The status of BRT in holistic medicine

Erika Hey, non-medical practitioner, Schneverdingen


Task: Connect the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting your pen.


Many years of BIcom therapy in my non-medical (naturopathic) practice and in my husband’s dental practice have shown us that the numerous methods resulting from holistic diagnosis and treatment can no longer be ignored.

Bioresonance oscillates the organism into regulatory balance with the correct information. It builds a bridge between the different levels on which illnesses are possible and therefore connects the body energy mental levels.

Many doctors look for solutions under pressure from the recent health reforms. Unfortunately „solution” sometimes means „trick”. This means that the same knowledge and thinking is used in conjunction with a new instrument. How can we expect different results when we do not change our thinking?

The status of BicOm therapy does not only result from sensational treatment successes, but also from the fact that a therapist who is eager to learn can recognise from his results whether his treatment was correct. If we assume that everything is energy and that shape is dependent on oscillation, we have a powerful method of supplying and influencing oscillations to intervene at a crucial point in the organism, to model and to guide it into the direction of „health”.

The idea that miracles can be achieved with a „trick” (e. g. programme XY) does not take practical realities into account. This makes a basic education not exclusively centred on operating an instrument, but rather on opening up the possibility for therapists to question their own patterns of thought and belief, even more important.

The principle of BICOM® therapy always works! Sometimes one does not find the cause, the cybernetic bottleneck — or one does not allow one’s intuition a voice — because it is „not realistic”.

While the therapist is programmed to think of „tricks” — „let us try programme XY” — his successes will be modest.


We should think outside the limits set by the nine dots. Not only as regards the instrument or the treatment, but also regarding our being. Then we will be able to:

  1. recognise that we are not victims, but that we can shape our world proactively.
  2. recognise acquired patterns of thought
  3. decide to:
    live in the vale of tears of our complaints
    or to change something
  4. change our beliefs
  5. think unusually
    • leave the comfort zone
    • permission to think new things
  6. goal
    • where do I want to be
    • how do I want to live
  7. plan
  8. implementation (do — action)
  9. owning / being thankful

When BICOM® therapy is used in the right way it enables one to treat patients successfully, to cure illnesses and increase well being. Learning BICOM® therapy opens up new viewpoints for greater quality of life.

What value does this have for you?

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