The clinicresults of Bicom 2000 bio-resonance device

Yuan Ze, M.D. Pediatrics, and Wang Haiyan, Pediatrics, Central Hospital of Xi’an City, China


Allergy is an abnormally high sensitivity to cer-tain substances, such as pollen, food, or micro-organisms. Common indications indications of allergy may include sneezing, itching, and skin rashes.

Common allergic diseases

1. Allergy of food
— stomatitis
— migraine
— asthma …
2. Allergy in respiratory tract
— rhinitis
— hay fever …
3. Allergy in dermatology
— eczema
— urticaria
— contact dermatitis
— neurodermatitis
— allergic purpura
4. Allergy in EENT
— tympanitis
— otalgia [ophthalmia]
— allergic conjunctivitis …
5. Other
— Rheumatism …


Place: Pediatrics department, Central hospital of Xi’an
Time: June 2003 — December 2004 (1 1/2, years)
No. of patients: 1639
Results: see Table at top of next page.

Central Hospital of Xi'an City
Central Hospital of Xi’an City

Judgment of the curative effectiveness

We judge the curative effect according to the im-provement of clinical symptoms, and no recur-rences within 6 month.
Recovery: Allergic symptoms disappear com-pletely. No recurrences happen within 6 months after therapy ending.
Obviously effective: Allergic symptoms disappear completely. Recurrences happen after ther-apy ending, but with slight symptoms.
Effective: Allergic symptoms are relieved obvi-ously, but recurrences happen after therapy ending.
Ineffective: There is no obvious relieving in aller-gic symptoms.

We have treated the allergic diseases with many kinds of medicines. We have not found an obviously effective treatment method until we used the BICOM® 2000.

From the observations, we find out teen-age’s recovery rate was higher than adult’s and less recur rences. As si tuat ion are different from
Europe, so we made some change in therapy time,
frequency, intensity.

BICOM® 2000 treatment diseases

The primary allergens are:

  • milk
  • egg
  • sheep meat
  • soybean
  • household dust
  • formaldehyde
  • phenyl
  • duck’s feather
  • seafood (fishmixl, fishmix2)
  • peanut
  • peach
  • mosquito.

Of all the allergens, recovery rate in food is higher than other cases, and less recurrences. E. g. infant’s eczema (< 8 months), recovery rate was 95 % after 2-5 therapy sessions.

Food allergen treatment steps in infants

1. Diagnosis (majority is milk)
2. Basic treatment Input cup: urine, 3 x 5 min
3. Pr ogr . 400, 401 I n put c up : ur i n e
Input: flex. applicator on affected skin area
Output: modulation mat on back
4. Desensitization: progr. 977.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis’ allergen is more complex, and
mostly is a substance of cosmetics.
We usually give sufferers 3-5 sessions.
Progr. 970, 400, 401
Detoxification: progr. 970
Desensitization: progr. 963, 944, 998
About all the symptoms disappeared after 1-2 sessions.

Therapy steps in neurourethritis

  • Basic: we choose 133 in first time
  • Progr. 960 adjust autonomic nervous system disorder
  • Progr. 911, 423 to calm down the nervous problem
  • DMI
  • Input cup: blood from both earlobes.


The main allergen of papula is mosquito.
We usually did 5-8 session treatment to them. Progr. 933, 221, 970
The recovery rate is 85 %.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis’ recurrence rate is the highest. The main allergens in rhinitis are:

  • formaldehyde
  • grass
  • catskin
  • duck’s feather.

And we usually give 10-20 treatments to sufferers, when allergen is grass, and they must take some medicine.

In the one and one half years, we find that cases, where allergen is pollen, are harder to treat then other cases (like where the actual stress is form-aldehyde), and therapy time is longer with pollen.

Therapy steps in allergic rhiniti8

  • Basic
    Detect and remove geopathy/scar block
  • Progr. 970,
    Input: eye applicator over both eyes and quad. flex. applicator on thymus
    Output: modulation mat on back
  • Progr. 945, 946, 947
    Input cup: pollen
    Output: modulation mat on back and
    eye applicator over both eyes, if necessary.


1. Disease Different pathology and history.
2. Patients Other medication or therapy before.
3. Therapy place
Electromagnetism and some other factors were disturbing the therapy.
4. Operator
5. Complementary therapy of alimentation Folacin vitamins with minerals.

Disbelief— doubt — research — trust.

1. Choose operator
— studious
— diligent
— trust
— wise
2. Study always
— theory
— practice
— summarize.


We are carrying the clinic study in the following in the new areas:

  • Polytwitching
  • Autism
  • Sweating
  • Cardiac problems
  • Neurorethritis.

Thanks for the great contribution made by the BICOM® pioneer.
Thanks for this very precious chance given by Ms. Briigemann.