of this was other than that external influences or environmental stresses could be found on A or Ai with this ampoule. This black ampoule is the real surprise. It removes the dividing line between visible and invisible matter. This method gives us information about the terrorists within the immune system. This means the immune system is fighting with internal terrorists and is no longer capable of fending off attackers from outside. These terrorists are like antigens/antibodies, in other words the agents which exert autoaggression in the body.

The black ampoule can be used to filter out many other influences. It also serves to combine different stresses. Bacteria like to combine with environmental stresses. For example, Klebsiella combines well with hexachlorobenzene, teeth with joints, bacteria with heavy metals, heavy metals with fungi, etc. You can also combine the black ampoule with Schumacher sets, CTT sets or unmodified substances.

This is sensational news. Firstly we can hunt down intracellular stresses without an electrostimulation device. In this way we open the sodiumpotassium pumps on the cell membranes very carefully or, to put it another way, we open the back door.

We find a large number of viruses, heavy metals, parasites, fungi and environmental stresses with these four ampoules in the input cup. We even find a Candida fungus which was presumed dead as an intracellular stress. Patients exposed to very high levels of electronic smog or electromagnetic stresses absorb far more harmful substances intracellularly than was previously assumed.

DECT cordless phones and also mobile phones partially open the bloodbrain barrier, placing the cerebral convolutions under increased stress.

We in Europe have a major problem since the Chernobyl incident on 26 April 1986. Radioactivity is still escaping and spreading in the environment.

As we have known for some time, with pollen allergy we don’t just use the test ampoules, we also add “unmodified pollen” and “rainwater”. The blossom pollen mutates due to the weak radioactivity. With the rainwater we adapt the test ampoules to the current time. We haven’t got over Chernobyl yet; no, it is becoming ever more topical.

I have found out that our ampoules in the test sets do not all agree with the actual stresses. Fortunately we can wobble the frequencies with the bioresonance device. This allows us to compensate for the deviation from the effective stresses.

I’ll give a tip to those therapists who haven’t been working with bioresonance for long: always add a “rainwater” ampoule for all stresses.

The stress often tests positive again when combined with “rainwater”. Viruses and environmental stresses, in particular, are changed dramatically. I should like to add something about viruses: all viruses mutate considerably.

If the WHO determines the three flu strains in February, even if these were the correct forms, the viruses have changed so much in the six months before flu breaks out, that they no longer correspond to the form contained in the vaccination.

If viruses change, then this suggests that other organisms such as metazoa, protozoa, fungi, bacteria, Chlamydia, Rickettsia and prions change.

Back to rainwater. I find the best rainwater when it hasn’t rained for a long time and the atmosphere is full of mist and fine dust. The first raindrops contain this. The best thing is to fill the test tube just a quarter full and finish off with ambient air.


Interestingly, I notice that a number of solvents test positive with this method.

I have extended my test set accordingly. It is exciting that it is not usually the solvents themselves but their vapours. Consequently I only fill the ampoules one quarter full so that sufficient gases develop in the ampoule if I shake it gently beforehand. All gases are very easily absorbed via the lungs and skin. I have searched for the smallest contaminants for a long time and noticed that I could not see the wood for the trees.

It must be something big though because it affects all patients. It is the fine dust particles, exhaust gases and volatile solvents which become particularly aggressive due to the weak radioactivity. The patient usually needs only 1 or 2 sessions before these underlying stresses no longer test positive. Interestingly, however, the “general elimination” ampoule hardly ever tests positive at the

Useful native supplements: pure benzine acetone propan2ol methanol ethanol chlorine sodium fluoride

70% alcohol various adhesives/glues

nitro thinner cleaning agents disinfectants

start yet, during treatment, virtually every time.

I interpret this as follows. If I “duck the heads” of the defending soldiers with the four ampoules, only the soldiers know this, the terrorists don’t and they show themselves. They are shot and eliminated over the withdrawn heads of the soldiers. As a result the immune system can go about its own tasks and no longer has to endure an internal struggle.

But what do these soldiers do who now enjoy favourable conditions?

They sit in their barracks playing cards. It still does not mean that a good immune system is really functioning properly. This also requires an adequate alarm signal.

This alarm is important for the immune system to react correctly. The “general elimination” ampoule activates the tissue mast cells and places the soldiers on call ready for action.


Translation of above clip from Pschyrembel:Screenshot_16

Tissue mast cells syn. mastocytes; 1. mast leucocytes: polymorphonuclear basophilic granulocytes, whose watersoluble basophilic grains contain heparin and histamine; increased presence with chronic myeloid leukaemia, polycythaemia; 2. tissue mast cells: espec. in adventitia of smaller blood vessels, in loose connective tissue and in the wall of serous cavities of cells, contained in cytoplasm grains which are expelled in antigen antibody reaction and release histamine, serotonin and other mediators.

Type 1 allergic reactions
Complement factors (C3a, C5a)
Protease (chymotrypsin)
Prostaglandin (PGF2a)

Cholinergic stimuli Chemical histamine liberators Tissue mast cells: Factors which may cause increased mediator release from mast cells

Betaadrenergic drugs (epinephrine, isoproterenol)
Prostaglandin (PGE1)

Factors which may cause reduced mediator release from mast cells

In the event of an infection or an accident the whole army should turn out to extinguish the fire straight away and at the same time begin construction work at the site of the accident. Histamine and serotonin are responsible for this campaign. In other words, the mediators from the tissue mast cells.

We heard an interesting lecture on tissue mast cells at last year’s Congress presented by our colleague Dr Rummel. In his paper in RTI volume 32 he provides a marvellous explanation of the role of the tissue mast cells and their ability to store information.

By treating the patient with the “general elimination” ampoule on Ai, we provoke these tissue mast cells to secrete more. This means the physical and biological antibodies are stimulated.

In this case we find stresses which trigger an antigen antibody reaction and so we gain access to the autoimmune diseases.

What looked initially like an allergy is in reality an autoimmune disease in disguise.

The tissue mast cells also secrete histamine. In an allergic process the tissue mast cells become overtwisted, exaggerating histamine production and secretion. The tissue mast cells can be regulated with a normal histamine ampoule using a H+Di program. So we see that allergies and autoimmune processes are quite closely associated.

The tissue mast cell is the pivotal point.

In addition to the histaminereactive system, there is also the serotoninreactive system.

Serotonin is used for the cells of the brain stem and the hypothalamus, regulates body temperature, sleep and also the limbic system. The hypothalamus is the head of the autonomic nervous system and is superior to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is superior to the hormone system. These two together activate or inhibit production in the hormoneproducing glands.

This demonstrates that the “CNS” ampoule is linked to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and the limbic system. As I am addressing the limbic system, I should like to report on an observation I have made.

As well as a serotonin ampoule I have also obtained a lithium ampoule.

Lithium is often administered as a stimulant and mood booster for depressive patients. It is noticeable how many young people wander around dreamily, openmouthed, as if they’re switched off. As soon as they clamp a mobile to their ear, they become cheerful and hyper. When they finish chatting, their mood drops once again. This is due to lithium for the new powerful mobiles operate on lithium ion batteries. This lithium information is sent directly to the hypothalamus via the current from the battery and immediately lifts the person’s mood.

It should be borne in mind that most pacemakers also use lithium batteries.


It is worth examining individually the various CTT ampoules which are connected to the immune system. The degenerated cell test set contains the “killer cell” ampoule. These killer cells are assigned to the cytotoxic T lymphocytes and can be divided into cytotoxic cells and natural killer cells. They are linked to cells affected by viruses and cancer.

The same test set also contains the “lowered resistance” and “stabilise immune system” ampoules. It is not clear from the manual whether these ampoules support the lymphocytes, monocytes or granulocytes however, if they test positive, you must definitely include them in your therapy. The bacteria set also includes a “strengthen immune system” ampoule. This acts on the nonspecific defence system. In other words, on the phagocytes, microphages and macrophages, also known under the monocyte macrophage system.

It is worth obtaining additional ampoules. Have your patients bring their medication with them and fill a test tube with this. In a short time you’ll virtually have your own pharmacy. Patients are pleased if you are able to give them something.

In this way I obtained adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisone from an emergency first aid box.

If these test positive on A then this means the suprarenal glands are insufficient. The anterior pituitary lobe should control these suprarenal glands however the underlying stresses are sitting on the “lines”. This is very bad for the body. For it definitely needs cortisol for fire fighting or a defence hormone such as adrenalin. A practitioner working with conventional medicine has never found adrenalin deficiency. With today’s stress factors we tend to talk of suprarenalaemia. This is due to the fact that adrenalin is not just produced by the suprarenal glands. An adrenalin substitute is produced from the small intestine, from the autonomic nervous system, from the thyroid and the pituitary gland.

This is unfortunate.

If the small intestine produces adrenalin, the physiological bacteria become stressed and escape from the small intestine. As long as these physiological bacteria remain in the anaerobic environment of the intestine, they live in symbiosis. However if they escape downwards and come into contact with oxygen, they develop into infections such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or irritable bowl syndrome. If they escape upwards into the stomach, this leads to the stressed manager with his stomach ulcers. If the autonomic nervous system itself produces the adrenalin replacement, here we have the reason

Summary of proposed treatment:

behind burnout syndrome. The thyroid also tries to produce adrenalin. At first the thyroid goes into overproduction but succumbs fairly soon and then becomes underactive. Now the person just needs to look at food to become fat.

What is even more unfortunate is that the pituitary gland also produces adrenalin. Instead of activating the suprarenal gland products, it takes over adrenalin production and becomes stressed itself.

As a result cortisol is no longer produced and the allergy sufferer needs a histamine inhibitor and also a cortisone product. We’ve come round in a circle.

Once more we see that the “CNS” ampoule, combined with various medicines, gives us a completely new perspective.

Summary of proposed treatment:



These five farreaching therapy steps represent the extreme limit of what is tolerable for the patient. Ensure that, after therapy, the patient drinks large quantities of lowmineral water. Also let them know that, if the aftereffects are violent, they can happily drink up to 2 dl distilled water each day.

Water which does not contain anything supports the absorption of toxins and helps eliminate them. Drinking distilled water is banned as it demineralises the body however, in this case, it supports elimination.

I would like to motivate you to turn your occupation into a vocation. Analyse your patients like a detective and be persistent in your research even if it’s not running smoothly. Don’t throw in the towel straight away! Truth is linked with perception. Every individual has their own perception and their own sense of truth. I am firmly convinced that, if we have been able to help in some way, we have achieved a goal. We have succeeded in improving the patient’s quality of life.

Finally allow me to ask one more question:

When are you alive?

Right now in this very second!!

On this note, I wish you very many happy seconds and hope you enjoy this Congress.

Thank you.

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