The fascinating development of bioresonance therapy: Discoveries, research, ideas and hard work

Hans Brugemann, Grafelfing

We are often asked how bioresonance therapy actually came about. Was it through laboratory testing, scientific studies, ideas from quantum physics? None of the above, in fact. Bioresonance therapy developed from observations and experi-ences of both people and patients. Bioresonance therapy therefore comes under to the area of em-pirical healing.

At the beginning there were a number of mis-understandings which were almost impossible to overcome. The same questions were asked time and again: “So, it’s like …”, NO! “Then, it must be like …” NO! Since it was something completely new, there was no question of it being “LIKE” anything else. In order to remedy this and to give this new form of therapy its “own space”, in 1979 we came up with the formulation “therapeutic procedure in the field of ultrafine bioenergy”.


Which were the areas of knowledge gained from experience and observation that allowed bioreso-nance therapy to emerge? Initially, traditional Chinese teaching on meridians and acupuncture points as well as homeopathy. Building on this, Dr. Voll developed electroacupuncture. In addi-tion to the 12 meridians taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Voll added a further 8 “vessels” thereby completing the set of end points on the nail folds for the purposes of testing merid-ian and organ functions.

By the way, it was Heinz Dubberke, a naturo-path from Berlin, who added the functional circuits from 5 element theory to the eight vessels discov-ered by Volt This concept was first publicised in 1981 by my former Briigemann Institute.


Dr. Franz Morell is the spiritual father of bioreso-nance therapy. I would like to explain the most important steps which eventually gave him the idea of treating patients with their own frequency patterns.

At the beginning of 1953 Dr. Morel’ was a member of the group investigating electroacupunc-ture testing under the direction of Dr. Voll.

In 1957 he was already allowing patients with a food intolerance to hold the food in question in their hand during the test process. The phenome-non which resulted (indicator drop) was balanced by testing appropriate medicines.

In 1958 Dr. Morell proved the effectiveness of correctly tested homeopathic agents by taking blood immediately before testing and observing the speed at which the blood sedimentation fell and then, 1-2 minutes at the most after injecting the tested homeopathic medication, he took blood again and carried out the blood sedimentation rate test. If the medication was tested exactly the BSR improved by 30 to 70 %. If the testing was not correct there was no improvement in the BSR. The observation was that just one minute after a subcutaneous injection a significant improvement could be observed in the BSR. However, the time it normally takes for subcutaneously injected med-ication to take effect is at least 20 minutes. Dr. Morell therefore decided that there was something else at work. A force other than a biochemical one which was having an effect on the red blood cor-puscles.

In 1972 Dr. Kramer reported that he was still able to test the medication himself if he placed a test ampoule in a metal test tube whose diameter was 4 mm larger than the ampoule and the infor-mation from the metal tube was fed to the patient through a wire. Dr. Kramer concluded that some form of electromagnetic oscillations similar to radio waves were present in the medication and that this radiation produced the phenomenon of medication testing.

Dr. More11 reported being fascinated by this phenomenon and 2 years later, in 1974, he suc-ceeded in finally proving the electromagnetic nature of homeopathic medication with the aid of a medication test transmitter and receiver which he had asked his son-in-law Erich Rasche to develop for him. In the period following this Dr. More11 devoted himself to a detailed investigation of the frequency ranges in which homeopathic agents have an effect on the organism. This was now possible following the development of the test transmitter/receiver.

As a result, he learned that deep potencies radiate low frequencies, average potencies radiate average frequencies and high potencies radiate higher frequencies.


Dr. More11 reported on the origins of the idea underlying bioresonance therapy: all of a sudden the process became clear in his mind. For “If it is the case

1. that homeopathic medicines are able to balance pathological values of acupuncture points,
2. if these medicines radiate electromagnetic os-cillations,
3. if these frequencies can be transmitted by wire-less means,
4. if it is possible also to achieve the same balanc-ing effect at the acupuncture points using such oscillations transmitted by wireless means,
5. if the oscillations from the medicines interact with the body’s oscillations such that this re-sults in the phenomenon of the medication test,
6. then this is only possible because electromag-netic oscillations of the same magnitude are present and active in the patient’s body,
7. if all this holds true, it must also be possible to use the body’s own oscillations for the purposes of treatment by transmitting them back to the body”.
And so was born the idea of treating patients with their own frequency patterns.


Dr. Morell asked Erich Rasche to develop, on the basis of the research carried out, a device for treating the patient’s own oscillations. In 1977 the first device of this kind was created. All parameters for this device, which was completely new at the time, were established through testing based on electro-acupuncture and earlier research.

After meeting Dr. Morell in 1977 during the Naturopathy Congress in Freudenstadt I took over the distribution of these devices in 1978 and held the first worldwide seminar on Mora therapy with Dr. Morell in his home town of Ottfingen.


In 1979 a significant innovation was introduced: the invention of a separator attributed to Herr Mersmann which is used to help separate physio-logical and pathological frequency patterns.


By 1978 naturopath Frau Gerda Otten had signifi-cantly expanded the application spectrum by using the body’s own substances such as blood, saliva, urine, stools etc. in therapy. A short time later Frau Otten pointed out that allergy stresses could be reduced by using allergens in the input cup of the therapy device and by using inverse switching. She also reported that with the aid of a patient’s own blood in the input cup of the device there was the possibility of desensitising the patient where the allergen was not known.

Sissi Karz significantly expanded the use of the body’s own secretions and excretions and lectured on this in a number of our seminars.


At the beginning of the 1980s Dr. Mittelhauser referred repeatedly in our seminars and colloquia to the significance of food as an allergy-inducing agent. In this way he helped focus our attention on the significance of food allergies.

In spring 1987 Dr. More11 gave a seminar in which he demonstrated the new possibilities for allergy testing and treatment. Dr. More11 referred to the possibility when testing acupuncture points of giving patients the inverted amplified frequency pattern of allergens. This signalled the birth of the combined test technique (testing at the same time as using therapy oscillations on patients), although it was not called this at the time. It was a major breakthrough in more reliable testing of allergens.

Dr. Schumacher, a paediatrician based in Inns-bruck, provided proof of the procedure for testing and treating allergies developed by Dr. Morell in an excellent study. He was the one who gave us the biotensor. At the same time he gave a number of pointers to the successful treatment of patients with allergies, especially those suffering from neurodermatitis. This marked the beginning of a rapid development in BICOM® bioresonance therapy. Dr. Hennecke presented a second study on allergy treatment in 1999.


The Bicolvt device was developed in 1987 by Herr Schlieper and myself Our electronics experts did a superb job. From their prototypes we manufac-tured a number of devices. Over the course of a long series of tests a number of highly dedicated therapists then worked out the parameters which were required for storing programs in the BICOM® device. These therapists included Frau Sissy Karz, who is credited with having researched most of the programs stored in the BICOM® device. I never cease to be amazed that simply by using the stored programs we can achieve very good therapeutic results. Frau Karz incidentally was introduced to bioresonance therapy very early on. As far back as 1982 she gave papers at seminars held by the Bragemann Institute.
Features of the new BICOM® device included in particular a narrow bandpass and a bandpass sweep as well as the facility to attenuate frequency pat-terns. Further technological innovations included:

  • Stored therapy programs accessible at the touch of a button
  • Individual setting for all therapy parameters via a computer-controlled keypad
  • Choice between five (now six) types of therapy
  • Built-in printer to document test values.

In 1987 we coined the phrase “bioresonance ther-apy” as a generic concept for test and therapy pro-cedures using frequency patterns taken from the body or substances and BIcoM® became the trademark for the BICOM® device.

In 1997 the BICOm device was significantly improved in terms of its medical efficacy by the introduction of an amplification sweep and through analogue potentiation programs and at the same time a large number of therapy programs were added.

The latest stage in the development of BRT to date came in 1999 with the introduction of the BICOM® 2000. With this version, the body’s own frequency patterns could be transformed into magnetic frequency patterns (BMF) resulting in a further improvement in its effectiveness compared with earlier versions and a simplification of the process of positioning applicators.

In 2002 “BICOM® BICOMmultisoft® Pilot” software was de-veloped. This is a software system with digitally stored substance frequency patterns. This system is combined with a program for using the BICOM® device with an external PC at the click of a mouse and contains 4500 digitised frequency patterns of toxic substances, allergens and therapy agents. It replaces as it were the test ampoule kits. As a result, REGUMED has kept pace with the general trend towards computerisation in medical systems.

Finally, the BICOM® 2000 was further enhanced by a chip storage device allowing chips to be created with a view to prolonging the therapeutic effect.


Alfred Schwarze, a naturopath practising in Bad Segeberg, North Germany, recognised in 1993 the outstanding importance of the quick 3-second bandpass sweep for the combined test technique. He worked on the premise that the same substance radiates in a number of different frequency ranges. These, he surmised, could be recorded more reli-ably by letting only a narrow “concentrated” fre-quency range be used on the patient, as is the case with a quick bandpass sweep. He tested nosodes, homeopathic agents etc. for example in the same way. This method significantly increased the hit rate when testing. This also applied to tests with the biotensor as well as the kinesiology test and electroacupuncture. In 1993 Herr Schwarze intro-duced the test arrangement now commonly used in biotensor testing: a plate applicator connected to the output of the BICOM® device, positioned verti-cally and held on the sensor element of the bio-tensor between the plate and the patient. Herr Key-mer coined the phrase “cross-linked test technique” to describe this type of test and carried out further research in this area. He held numerous seminars on this topic for our Institute. Later the special CTT test kits were developed, based on a system-atic approach that makes testing much quicker and more reliable. The 12 tried and tested CTT test kits are based on this method.


Over the course of many years of work, Dr. Wolf-gang Ludwig looked into the significance and ef-fect of magnetic microimpulses for therapy. His results led among other things to the development of several devices which I incorporated into our range in the 1980s. The principle of micro magnetic field impulses was incorporated in the magnetic field device which is now an additional built-in feature of the BICOM® 2000.


In the same way that time-honoured knowledge of traditional acupuncture and centuries-old homeo-pathy had earlier been “married” to BICOM® biores-onance therapy, so in 1993 we also included the ancient practice of cupping in our modern approach to therapy.
Paulo de Tarso Costa dos Santos developed BICOM® cup applicator therapy and was able to find a particularly effective use for this extraordinarily effective detoxication therapy. Naturopath Frau Anneliese Krebber refined this new technology with a very simple and clear system and recom-mended organ-related cupping areas.


As explained at the beginning, bioresonance ther-apy was developed on the basis of the experiences outlined here: On the one hand we have a proven and functioning test and therapy process, while on the other there is the question “how does bioresonance therapy function and what are the laws underlying this new application?”

Time and time again I have commissioned studies and research work and these have beencompiled in our “Studies into BiCom Resonance Therapy” series. Dr. Schumacher, Dr. Hennecke, Gabor Lednyczky, Dr. Endler and Dr. Kreisl are all deserving of special praise in this regard.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge those scientists who have assisted and helped us, not least Prof Dr. Fritz- Albert Popp who gave his first paper back in 1979 during one of our seminars and has since been a guest speaker at many of our congresses. When I published the first book on bioresonance therapy Prof Popp allowed me to include three of his fun-damental papers in this book. Prof. Cyril Smith of the University of Salford carried out important research work on the theoretical basis for bioreso-nance therapy. Thanks and acknowledgement also go to Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who provided scientific support throughout the 1980s. Also, Dr. Gunther Hanzl made an important contribution to our understanding of bioresonance therapy with his book “Das neue medizinische Paradigma” [The New Medical Paradigm].


Before 1978 no one had ever spoken of oscillations which came from the body or the patient and so it was really difficult to convince even naturopaths, non-medical practitioners, acupuncturists, electro-acupuncturists etc. of the merits of this new meth-od.

It required a great deal of hard work and tire-less effort on the part of all staff and speakers who have worked with us over the past 25 years and continue to do so.

It was mainly seminars on this topic that gave us the breakthrough. When you look at the number of seminars held each year you get a good idea of what has been achieved and what we continue to achieve in order to make bioresonance therapy more widely known for the benefit of patients.

Number of seminars held each year by the REGUMED Institute (Germany only)

In the early 1980s Dr. More11 and I had already begun holding seminars in several European coun-tries and in the USA, South Africa and Australia too. The company now has representatives in 23 countries and our international congress plays a major part in further developing our knowledge and consolidating BICOM® bioresonance therapy. As you will be aware from your invitation, this is the 45th International Congress on bioresonance therapy.

In my paper I have only mentioned a few names. There are, however, a large number of therapists who have contributed with their experiences, results and papers to making BICOM® bioresonance therapy such a well-developed test and therapy method. You all deserve our special thanks.


The future of medicine will be different. Biophys-ics and the testing and therapy procedures linked to this field will assume great importance in medicine and will in time bring renewed hope to countless chronically ill patients and offer them the chance of becoming healthy again.