Therapy for headaches

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

Headaches are among the most commonly cited symptoms in general practice. They may be caused by relatively harmless stresses or equally by more acute disorders. Therefore it is necessary to complete a thorough internal neurological assessment before every treatment. Where headaches are a symptom of a serious disorder such as tumours, metastases, cerebral haemorrhaging, meningitis or a consequence of cardiovascular or metabolic disorders, conventional treatment must be used. BRT can provide support for the basic organic disorder or be used to help ease symptoms as part of a holistic pain management. Increasingly often we are seeing patients with functional headaches such as migraines, tension headaches and neuralgia. BRT can often uncover and in most cases treat the actual cause of the symptoms. 

1. Diagnosis

In the holistic treatment of headaches, it is essential to carry out an “energy diagnosis” (EAV, tensor, kinesiology) as well as obtaining a full case history.

Table 1  summarises the most important causes of chronic
headaches in order of their frequency in our practice. Often you will test several stress factors which have combined in a synergistic relationship.

2. Therapy

When treating chronic headaches (treatment at intervals) we use criteria which are applicable to all chronic disorders.

The aim of treatment is on the one hand to remove blockages and chronic stress factors and on the other hand to stabilise and regenerate disturbed organ functions and to activate blocked energy channels (meridians).

Following basic therapy, the main blockages (geopathy/e-smog, scar interference fields) are eliminated. An “energetic stabilisation“ is achieved by treating the (elimination) organs and the meridians. In addition to testing, experiences gained from TCM (TraditionalChinese Medicine) can be used by therapists with the appropriate skills.

Causes of headches

The following “meridian relationships“ are often established:

meridian relationships

Organ therapy:

Input: flexible applicator – organ
Output: modulation mat on back Indication-related organ programs

Meridian therapy:

Input: button applicator on starting points of the meridian on both sides, then on end points (every 2 mins) Meridian programs (acute/inflammation or chronic degeneration)

The case history and the stresses found during testing, possibly after priority testing, will determine the further course of action.

  • Cervical and mandibular jointblockages are, among other things, treated using programs 530, 570, 915, 581,911, 531-533, 330, 331. Osteopathic manipulations may also prove helpful.
  • Food allergies (often cow’s milk, wheat, additives) are treated by abstinence according to BRT allergy therapy criteria.
  • Also where there is a histamine intolerance (red wine, chocolate) the tolerance threshold may be raised using the BRT allergy programs.
  • Inhaled allergens (fragrances, moulds) may also trigger headaches and can be treated.
  • Often year-round exposure to environmental toxins in the home or workplace is one of the main causes of headaches. They can be absorbed orally (heavy metals such as mercury, lead etc.) or inhaled (wood preservatives, formaldehyde, mycotoxins) and are carefully eliminated after appropriate preparation.
  • Dental foci must primarily be treated by a dentist but pre- and post-BRT
    treatment is helpful.
  • Other interference fields (paranasal sinuses, tonsils, abdominal organs) are often “eliminated” through individually tested organ-related programs in cases where an operational clean-up is not necessary or possible.
  • Scar interference fields are a domain of BRT.
  • Chronic viral stresses (Herpes, Epstein-Barr) and inoculation stresses are eliminated using the corresponding nosodes and ampoules.
  • Some allopathic medications list “headaches” as a side effect.
  • Electromagnetic stresses (geopathy, e-smog) may be the direct cause of headaches or may act as a “therapy block”.

In most cases there is an interaction between several stress factors roducing a synergy effect as is proven in some patient case studies.

In the case of extremely acute headaches treatment is based on “pain  anagement” criteria, ideally after individualised testing of applicator positioning and programs (Table 2).

Treatment of acute headaches

With careful research into the causes, testing and consistent energetic  reatment, the prospects for successfully treating headaches are very good.

And the reward is seeing patients who are grateful for years to come …


Case 1: Hubertine H., 56 y.

Migraines since the age of 14 (more acute since the age of 33), temporal  lobe, one side only, feelings of nausea, 1x month – chronic sinusitis, 1997: carditis following mononucleosis.

Test on 6.10.2005:

  • Geopathy!
  • Scars: upper jaw, coccyx
  • Allergy: wheat, nuts, cocoa, house dust,mould II
  • Toxic stress: formaldehyde, Xyladecor
  • Epstein-Barr virus

Treatments from 16.10. to 14.12.2005:

Sanitisation of sleeping area, 2x program 700, 4x scars, 2x Xyladecor, 3x wheat, 1x formaldehyde, 1x Epstein-Barr.

Migraines much better. No symptoms for 3 months!

Case 2: Jeffrey V., 12 y.

Migraine-type headaches since the age of 3 (temples, right > left) with vomiting.

Test on 17.8.2005:

  • Scars: upper right jaw, right ear
  •  Allergy: cow’s milk, hazelnut
  • Toxic stress: formaldehyde
  • Inoculation stress: tetanus and diphtheria

8 Treatments from 2.9.-21.10.2005:

3x scars, 3x cow’s milk, 1x Td vaccine, 2x formaldehyde, 2x hazelnut, 4x toxin elimination.

Headaches much better. No recurrence in 4 weeks!

Case 3: Johannes B., 60 y.

Migraines since the age of 3, temporal lobe, alternating every 2 weeks.

Test on 7.6.2005:

  • Scars: both sides of the head, both tonsils, stomach
  • Cow’s milk allergy,
  • Toxic stress from Xyladecor (woodpreservative)
  • Left mandibular joint, Gb meridian 8

Treatments from 15.6. to 24.8.2005:

4x scars, 4x toxin elimination, 3x milk allergy, 2x mandibular joint.

Migraines much better. No medicationrequired.

Case 4: Julia J., 14 y.

Migraines for two years, left hand side, with feelings of nausea and dizziness, weekly.

Test on 8.9.1995:

  • Geopathy
  • Polio/tetanus inoculation stress
  • Left mandibular joint, “bladder


15.6.1995: Basic therapy, geopathy, bladder, lymphs (amp.)

19.9.: Mandibular joint 530/570

26.9.: Focal therapy. Input: bladder Output: left ear, Progr. 590

2.10.: 530 metabolism, 428 thymus. Elimination: polio, tetanus

31.10.: No more headaches!

Basic therapy, bladder meridian.
Elimination: tetanus/polio

No migraines for 11 years!

Since April 2006 weekly headaches again,
radiating from upper jaw into eye.

Test on 1.8.2006:

  • Geopathy
  • Scars (forearm, right knee, left foot,left breast)
  • Mandibular joint
  • Cervical spine and ISJ block
  • Dental foci 13
  • Elimination: kidneys, sugar intolerance


1.8.2006: Basic therapy 270 (triple warmer), 700, 910

9.8.: Basic therapy, 700, 910, right mandibular joint 530/570

15.8.: 700, both mandibular joints 530/570, kidney 482

22.8.: Headaches better! 700, tooth 13 (211), adhesive tape from home

5.9.: 700, tooth 13 (211), Allergy therapy – sugar

12.9.: No more headaches!

Basic therapy, 570, 581 (sacrum), own blood D200

Case 5:Sabine Z., 34 y.

Migraines since the age of 5, alternating from side to side or both sides, with nausea, several times each month, over several days. Frequent stomach pain, chronic sinusitis, highly nervous state.

Test on 8.12.2005:

  • Intestinal mycosis
  • Allergy: wheat, Aspergillus, house dust
  • Hormonal imbalance

8 Therapy sessions from 2.1. to 21.2.2006:

2x Candida, 3x wheat, 2x Aspergillus,
2x house dust, 4x “hormonal control”,
4x toxin elimination.

Feels much better. Only 1x migraine experienced since. No more stomach pains.Nervousness improved.

Case 6: Sandra K., 34 y.

Migraines for ten years, chronic sinusitis, recurring diarrhoea, food allergies.

Test on 21.9.2004:

  • Scar right ear
  • Allergy: cow’s milk, glutamate and other additives, salicylic acid
  • Toxic stress: formaldehyde

7 Treatments from 18.10. to 29.11.2004:

Scars, toxin elimination, formaldehyde, allergies each treated twice.

Migraines much better, no stomach complaints, no diarrhoea or eczema on eyelids since 3rd treatment.

Test and therapy on 14.12.2005:

  • Allergy: wheat!

2x allergy treatment
Since then no more eczema or migraines!

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