The unrivalled accuracy of bodily secretions and excretions in bioresonance therapy

Karin Heine, Naturopath, Munich


Bodily secretions and excretions are our own intelligent medicine cabinets containing all, yes all, information.

Why is it can we talk in terms of unrivalled accuracy when we use the body’s own substances for the purposes of therapy? Just imagine if instead of using bodily fluids we needed to come up with a mixture of foreign substances which represented exactly the individual constituents making up pus for example? How many substances would we have to test, and not just the type of substance but also the individual quantity of each component? How much time would we need to test that accurately? It very quickly becomes obvious that that is not realistic. Yet here we are able to draw on a remarkable function which significantly increases the scope of our therapy.

Mr. Mersmann has just described how the H+D separator works. With regard to therapy based on bodily secretions and excretions, the separator is particularly important. Let’s stay with pus for the moment. It does not just contain harmful substances such as bacteria and the decomposition toxins of bacteria, etc. Pus also contains important information on our immune system: lymph, white blood corpuscles (e. g. neutrophil granulocytes), etc. The fact that we can in one procedure use H to amplify the action of those substances needed for healing and at the same time use Di to reduce the pathological element gives us a unique form of therapy. And, what is more, it is a procedure which takes up very little time.

By using bodily secretions and excretions we obtain highly individualised and extremely update information for bioresonance therapy, and with the H+Di setting we know we have a highlyreliable tool. If we take urine therapy as an example this becomes particularly clear. Quite recently urine therapy became very widely known after articles appeared in a number of publications. We were given details of how people suffering from asthma and neurodermatitis were cured. But we also read about cases where urine therapy had made no difference whatsoever. And we were told of other cases where patients felt much worse after being treated with their own urine. Why? It depends on the composition of the urine. If the urine that is re-administered contains a great many harmful substances, this can in heavily stressed patients even deteriorate their state of health. When using urine therapy via the BICOM® and the H+Di function we are able avoid such negative effects.


We automatically think of the classic examples used in orthodox medicine:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Stools
  • Sputum

However, there are many other possibilities which I will explain later in more detail.

Even if we only work with these four classic examples we already have a large number of possible therapy options. If you use these on a regular basis in your practice you will soon see the progress your patients are making. After Mrs. Otten, Mrs. Karz was a particular forerunner for using the body’s own materials, and she gave us plenty of ideas, a great many of which can be found in the computer manual.

We will now take a look at other bodily fluids and basic substances:

  • Sweat
  • Lymph
  • Tear fluid
  • Nasal secretions
  • Vaginal fluids
  • Sperm
  • Mother’s milk
  • Wound secretions/pus
  • Extracted teeth
  • Nerves from root treatments
  • Cysts
  • Fluid from e. g. herpes blisters
  • Earwax
  • Flaky skin from eczema
  • Hair: from the head, pubic hair, facial hair, underarm hair
  • Nails: Finger nails and toe nails
  • Any other material from operations.

I would like to remind you again in particular of some of the tips given by Mrs. Karz. She takes drops of blood where possible from the area between the base of the neck and the shoulder blade. Useful lymph information can also be obtained from this area.

Saliva taken before cleaning your teeth in the morning is especially effective for detoxification therapy.

cleaning program

For illnesses in the nasal and throat region, also a microscope slide or a tissue which the patient has coughed into are excellent for carrying the information for the input cup.


Now, I would like to explain more about some of the bodily substances.

Blood: We have information on overall blood composition incl. any viral, bacterial or parasitical stresses present. Also information on environmental toxins, metabolic poisons, …

Urine: All elimination substances and, depending on the disease, bacteria, viruses and their decay toxins, plus protein, blood, glucose, urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketones, hormones, cells from urinary system mucosa,

Saliva: Body’s own enzymes such as Ptyalin, dental material noxae (e. g. amalgam and palladium), pathogens such as bacteria, moulds etc.

Stools: Bile, enzymes, epithelial cells from digestive tract mucosa, depending on disease: decaying and fermenting substances (e. g. alcohol), bacteria, parasites, moulds, metabolic poisons, blood, toxins, …

Wound secretions: Information on the body’s own defences through lymph, pathogens, decay products of pathogens, …

Tear fluid: As well as possible infection triggering bacteria and viruses, there are possibly also stress hormones.

Sweat: Detoxification information such as salts, toxins and possibly also stress information.

These are, of course, only observations and should be used as a starting point for further research.


I mentioned the therapy type H+Di at the beginning of my talk. I would like to say a few words about other types of therapy which use bodily secretions and excretions:

With Ai information we are able, in acute cases for example, to ease patients’ symptoms very quickly. Our tried and tested program 999 with 8-times amplification developed by Dr. Morell is normally very appropriate.

Alternating between A and Al is an excellent stimulating therapy. Test it out carefully! Our homeopathy program for analogue potentizing should also be mentioned here — it produces fantastic results! We can test out the exact potency the patient needs at a given time.

Various programs, for example, for detoxification using mucous membrane, particles of skin, nasal secretions, earwax, tear fluid are described in the BICOM® manual.


To finish with I would like to urge you to continue working with bodily substances. Trust your instincts and always remember that with BICOM THERAPY we are working with the medicine of the future — information medicine.

Thank you for listening.