Treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis with Bicom bioresonance

Liliane Asbach-Gawenda, Naturopath, Köln

Dear colleagues,

This year I can look back on 25 years’ professional experience in my own practice, the last 20 concentrating on bioresonance therapy, both for diagnosis and therapy.

When I began working I was young and most patients who came to my practice were old. Now it is exactly the opposite. I have grown older and my patients are getting younger and younger. Around 50% are less than 40 and many are children, especially babies.

I attribute this to an increase in environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, endogenous and exogenic intoxication, and also to the approach of so-called “orthodox medicine”: treating (suppressing) symptoms, disregarding causes, sometimes even smiling tolerantly or dismissing them as unscientific.


It is not only the number of patients with allergies which has increased dramatically. There has been a marked increase in intestinal diseases and they have also become more resistant to therapy. I am going to present three such patients with whom the clinical options “had been exhausted” and who are now able to enjoy a totally different quality of life thanks to bioresonance testing and therapy.

Intestinal diseases, especially those involving diarrhoea, were, and still are, often a taboo subject, especially when they affect young people. These three patients all had many years of treatment with antibiotics and cortisone behind them; one of them had undergone surgery several times to shorten the intestine. All three had now been pronounced unfit to work with the prognosis “incurable”; two reported that they could not mixsocially or go to the theatre, cinema or concerts due to the unpredictability of their bowel movements which were unacceptable, even with incontinence pants, due to the smell.

All three complained of weight loss, as a result of inability to reabsorb nutrients and insufficient food intake due to intolerance. All three complained of frequent convulsive pains and, from time to time, also of raised temperature measured rectally.

I have summarised the symptoms affecting all three patients; I will now discuss the diagnosis and individual therapeutic procedures. Only I will not generally go into the “testing and treatment of parasites” as my colleague Herr Baklayan has dealt with this topic very competently both in lectures and in his parasite book. The parasite seminars he runs cover this topic in considerable detail. With all intestinal diseases it is unthinkable not to take this factor very seriously!

With all patients, and naturally also with these three affected by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the 5 element ampoules should be tested (with the biotensor and also kinesiology) immediately after the case history has been taken. This test kit is part of the basic examination in my practice. When investigating (finding) the cause, I want not only to name the organ concerned, but also to find out what is responsible and jointly responsible in other organ systems.

I achieve this by discovering the mother-child and also child-mother relationship. Wood = mother of fire, fire = mother of earth, earth = mother of metal, metal = mother of water, this is the healthy relationship (the small intestine belongs to the fire element, the large intestine to metal). In contrast, in the inverse order, child-mother relationship, a pathological state arises. Earth to fire, fire to wood, wood to water, water to metal, metal to earth.

The third control circuit is the so-called “grandmother relationship”: fire to metal, water to fire, wood to earth, earth to water.

In a “Ko” relationship (controlling), the energy is distributed physiologically, in a “Wei” relationship (disregarding), a pathological state prevails, e. g. water cannot put out fire if it is too strong, metal cannot fell wood if it is too overpowering, etc.

The twelve organs which are subordinated to the five elements affect one another according to this rule.

I should now like to return to the topic of intestinal disease. Please forgive the slight digression I have made because diagnosis and therapy is quite different. (Many of you will already have known about these connections. However, I should like to address my less experienced colleagues!)

If the small and large intestine have tested positively, please also bear in mind the controlling organs and the organs which have a strengthening effect. Following this principle, we can then also test appropriate therapeutic procedures from the BICOM® indications list as therapy programs.

The second step with these, and also with other, indications is the food tolerance and allergy test. Genuine food allergy does exist and should not be overlooked. However, what interests me in these intestinal diseases is intolerance.

No matter how healthy a normal diet is, a chronically inflamed weak intestine cannot tolerate it, even if a normal diet rich in fibre should be recommended later.

I tested the medicinal plant Myrrh with its antispasmodic effect on all three patients with good results and prescribed 4 Myrrhinil-Intest tablets 3 times daily as long-term therapy. 2-3 tablets were prescribed , 3 times a day, as further medication after less pathological bowel movements.

I also tested Symbioflor, Omniflor, BiocultSyxyl and Rephalysin C due to intestinal dysbacteria and prescribed these as required.

Patients initially came to the practice twice weekly, then once a week. Each time we tested out and carried out BICOM® bioresonance therapy. I will now present an additional stage of therapy which has been tried and tested in my practice. As the ideas and remarks previously mentioned apply to all three patients, I will now only mention the aspects which are different.

Patient 1

40 years old when treatment began. Had taken early retirement 8 years previously. Weighed only 46 kg.


Food allergy: cows’ milk, egg yolk, rye, maize, honey, peaches, veal, spelt, nectarines, white cabbage.

Did not tolerate: wholemeal products, fresh fruit, salads, raw vegetables, juices.

Therapy programs

Basic therapy according to conductivity.

Follow-up programs:

560, 561 Intestinal treatment with stool and sputum in input cup

580                          Lack of energy
999                         Detoxification of mucous membranes
922                         Tissue processes, acute
290 / 291                Meridian programs
small intestine acute / chronic
220 / 221                   Large intestine acute / chronic
999, 998                Allergy program
960                         Vegetative dysregulation
580                         Lack of energy
447                         Resorption in small intestine.
The metal and wood elements were disturbed.

For the wood element the gall bladder was tested and programs 371 and 530 (metabolism) were administered.

Obviously not all this on one day but just 3-4 tested programs in each case.

Each time I also treated the ear acupuncture points for the large and small intestine and gall bladder as well. This can be done either with needles or, even better, with monochromatic light. You can also use the point applicator of the BiCom device for this on program setting 135.

With programs 560 and 561 I applied the flexible applicator alternately in the intestine area or inside the calves, according to Rudolf Siener’s topography! These distant points proved very effective! (See appendix.)

Distinct improvement after about 2 months.

Additional medication from Soluna: Azinat, Mattrigen II and Styptik as well as Infifer drops to improve the blood count.

For the time being, stewed fruit and steamed vegetables, boiled or steamed chicken or turkey, fish, toasted light-coloured bread instead of wholemeal bread.
Further improvement, patient moved house so no longer in my care.

Vitamin, mineral and trace element replacement should now be undertaken as the patient was able to make use of these.

Patient 2

Her case was rather more complicated. A doctor had already tested her for food allergy and desen-sitisation had been carried out with moderate success. She had previously had whole body acupuncture and been treated with classic homeopathy, according to her with several high potencies at once. Several operations led to a 60% shortening of the intestine, but the diarrhoea continued. She had had to give up her studies and a long-term relationship with her partner broke up.

Here too I tested the 5 element test kit and the parasite test kit and the kit for intestinal decompo-sition and fermentation thoroughly, yet without finding anything particular. In addition I also tested all the organ points in the ear (see appendix) and immediately treated all the points which reacted painfully or with increased irritation (laser or monochromatic light, needles also possible). This was the “therapy before the therapy”:

Only then, on the same day, did I apply the particular BICOM® program which had been tested with kinesiology and prepare a chip for “home therapy”. We also test this chip to find out the place where it works best and if it should be stuck on immediately or the next day and for how long.
We treated the patient once or twice a week for three months then, after a month’s break, treated her once a week for a further 3 months, this time without treating the ear.
She is currently taking a break from treatment. Bowel movements have reduced to once or twice a day, however she is continuing with the tested medication.

Patient 3: ulcerative colitis

26 years old, complained of diarrhoea containing blood and mucous, pain, often nausea as well. She was clearly underweight, certified unfit for work.
In iridology a bright intestinal ruff was visible marked with inflammatory symptoms. Ulceration was also marked by defect signs. She was living according to a strict diet sheet with varying suc-cess. She could not tolerate the slightest stress in her daily life, was depressive and anxious, had strong feelings of inferiority, was afraid of bowel cancer for which there was a family history.

Here too, as with the previous patients, tests were carried out on the 5 elements, parasites, food, etc. A milk allergy was detected, otherwise “only” intolerances. Conductivity value 20-35 from case to case. Piercings in the belly button and in both ears! I immediately asked her to remove these; we also began elimination of scar interference straight away. (She was very hard to convince).

BICOM® programs tested were:
135 Exhausted patients
535 Depression
580 Lack of energy
900 Activating vitality
561, 562 Intestinal programs
999 Detoxification of mucous mem-branes
290 / 291 Meridian programs
small intestine acute / chronic
220 / 221 Large intestine acute / chronic
630 Injuries.

As an additional test and therapy, I treated the points you can see on the attached diagram ac-cording to the rules of Korean hand acupuncture. These are determined by tenderness on pressure. You can use the point applicator for this or a hand applicator specially developed for hand acupunc-ture. There are also special moxa sticks for hand acupuncture.

Needling was carried out with very short nee-dles manufactured for hand acupuncture, 1 mm deep. The patient came twice a week, once for BRT and once for hand acupuncture. I recommend Mucosa comp. ampoules manufactured by Heel. She was given Myrrhinil-Intest, Azinat and Styp-tik (Soluna) as oral medication.

We also tested and prescribed a blend of Bach’s flower remedies. Each time after using a 30 ml bottle (made up by a chemist according to our individual formula), we re-tested to see if the pa-tient’s emotional state had changed.
A new up-to-date formula was then made. Through this emotional support we were able to offer a holistic harmonising therapy touching the body, mind and soul.


I have reached the end of my lecture and would like to thank you for your attention. As you can see from my remarks, it is sometimes good, or even necessary, to consider several different diagnosis or treatment options in the case of patients who are resistant to therapy

Despite all this, Blcom bioresonance therapy is, and remains, the most important and almost the only possible way of helping in cases where it is not easy to achieve therapeutic success.

Blcom bioresonance therapyBlcom bioresonance therapyBlcom bioresonance therapyBlcom bioresonance therapy

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