Treatment of pathologies including cerebral foci with the BICOM 2000, including demonstration

Dr. med. René Peña Marvez, Venezuela


The information which I bring to this congress is the result of research; the evidence and verification are provided by the biological laws of nature. Through this research I have succeeded in designing and developing a new revolutionary healing skill in the wonderful world of bioresonance and electromagnetic fields.


I used as my basis Dr. Hamer’s theories (he himself calls them biological laws) with which he stipulates that the psyche (non-material element), the brain (portrayed by computed axial tomography [CAT] and embryology) and the organ (the place at which the disease actually manifests itself) are closely linked to one another.

In other words, a psyche brain organ triangle (Fig. 1), which is the connecting point between mind and body. Every emotional or physical event in each of its sides influences the whole triangle. An emotional conflict or organic damage affects the whole person.

Dr. Hamer’s theories are obviously much more comprehensive and more complex and it is believed they only cover the psychological element of the individual.

Although the psychological element is an important part of the theory, since it defines us as gregarious animals with traditions, relationships and interactions with our environment, this is not the focus of my work. It is rather the organic aspect, precisely because the psyche brain organ triangle enables us to “heal” in each of its sides. For that reason it is possible to heal a patient with surgery, i. e. heal via an organ, another can do it by using magnets in the brain and another through meditation or positive thinking, in other words, in the psychological sense.

The conditions of my practice oblige me to work only with the physical aspects. Consequently the elements most available to me are the brain and the organ.

To explain the terminology which I will use during the presentation, I shall give a few definitions.

Cerebral relay: relates to all points in the brain which serve as “switching stations” or “control centres”. They relate to fixed areas and can be found in Hamer’s charts. Each relay controls an organ or organic function and these relays are found in the entoderm, mesoderm and entoderm of the cerebrum and cerebellum.

Focus = interference field: arises through an injury or excitation to a zone of the cerebrum, brain stem or cerebellum. If this interference field acts on a relay, this has an effect on the corresponding organ and manifests itself as disease.

Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS): is an experienced mental trauma which takes the individual by surprise and manifests itself as a focus in the cerebrum or cerebellum. Hamer calls it DHS. When the shock which causes the focus is over, it leaves behind traces in the corresponding area of the cerebrum or cerebellum.


In the light of this viewpoint provided by Dr. Hamer, I have created a plan which forms the basis of my treatment:

Let us say a signal flows from the cerebrum to the organ. If a cerebral focus (affected brain zone which can be seen in a CAT scan) is present, this signal impairs the functioning of the organ. Just as if there were electrical leads between the brain and the body’s organs and a signal flowed between the brain and organs. A signal which is not clear, not correct; a distorted signal. Contemplating this assumption gave rise to the brain organ BICOM circuit.

To reinforce this signal from the brain to the organ, we try to improve or invert the signal using the BICOM.

Using this system of leads by which I intervene in cerebral foci, I have obtained surprising and extraordinary results which fill me with great optimism from a professional, scientific and humanitarian perspective. It means a significant increase in the number of diseases cured or eased, which previously were difficult or impossible for me to treat, for example:

  • tumours
  • leukaemia
  • lupus
  • diabetes
  • renal disorders
  • liver diseases
  • nerve disorders
  • illnesses caused by suppression of the immune system
  • allergies, acute and chronic
  • and many more

I have seen and learnt to understand the tremendous therapeutic potential of bioresonance and electromagnetic fields through applying this treatment approach.

Man’s harmony, and that of other living beings, is dependent on many factors, such as the stable electromagnetic field in which it develops and which enables the organism to maintain its functions in equilibrium. It is, as Dr. Hamer describes, a triad in which the relationship between psychebrain organ is so perfect that, when this synchronisation breaks up, it causes disease to occur.

How can we determine whether a focus is present in the brain? There are two methods:

1. Computed tomography (CAT)

A CAT scan, without contrast, allows the experienced eye to locate the cerebral relays which have been damaged at some point in the individual’s life and which are active at that moment. For Dr. Hamer this is the most important scientific evidence which guarantees his theories. They are detectable as circular markings with a central point. These markings correspond to the fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields or the glia of the brain. Owing to the high costs and the time involved, this examination is not possible for Venezuelan patients as I live in a small town, 2 hours from Caracas.

2. Electroacupuncture with the Dermatron or enhanced EAP

Here a circuit is closed with the measurement point for the central nervous system and the disturbed relay. The disturbed organ connected to the relay is then identified from Hamer’s charts. Bioresonance treatment then takes place with the circuit: brain–organ–BICOM, as we will see in the practical demonstration.

I use the following programs to treat the organ and the cerebral focus.

General programs, three per session, according to the doctor’s or therapist’s criteria:

  • basic therapy
  • eliminating blocks
  • eliminating energetic blocks
  • vegetative regulatory disorders

Specific programs, three per session:

  • depending on the pathological change to be treated.

On the treatment day I use the three general programs and the three specific programs; with 5-7 days interval between the sessions; a total of 4 to 8 successive sessions until the patient develops satisfactorily. On average, success and improvement occur between the fourth and fifth session.

I use the magnetic depth probe* in the area of the cerebral relay and place the BICOM 2000’s modulation mat at the base of the skull to reach the relays in the brain and brain stem effectively. The salient surprising successes with this therapy after just a short period of treatment are significant.

For the past three years I have been engaged in developing and perfecting this therapy. I have been able to continue to improve the effect using the BICOM 2000 and the modulation mat. These very satisfying results encouraged me to continue my work and to share my achievements. I look forward with great optimism to the establishment of a study group for the benefit of mankind.


I should like to express my gratitude to all those medical experts who never tired of imparting holistic thinking through their knowledge and who have taught me not to be narrow minded in my thinking:

  • Dr. Uwe Harle
  • Dr. Gerhard Rummel
  • Dr. Arturo O’Byrne
  • Dr. Zodi Pallares
  • Dr. Fermín Moriano
  • Dr. Ignacio Moya Meneses
  • Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer

My special thanks go to Lic. Vinicio Revelant for his support in developing and passing on my experiences.

Remark by the editor

According to current experience, use of the magnetic depth probe together with the modulation map may lead to a reduction of the therapeutic effect

With the BICOM 2000, the long narrow flexible applicator around the forehead area instead of the magnetic depth probe should be used as input applicator and the modulation mat as output applicator, as depicted in Fig. 8

With BICOM devices of version 4.4 and below, the magnetic depth probe can be used as input applicator and as output a flexible applicator on the irritated organ area.

Triangle 2
Signals in a slice of the brain
Cerebral relay
Cerebral relay
Bioresonance therapy
Treatment of pathologies


We refer in this connection also to the research of A. E. Baklayan who reported already in RTI volume 24 on testing and therapy of Hamer’s foci in cancer patients.

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