Treating AD(H)S with the BICOM®

Hyperactivity: Fidgets and dreamers

In her naturopathic practice Jessica Rüther works primarily with children with behavioural difficulties. The main focus is children suffering from AD(H)D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I gave a presentation on my experiences of this at the 2007 International BICOM® Congress in Fulda. Here is a short recap.

Thousands of parents of nervous, unfocused and fidgety children are asking these very questions: disturbed or normal? Ill or just spirited? In need of therapy or just going through a difficult phase?

In treating children suffering from AD(H)S, Ritalin is always the drug of choice. Methylphenidate, the reactive agent in Ritalin, was originally used as an appetite suppressant and antidepressant which actually made young patients quieter and better able to concentrate. The effect it has on the brain is similar to the reaction experienced with a number of illegal amphetamines.

Unfortunately, no long-term studies have as yet been carried out to investigate the possibility of damage later in life or of any side effects. Many parents don’t feel comfortable with giving their children medication of this kind and look for alternatives.

But there is much speculation about the cause of AD(H)D.

Frau Rüther stressed in her presentation that this disorder was a metabolic disorder.

She explained that during haemoglobin metabolism pyrroles arise as a result of physiological stress. They are catabolic products which are excreted via/with bile acid. The pyrroles and bile acid are stored together and detoxify each other.

Where there is a metabolic disorder present the pyrrole combines with vitamin B6 instead of the bile acid. This forms a Schiff’s base which in turn binds with zinc acting as a carrier. The end product is kryptopyrroles. These children are therefore experiencing both an acute vitamin B6 and also a zinc deficiency. The kryptopyrrole stresses the liver in particular.

It is therefore particularly important to detoxify the liver. This is carried out using the ‘liver detoxification’ program stored in the BICOM®. Her success with treatment proves that this metabolic disorder can be effectively treated with BICOM®.

The following stresses have often been revealed by testing with the BICOM® and are based on a metabolic disorder: heavy metals, antibiotics, food intolerances, oxytocic drugs and explicitly post-vaccinal stresses.

Post-vaccinal stresses appear in the form of blockages that have such a strong effect on the entire metabolism of these children that symptoms such as speech disorders, restlessness, lethargy, problems with concentration etc. occur.

The logical consequences of these symptoms are “changes in behaviour” in children. Testing confirms that most children have an insufficient detoxication function of the liver, kidney, lymphs and intestine. The corresponding BICOM® programs are used in treatment, in order to stabilise the detoxication organs and to stimulate detoxication.

By employing the bioresonance method in conjunction with the ‘vaccinations and heavy metal stresses’ test set, the post-vaccinal blockages can be removed accordingly.

Food intolerances are the most common stress alongside post-vaccinal blockages.

The allergy programs stored in the BICOM® are used to treat this.

In 70% of children a medication stress is also tested, caused by oxytocic drugs or painkillers. Heavy metals are also important. Medication and heavy metals are eliminated during treatment. Ms. Rüther treats children once a week. She reported that the overwhelming majority of children are much better after 3 – 4 treatments.

Children are quieter and more motivated and their levels of concentration have improved significantly. Ms. Rüther has treated around 30 AD(H)D cases, with a success rate of around 85%.

The length of treatment takes an average of 2 – 3 months depending on the number of stresses, which are treated once a week. Among the 30 children who have been treated there were also 10 who had been prescribed Ritalin. Ms. Rüther points out that naturopaths are not permitted to withdraw use of Ritalin, but that the mothers can. Even if Ritalin is no longer being taken, this information is stored in the body for a number of years. It is therefore important to eliminate the Ritalin.

Jessica-closes-congressJessica Rüther closes her presentation to the Congress with the words: “I would like to encourage all therapists to make use of the fantastic possibilities offered by BICOM® therapy for the benefit of their patients, both young and old.”