The healthy therapist: self-treatment option

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank you for your interest in what I have to say and would like to talk to you in more depth about the “options available for treating yourself.

For eight years I have been working with BICOM® bioresonance therapy and there is nothing I can add that you do not already know about its successful mode of action. During these eight years I have been here in Fulda four times and time and again am thrilled by the options and the quality of the therapy on offer.

I have always followed with great interest the lectures linked to my colleagues’ reports of their experiences. At the same time, I have noticed that all the lectures focus on the treatment and healing of our patients and not one speaker has spoken about the opportunities for self treatment.

At the time I was alarmed about how very little I carry out treatment on myself. It would interest me at this point to know which of my colleagues here regularly carry out treatment on themselves.

I therefore asked myself how would I actually carry out treatment on myself and above all how do I test myself reliably?

How do I carry out self-treatment?

During the last year I have been busy looking at self-treatment and would now like to tell you about my experiences.

It is often the case in my practice that all appointments are booked up and there are none free for myself. Then I say to myself, make an appointment for yourself, which I promptly do only to give the slot away the very next time someone requests an appointment. If I have a cancellation, then I do some office work or simply forget to connect myself to the BICOM® device. And then there’s the time factor. Can I really afford 20 – 30 minutes or more sitting still on a chair and placing my hands on the hand plates?

The solution I found for myself was really quite simple. A form of treatment in which I treat myself and at the same time am able to carry on with my work. You can see a photo here showing how nowadays I am able to do my office work. Or how I utilise my free time in my practice.

I use the small modulation mat for treating myself because I can strap this on to myself. Of course you can also seat yourself on the large modulation mat for treatment if you have another chair. This is a little more comfortable. You will also notice that

I haven’t strapped my hands to the hand plates nor any flexible applicators either. I either use the adhesive applicators, as in this case, or I put a drop of blood into the input cup. I recommend you use the blood alone and not just the saliva because in this way the BICOM® gets all your information.

I am very happy to demonstrate the simplicity of this self-treatment. You take a drop of blood, put it in the input cup and set the program you want. Today I am going to use program no. 3084 “Stress reduction somatogenic”.

Normally now I would sit at the desk with the treatment mat on my back or in my treatment chair on the treatment mat

Normally now I would sit at the desk with the treatment mat on my back or in my treatment chair on the treatment mat, as you can see in the photo. If you are unable to wear a modulation mat, as I am unable to here, put minerals in to the output cup or you can also place a glass of water on the modulation mat.

You must take care if you use a hand plate because the BICOM BICOM optima® channel 2 only runs with the modulation mat and not the red cables. If you want to use the stored substance complexes, you will also need to have the modulation mat on your body or place the water and minerals on the modulation mat.

This type of treatment gives you a huge advantage: You don‘t have to sit at the BICOM® and once the entered programs have run you can ingest the minerals or water. You can of course also place a chip in the chip storage device and then wear this.

So you can carry out treatment on yo input nor having to sit at the output. Isn’t that easy? Only you mustn’t forget, as I did, to ingest the minerals. Otherwise it has no effect. But I would like to point out that the therapy has a more intense effect if you carry out self-treatment directly on the modulation mat. And there is nothing wrong at all in giving yourself half an hour’s peace.

Albert Einstein together with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen had the following thoughts in 1935 about quantum mechanics. Put simply they thought that if you separate two particles which are entangled with each other and then transport them to different places, then according to quantum mechanics they must remain entangled with each other. Changes to one particle can also be measured in the separated particle. Alain Aspect was able to prove this Einstein- Podolsky-Rosen effect experimentally in 1982. Admittedly the professional world treats this experiment with a certain reservation, but it would mean that the drop of blood I take from me remains connected to me and any changes in me would be reflected in the drop of blood.

What I am getting at is this: You all know that you can carry out tests and examinations not only on the patient but also on a drop of the patient’s blood. So you can also reuse this drop of blood for your treatment. I have a small glass tube in which I keep a swab with a drop of blood. This saves me frequently taking blood. This drop of blood is put into the input cup, with

you or me, as described, at the output. Every 4 – 6 weeks I renew this drop of blood.

At home the treatment is different. I work, as you have seen, with a BICOM BICOM optima® in my practice. When the mobile version appeared it was immediately obvious to me that I would like to use this device for myself too at home. But since I treat many families and couples in my practice, the BICOM BICOM optima® mobile was in operation more in my practice than at home. When my family started to make appointments in the practice, I decided last year to acquire a BICOM 2000 for my family. And where better place for treatment than your own bed.

And so I decided today to buy a BICOM BICOM optima® for at home too

And so I decided today to buy a BICOM BICOM optima® for at home too. Because once you have become acquainted with the low deep frequency programs, you are always likely to want to use them in one or other treatment.

How can I reliably test myself?

How can I test myself and which programs can I use for my treatment? This question was more difficult to answer. In particular because colleagues also came to my practice and asked for a test procedure.

There are several options available to you.

1. You have the option of testing yourselves using individual test techniques (tensor, EAV or kinesiology).
2. You approach a colleague and ask them to give you a thorough check-up. The colleague hands over the test results and you can then draw up a treatment plan for yourself.
3. You use the questionnaire in the BICOM® Test software and treat yourself using the software’s recommendations.
4. Or, and this is my favourite variant, you put your trust in over 30 years’ research and development by the Regumed Institute.
5. You can rely on the programs you find in the BICOM 2000 and the BICOM BICOM optima® to do what they say they do.

If I have symptoms, I simply look up the corresponding program in the Program Handbook and use this to treat myself. Another wonderful addition in the BICOM BICOM optima® is the stored program series. This is where you have 180 permanently stored program combinations and all you have to do is enter a 5-digit number. These offer ideal BICOM® program combinations for a whole range of clinical pictures.

First of all I look for a program series and I usually find it too. Everything is available from losing weight and strengthening your immune system to toothache and cysts. Just place your trust in the experience of many thousands of colleagues.

For my patients too I like to refer to the Program Handbook because this is where we find the individual programs listed within the series and you can also pick up good tips in this way too.

Programs for self-treatment I would now like to introduce you to a list of my preferred programs for self-treatment.

Single programs

127 Compensate excess therapy and harmonise
580 Lack of energy
900 Activate vitality
710 Cramp-like pains
911 Nerve pains
970 Toxin elimination

Program series
125, 432, 911 Depressive mood
10062 Cervical spine syndrome
10096 Lumbar spine syndrome (915, 581, 970, 560, 911)
10045 Lack of energy
10059 Influenza

Substance complexes (BICOM BICOM optima® K2)
– Energetic energiser
– Energetic energiser for nerves
– Fortifying programs for older patients
– Viral immunodeficiency
– Nerve pains
– Stress

All programs are of course available to you.

Schumann-waves, low deep frequencies

Following the introduction of the BICOM BICOM optima® three years ago and the low deep frequencies it offers, I now pursue another treatment option which I would like to present to you today.

Perhaps you have already heard of Schumann frequencies or Schumann resonance.

Schumann resonance (according to Winfried Otto Schumann) describes the natural resonance of the earth-ionosphere cavity resonator, which forms standing electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency.

The ionosphere is that part of the atmosphere of a heavenly body which contains large quantities of ions and free electrons. With the planets of our solar system the ionosphere forms in each case the major part of the upper atmosphere. The ionisation of gas molecules occurs by means of the energy-rich component of solar radiation.

The earth’s ionosphere gains its significance in practical terms as the worldwide radio communications system because it reflects short waves and so allows worldwide connections. It starts above the mesosphere at a height of approximately 80 km, reaches its greatest density of electrons at 300 km and finally crosses into interplanetary space.

Winfried Otto Schumann calculated that low-frequency waves propagate mainly in the less conductive atmosphere between the highly conductive earth’s surface and the highly conductive ionosphere. Waves which are again in the same phase after orbiting the earth are amplified, while others cancel each other out. This results in a resonance frequency of on average of 7.8 Hz, which for instance varies slightly because of the seasons and other factors.

He based his calculations on the following formula:


There is an electromagnetic wave which goes around the earth at a frequency of 7.8 Hz. I have often heard that the earth oscillates at a frequency of 7.8 Hz.

I would like to show you in an experiment how this fixed oscillation affects us.

I have three metronomes here and I will let each metronome run with its own oscillation. You can see clearly that each has its own beat (frequency). If I now start oscillating the board on which the metronomes are standing, i.e. put it into its own frequency, then you can see how all the metronomes adjust to this new frequency.

The metronomes start resonating

Let’s assume that the oscillation of the wooden board is the frequency of the earth i.e. 7.8 Hz. We are the metronomes. We therefore oscillate at exactly the same frequency of 7.8 Hz.

Each day we are exposed to factors which cause us to lose rhythm.



factors which cause us to lose rhythm

You are familiar with this image from our bioresonance therapy brochure. It shows the different factors that can cause the barrel to overflow. In other words, factors which make us miss a beat. I can demonstrate these stresses to you. It is as if I were to constantly tap on a metronome and through a disturbance in oscillation cause it to lose timing.

It takes a while before resonance is restored and everything oscillates in time again. We can shorten this time with the BICOM BICOM optima®. I have programmed in a program with the following parameters and stored it under the name “Schumann”.

Therapy type: H
Frequency: 7.8 Hz
Wobble: No
Amplification: Constant 1.00
Therapy time: Must be tested out, usually around 5 minutes
Operation: Continuous mode

I test this program time and again on my patients to see if it is effective. In my experience it is particularly effective in the first three treatments. But in following treatments too, I like to use it to stabilise the patient, particularly if he/she is extremely out of kilter.

To begin with I just told my patients that I was testing a new program and to let me know in the following treatment if they had noticed anything. They were all patients who were already familiar with bioresonance therapy.

The findings ranged from greater inner peace and serenity to statements such as “I feel fitter”. In the case of one patient I had to discontinue the program because she was unable to sleep at night. Although she felt good the next day, she said she would prefer nonetheless to have a good night’s sleep. And one patient used the words: “I felt grounded”.

This program is my favourite program for self-treatment and I can highly recommend that you try it out in your own practice.

I hope that I have succeeded in inspiring you to carry out treatment on yourself. I would like to say goodbye now with some food for thought:

Health is a state of a complete physical, mental and social well-being – and not merely the absence of disease.

Many thanks!

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