Tumours and growths: ways of combining individual therapy modules

Erika Kalbfleisch, Veterinary Naturopath

The use of various BICOM hardware and software components enables me to do a test in a relatively short amount of time and allows me to draw on positively tested compo­nents and link these with one another during therapy.

The saved tests act as the basis for therapy plans and, in addition, are a big help when it comes to monitoring the therapy and its success.

Using examples, I will show you which of the possible combinations of modules I use, and how I successfully link them in order to treat tumour and neoplastic diseases.

The following devices and software modules are employed:

  • BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima
  • BICOM Multisoft Pilot
  • BICOM Multisoft Test
  • BICOM SD1 Digitiser
  • BICOM Body Check
  • and different test kits by other manufactur­ers

Description of the application possibilities of the individual modules:

BICOM Optima and mobile BICOM Optima

I generally link the devices to my and control them with the BICOM Pilot, both during testing and therapy.

The testing is not, or is only very rarely, carried out on the patient itself, but rather ex­clusively on substances which I can get from my patient: blood, faeces, urine, fur, sa­liva, and possibly other substances, such as tear fluid, nasal secretion, etc., depending on the disease and pathological substances, such as tumour or neoplasm dissections etc., which I prepare beforehand in vials (globule tubes).

BICOM Multisoft

BICOM Multisoft Software

Here, I test the overview tests for contamina­tion and organs (substances and substance complexes).

I delve more deeply into the resulting am­poules which tested positively, where required.

I mainly test:

  • Minerals and vitamin balance
  • Physical strain (ai) geopathy, electrosmog, radioactivity
  • Toxic contamination (ai) house/flat/furniture, industry,
  • metals environment, chem/trace elements and vaccination contamination.

In the case of tumour and neoplastic diseases, I add the following categories:

  • Malign diseases (ai), oncology (ai), cerebral foci (ai) and
  • Bacterial fungal frequencies, Rifle/Clark

For possible therapeutic approaches in the field of neoplastic diseases, I also test

  • homoeopathic remedies in accordance with symptoms and/or organs, and
  • all homoeopathic remedies by Heel and
  • a category, “cancer therapeutics A”, which I have created myself over time.


I test around 400-500 programmes us­ing the Pilot software, which I, myself compiled, as well as some substance complexes.

For me, these represent my test panel. That sounds like a lot at first, but only takes around 10-15 minutes with the software.

With this, I can attain a good overview of which programmes resonate and where I have a focus area to consider.

Extract test panel

Digital BICOM CTT-test trays

In terms of the digital test trays from CTT, I first use the 5 elements test kit depending on whether the patient is a dog, cat or person (whereby the test kit for humans is also suitable for dogs and cats). Then I test more test kits- depending on their indications – and save all positively tested ampoules in a list as this can subsequently be put to fantastic use during therapy.

The ampoules can be digitally tested and categorised and used either in the input cup or in the honeycomb/second channel. Thus, I can supply the physical honeycomb with more ampoules, where required.

Anything I test as a positive mix is then used, and that can be a relatively high number of ampoules. As long as the patient demonstrates resonance with the “mix”, it is okay for me.

In the case of existing tumour and neoplastic diseases, I mainly test the degenerated cells test kit – whereby, here, before the testing,  I let the ampoule “exposing” run for approx. 4-5 minutes with the programme, 192 test programme CH with F-DL/A (fre­quency sweep), or 198 test programme with CTT with F and V-DL/A (frequency sweep and continually increasing strengthening) (please always test!!!).

In addition, I test the ampoules from the viruses/fungus, bacteria, parasites/environ­mental loads, vaccinations/metals CTT trays, since I can use the contamination for ex­cretion during therapy, and can use the support ampoules both in therapy and in the input cup.

BICOM Multisoft Test – 5E

Digitised substances or test kits (SD1 digitiser)

Over the course of the year, I have accumulated many test kits. At the beginning, it was hugely time-con­suming to test these using the cali­per applicator ampoules for ampoules.

Thanks to SD1, today, it takes very little time, as I have made the ef­fort to digitise the individual test kits myself.

BICOM Pilot Digitiser

In this way, I can, for example, test organ specimens from vitOrgan or WALA, which were not yet in the BICOM Multisoft Test or the “Nosodes Degeneration & Tumor” test kit, which I have also digitised.

This also allows me to include newer preparations, specialised medicines from the vet sector, nutritional supplements, and feed samples in tests and therapies. I digitise pro­vided samples and patients’ medication during the anamnesis and, thus, can, for exam­ple, digitally preserve perishable samples, such as fresh feed (meat samples), or pa­tients’ own pathological specimens, and, if appropriate, use these for other patients.

The unbeatable, great advantage of BICOM SD1 for me is, however, that it allows me to digitise my patients’ pathological tissues, provided I can get these, when treating tu­mour and neoplastic diseases, and thus, rely on this information at any time. I no longer have to store tissue in ethanol in vials. Instead, I can simply carry out the ther­apy using the digital version.

BICOM Body Check (BBC)

Although the BICOM BodyCheck is only approved for the human area, I use it with great success in my prac­tice also in the veterinary field.

Since the beginning of 2017, I additionally use BICOM Body Check for testing.

The testing here is carried out mainly using substances which I can get from my patient: blood, faeces, urine, fur, saliva, and possibly other substances, such as tear fluid, nasal secretion,  etc. but no patient-specific pathological substances, such as tumours or lump dissections in con­trast to the BICOM BICOM optima® analysis.

I prepare the endogenous substances as I always have, in small vials (globule tubes), which are placed in the left side of the headphones. Naturally, the headphones can also be put on the animal.

The BBC is often put to use during the first anamnesis, so that the patient’s owner can partially follow the analysis.

With the BBC, we can quickly obtain information on the parts of the body governed by an energetic “disorder” (within 5-8 minutes) which is harmful to health.

This provides me with the basis for a diagnosis but it can also be directly used in ther­apy, since it is possible to use frequency transmissions e.g. from homoeopathic meth­ods or organ and tissue frequencies (similar to the 196 special programme substance by BICOM BICOM optima®).

Since it is possible to work using multiple etalon registers with the recommendation modules, I am able to create individual vibration patterns, for example, by using the “virtual process model”, which can then be applied to a sub­strate (globules, BICOM minerals or BICOM oil, BICOM chip, memory capsules etc.).

Here, for example, by making a calculation using the “virtual process module”, from the RM homoeopathy, RM nutrients, RM herbal therapy, RM minerals and precious stones, a mix of multiple substances’ vibrations re­sulted (labelled with a red dot) Plantago major C30 & Belladonna C30 & Sarder & Ipe­cacuanha C30.

In the case of Justus, a 51/2-year­old dachshund, an analysis in Septem­ber 2017 gave an in­dication of pancre­atic cystadenocarcinoma and pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Justus, who has been my patient since he was a puppy, had already been treated with allergy therapy and detoxification regulation.

In the DM pathology Etalon, I found the mathematically calculated level that the “ill­ness” was at, using the “NLS analysis” functionality for the indicated pathology “pan­creatic crystadenocarcinoma” — here it waskaag. which means: the disease could be found in the energy field of the patient but had not yet manifested itself in the tis­sue.

For the “pancreatic adenocarcinoma” displayed, it was stage 2, which means the ill­ness was already a stage further on a sub-cellular level, i.e. in the cells’ cores, mito­chondria, molecules, etc.

At this stage, we have a good chance of reversing the problem.

For further evaluation, I added the entropy analysis and the tissue frequency, to see which organ/organ area was most affected.

For Justus, it was the coeliac artery (peritoneal cavity artery), which I now use as a fre­quency for therapy too. The problem was probably caused by “great stress” and “ten­sion”, since Justus does not get on well with the second Dachshund living in the house, and, in addition, there are two pubescent girls in the house who are the source of con­siderable pressure.

BICOM BICOM optima® therapy initially focussed on removing blockages which were identified in the testing with BICOM BICOM optima®, and with the 10132 GP Yin-conditions (3132, 132), 1001 intracellular contamination (Dr. Rauch 2017), as well as 10026 blocked tissues (3040, 951) and 10027 energetic blockages (918, 3084) programmes, with which senior development, ovum membrane, tension, deep relaxation and zircon are treated with blue light.

Further therapy approaches are carried out using 10118pancreatic disorders (3081,935,580) and 300, equipped with CTT ampoules from HORMONE test kit.

Further therapy approaches are carried out using “pancreatic adeno-carcinoma” and “pancreatic cystadeocarcinoma” memory capsules in the input cup, whereby I had categorised the illness as a “sick vibration”, similar to the “Ai” variant in the BICOM BICOM optima®.

  • 978        contamination through pathogens (Ai)
  • 970.5 tumour treatment supporting (Ai) — ( geopathic contamination)

In a different type of therapy, I use

916.2 tumour treatment supporting (A) (pituitary support) this time, how­ever, with INVERTED pathological frequencies

For tissue frequencies, I had inserted the coeliac artery (peritoneal cavity artery) and pancreas, amongst others, in the digital honeycomb. Everything was directly transmit­ted to BICOM minerals, in addition to the treatment information with BICOM BICOM optima®.

If you have an Sal digitiser: straight tissue frequencies, homoeopathic remedies and stress (pathologies, pathogens, geopathic and electromagnetic disorders etc.), which I often test on my patients with my BBC. I then transfer onto globules or NaCI ampoules and save these using my digitiser, ready for reuse with BICOM BICOM optima® and Pilot.

It eliminates the need to retransmit the frequencies onto a medium. I then use the tissue frequencies and the homoeopathic remedies in the digital honeycomb, and the patho­logical substances for the excretion.

This is how I diagnosed Emma, the female 6 year old German Pinscher with histi­ocytoma using the aforementioned therapy with BICOM BICOM optima® and the most diverse CTT degeneration ampoules, as well as some self-saved ampoules (pathological tissue, nosode histiocytoma D10, and stored substances from the BBC) were assigned to the most diverse programmes. There were CTT ampoules in the digital honeycomb.

The “tumour release” for 978 was carried out with skin and tissue preparations, which were available to me after their surgical removal.

However, if I intend to apply bespoke, combined vibration patterns, I get myself these individually, using the “virtual process model” and transmit the frequencies on a me­dium.

The BBC does not fully replace tests with the BICOM BICOM optima® for me, since I use many veterinary-specific ampoules in BICOM software and in my test kits, which the BBC does not display.

For the ampoules/preparations tested positively with BICOM op­tima, I can evaluate improvements in the compensatory reaction using the Vegetotest in the BBC, and even see whether the pathological range changes with the use of the specimen. Through this, I can achieve an BICOM optima®l selection of specimens for my patients, document these, and show the animal’s owner the changes and percent­age figures too, which is generally seen as very impressive.

Further examples from the field

Bella, English Setter, uncastrated female dog, born in 2010, first evaluation in July 2014


Bella came from a Spanish killing station in 2010, undernourished, with several broken bones, in a very poor state. At the beginning of June 2014, the owners found lumps in her mammary ridge. These were removed on 02/07/14 by means of a complete mam­mectomy on the left-hand side carried out at the university hospital in GieRen. Diagno­sis: complex mammary carcinoma, with the recommendation from the veterinary clinic to urgently also remove the mammae on the right side after 6-8 weeks. There was still no sign of metastasis at that point.

The second surgical procedure for the mastectomy of the mammae on the right side took place just 8 weeks after the 1st surgical procedure, and metastasis had formed in the remaining mammae.

Testing and therapies were carried out every 4-6 weeks, always with BICOM BICOM optima®, Pilot, Multisoft-test, CTT test trays and separate digitised test trays with the prepared test substances; faeces, urine, saliva, fur (photo of Bella), and later, after the 2nd surgi­cal procedure, with blood as well.

The following image resulted from the first extensive test:

BICOM Multisoft-test

In the substances, I also found contamination from metals/heavy metals (nickel, tin, zinc, tungsten, aluminium), chemical contamination (phenol, benzopyrene, cyclohex­ane, wood preservatives, polyacrylic, DDT, mineral fibres), degenerated cells, pituitary D5 = geopathy (water vein), parasitaemia, virus load (initially, no individual ampoules could be tested), vaccinations (distemper, parvo, rabies, thiomersal), malign diseases: autoimmune uterus, pseudomucinoous ovarian cystadenoma, mammarian cerebral focus

Affected organs

Stomach, large intestine, small intestine, liver, gall bladder, fatty tissue, kidneys, skin, connective tissue, lymph nodes, metabolism, female genitalia, female hormones, knee joints, neuralgia

In the area of substance complexes, GT heavy metals, GT environmental toxins, GT au­toimmune, GT radionuclide exposure (plutonium 239 (Pu)), radiation exposure (X-ray radiation, radiation damage), burnout, GT liver/bile, GT kidneys, GT stomach/intes­tines, dysbiosis.01, GT gynaecology, autoimmune uterus/prostate, ovarian cysts, defi­ciencies in minerals (calcium, hafnium, magnesium, manganese, oxygen, sulphur, sele­nium, silicon, zinc), deficiencies in vitamins (vitamin B6, D3, E, 010) all tested posi­tively.


For the CTT test trays 5 elements (dogs) resonated: WOOD, large joints, knee joints, liver, fatty tissue, stress ampoules: Yin-/Yang balance, heavy metal exposure, chemical exposure, disrupted excretion, degenerate cells, exposed intercellular tissue, METAL, skin/fur, connective tissue


Shock, veg. Stress malfunction, hormone balance, degenerate cells, accelerated excre­tion, exposure to radiation, anaesthetic excretion, anaesthesia, mammary glands, ova­ries, skin, scar tissue balancing

Degenerated cells

Pre-stage, degeneration, spreading, healthy tissue pre-stage, healthy tissue degener­ation, healthy tissue spreading, degeneration 2 (breast), degeneration 3 (large intes­tine), degeneration 5 (glands), degeneration 9 (skin), degeneration 20 (uterus), im­mune deficiency, introduce chemotherapy, bowel development, stabilise DNA, bind free radicals, promote healing, balance hormones, stabilise immune system, killer cells, prevent neoplasia, stabilise CNS, stabilise cells, cysts

Vaccinations, metals, other:

Rabies vaccination, rabies pathogens, antibiotics, medication additives, aluminium an­aesthetics, intracellular excretion, extracellular excretion, damage from vaccines, com­plications from vaccines, improve tolerance, avoid secondary damage, vaccine excre­tion

In my digitised substances, I tested the following as positive: various OrthoTherapia nutritional supplements (vitamin E 400, frankincense, zinc, selenium, nutrizyme, MSM, revital, sarkodete, sarkovite), Hawlik medicinal mushrooms (berry extracts, coprinus, reishi extract, auricularia extract, cordyceps extract), Nestmann (nepro-rella algae tab­lets – chlorella), GladiatorPlus Liquid for dogs/cats, CdVet (animal-specific ZytoVet forte, Toxivet sorb, Toxisan), various oils, bitter apricot kernels, Clark FX drops parasite cure, as well as the following in terms of digitised homoeopathic remedies,  Dr. Reckeweg (ReVet 15 lumps in the mammae, ReVet 5 liver protection, ReVet 11 skin/skin damage, ReVet 17, uterus, ReVet 24 gingivitis/general inflammation), VitOr­gan NeyDil No. 73 Revitorgan Dil. D4 pro vet (immune system), NeyDil No. 66 D7 (ac­companiment to cancer therapy)), Heel (Galium Heel injection (detoxification/drainage means), Nux vomica Homaccord (detoxification), Para-Benzochinon-Injeel forte (cata­lyst), coenzyme compositum Amp. (enzyme malfunction), cerebrum compositum Amp. (fatigue, fetal placenta, suis-Injeel forte (organ specimen)

The summary of my first test

Besides the presence of tumours, Bella was highly contaminated with toxins, vaccina­tion residue and medication, as well as with X-ray radiation. Considerable strain from the water veins could also be identified.

No doubt as a result of her background, significant stress from trauma was also de­tected.

The excretory organs, i.e. liver and kidneys, lymph nodes and intestines were only able to dispel toxins from the body to a limited degree. The balance of vitamins and miner­als had to be improved. The metabolic processes were acidotic.

I had already detected the tendency towards further metastasis. It was mainly the in­testines, the uterus, and the ovaries which needed protecting. The tendency towards the formation of cysts in the ovaries could be identified.

The therapy plan included both BICOM BICOM optima® treatment and phytotherapeutic and homoeopathic preparations, as well as nutritional supplements as a fast remedy to the deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

First, the homoeopathic and phytotherapeutic therapy began. Each time, the owner had a relatively long journey for bioresonance therapy and, in terms of therapy on blood or other “biomasses” (faeces, urine, fur, saliva), trust was still lacking at this point in time. In addition, they were hopeful that homoeopathic and phytotherapeutic measures alone would suffice.

The 1st therapy procedure with BICOM Optima took place on 13/08/14 (30 days after the first assessment of the dog). The focus was to first remedy therapy blockages/ob­stacles, using the usual 10133 GP reaction block chains and programmes. Patients (3133, 133), 10026 tissue blockages (3040, 951), 10027 energetic blockages (918, 3084) and the solution of the geopathic and electromagnetic exposure (700, 701, 702).

Using the substance compounds, I have additionally already begun scar interference therapy with “scars (skin/organ)” and “skin scars (bones)”.

The physical honeycomb was equipped with NeyGero no. 64 D7, NeyDil no. 73 Dil. D4, NeyDil no. 66 D7, Traumeel, Cerebrum compositum Amp., plus the CTT support am­poules made of degenerate cells, which I had tested beforehand.

BICOM minerals were used as a substrate for the therapy.

On 30/08/14, on the request of the owner, a retest of all of the ampoules which tested positively in the first analysis was carried out. In addition, I reviewed the specimens which had been present up until this moment in time, using BICOM BICOM optima®, Pilot, digit­ised substances and Multisoft Test and adapted the dispensing of specimens.

As before, I tested for the presence of tumours showing tendencies towards degenera­tion in the areas of the lymph nodes, skin and glands. The contamination from toxins had reduced somewhat, whilst the strain from water veins and exposure to X-ray radi­ation had disappeared. Contamination from parasites and viruses could no longer be identified.

Vaccination residues and stress from medication and trauma suffered were still clearly discernible – here there had still been no positive change.

The excretory organs, i.e. liver and kidneys, lymph nodes and intestines were already noticeably better in the test.

It was clear to see from both Bella’s appearance and the regularly carried out tests, that the situation was improving.

The 2nd therapy procedure was carried out on 02/09/14, one week after the 2nd surgical procedure. Bella was exhausted. I could still identify blockages. The 10135 GP sequences were exhausted Patient. (3155, 135) used both to resolve blockages again, as well as 10026 and 10027, and 3124, 927 and 3125 for cell regeneration (see therapy section).

Since the surgical scar was slightly inflamed, the lymph nodes in the inner thigh area were congested and a thickening/hardening was noticeable, I added wound healing programmes.

In the physical honeycomb, I had employed Traumeel, Staphisagria C30, Nux vomica C30, Hypericum C30, Belladonna C30, Lymphomyosot drops. The rest of the set and the ampoules were, as per the previous therapy procedure, from the preceding ther­apy session.

The 3rd therapy procedure on 10/09/14 —the therapy was carried out on blood. The surgical scar was still slightly inflamed and was secreting in some areas.

The self-ab­sorbing stitches were causing prob­lems. After the therapy, the condition improved further.

3. BICOM therapy on 10/09/2014

The individual programmes were each tested again before the therapy, as were the substance complexes both in the ampoules in the honeycomb and in the substances used digitally in the input cup. With this therapy, I had begun to double track, in that I used the support ampoules made of CTT degenerated cells as ampoules in the digital input cup with the 930 lymph node activation programme.

4. BICOM therapy on 09/10/2014

Improvements resulting from therapy up until now:

A month later (09/10/14), 1 carried out a follow-up test. The testing of tumourous ac­tivity revealed a decline in strain, the CTT ampoules, “pre-stage”, “degeneration”, “spreading” — were no longer detectable, only the “tendency towards degeneration” still resonated: CTT ampoules “healthy tissue pre-stage”, “healthy tissue degenera­tion”, “healthy tissue spreading”, as well as “degeneration 1 blood” and “degenera­tion 9 skin” and “cysts”, as well as some support ampoules.

The contamination from toxins had very notably declined, whilst the strain from water veins, parasites, viruses and exposure to X-ray radiation had completely disappeared. Vaccination residues and stress from medication and trauma were still very strongly detectable. In addition, the inflamed reaction around the scar was still easily discerni­ble.

The therapy procedure was carried out on blood. In addition, I have now also used the CTT support ampoules with the 198 CTT test programme.

The 5th therapy procedure was carried out on 28/10/14 again, di­rectly on the animal. The preced­ing programmes were retested. 930, 480, 900, 910, 927 still reso­nated and were used again, this time, however, with different am­poule assignments. In addition, I now began with the elimination of the vaccination contamination.

The physical honeycomb was made up of the same components as before but this time, with the addition of Nux vomica C30 and Thuja C30.

The scar had healed well in the meantime.

5. BICOM treatment on 28/10/2014

I compiled the priorities for the accompa­nying therapy by means of a mental test on 25/11/2014 and began with the trauma treatment and decoupling of “mammarian cerebral focus”.

6. BICOM treatment on 25/11/2014

This time, Bella was in the practice because I considered that necessary for the decou­pling.

Mammarian cerebral decoupling

191 CU test programme with Ai frequency sweep Ai — 5:38 min duration
Input applicator on spleen area
Output applicator on upper body

then changing of the applicators

191    CTT test programme with Ai frequency sweep Ai — 5:16 min duration
Input applicator on spleen area
Output applicator on upper body

In the control test on 17/12/14, there were only indications of lymph node and scar disorders, skin/mucous membrane problems in BICOM Pilot.

BICOM Multisoft-test still clearly showed chemical contamination, degenerated cells, liver, gall bladder, fatty tissue, lymph nodes, skin/mucous membranes, connective tis­sues, small intestine.

In the CTT test trays, WOOD, liver, gall bladder and passages, contaminated ampoules: degenerated cells, chemical contamination, damaged discharge and for the degener­ated cells, bowel development, stabilise DNA, encourage healing, balance hormones, stabilise the immune system, spread healthy tissue, degeneration 9 (skin) resonated.

The therapy significantly improved Bella’s general condition.

Section from the 7th BICOM treatment on 17/12/2014

For the next therapy proce­dure, I selected some of the programmes which still tested positively to support the lymph node system: sequence 10097, lymph node activation (3066, 930) and 10098 lymphoedema (3036, 3126) and, additionally, 3041 and 3042 skin/mucous membrane problems, 3089 mu­cous membrane problems and 198 with CTT ampoules.

The therapy procedure was car­ried out on blood again.

Section from the 8th BICOM treatment on 17/12/2014

In mid-January 2015, a retest was carried out with Multisoft Test, whereby only ampoules which were left over from the last tests were retested.

The owners got the impression that Bella was processing traumatic experiences because she was having noticeable nightmares. This was confirmed in the test, since the programmes corresponding to shock treatment (432, 3093, 3094) which resonated were additionally found in the blood during therapy on 20/01/15.

Four weeks later, a follow-up check showed that the shock/trauma programmes still resonated. In addition, there were some blockages (neck, jaw joint) and slight disturb­ances again with geopathic stress (earth rays), which I treated during the therapy on blood on 02/03/15.

After this round of therapy, a break until mid-May 2015 was taken.

The small follow-up test in BICOM Pilot showed agreement with the programmes 1010 improve liver excretion performance (acc. to Riffel), 1015 unspecific liver therapy (acc. to Riffel), 1019 tissue relaxation (acc. to Fischer-ROhrs), information on Hamer’sche range —1018 cerebral imprints (n. Wife!), 999 detoxify mucous membranes, 3125 cell regeneration, blockages in the tissues/necks (925, 3040, 532, 3072) and shock/trauma again (3093, 3094, 3095).

With BICOM Multisoft Test, I am still testing agreement in degenerate cells, heavy metal contamination, skin, liver, lymph nodes, GT autoimmune, GT gynaecology, nickel contamination, tin

In the CTT-Test trays, there are still degenerated cells: degeneration 9 (skin), stabilise immune system, fibroma, healthy tissue pre-stage, stabilise cells and 5 elements: FIRE, METAL, Yin-/Yang balance, disrupted excretion.

The therapy on 16/05/15 was carried out on blood again – this time also with the am­poules from the digitiser in the digital honeycomb:

10. BICOM treatment on 16/05/2015

The therapy was repeated on 24/05/17, since the programmes still completely went into resonance in this combination.

Afterwards, follow-up tests were carried out at the beginning of July 2015 and in Au­gust 2015.

In the BICOM Multisoft Test, the ampoule, “degenerated cells” still went into reso­nance in both analyses. In the CTT, the following ampoules also still tested positively in July: “Degeneration 16 (rectum)”, “healthy tissue pre-stage”, “bind free radicals”, “stabilise immune system”. “Geopathic stress” was also tested positively again on the 15th July.

In each case, only small therapy procedures were carried out on the blood with the 198 or 700 programmes respectively, and the corresponding ampoules.

Since Bella was very well and no health problems were recognisable by the owners any more, the therapy was ended by the latter.

Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have kept in regular contact with the owners, who have told me that Bella is enjoying great health.

Lola, castrated female boxer dog, born on 23/05/2007, evaluation on  21/01/2016

As a puppy, Lola was al­ready sick. At just over 4 months old, protracted vaginitis was diagnosed, amongst other illnesses, and treated. After eight bouts of fever, meningitis was confirmed in October 2008, after a cerebrospi- Test panel extract from 01/02/16. nal liquid test, with an SMRA diagnosis (Steroid-Responsive Meningitis-Arteriitis). Therapy throughout her first year of life led to a considerable amount of antibiotics being taken.

Despite her illnesses, she was regularly vaccinated in accordance with the vaccination plan (against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, rabies). Yearly haemo­grams were more or less inconspicuous.

From 2009, the first atheromata became evident, which, as was initially communicated by the vet, may either partially disappear again on its own, or become bigger or smaller.

In August 2014, mammary carcinoma diagnosis removal of three tumours and removal of epulis (benign growths) in the mouth. In September 2014, two further tu­mours in the mammary ridge were removed, the surgical scar of which became heavily infected and required at least 3-4 weeks of treatment with antibiotics. At the end of June 2016, there were more tumours along the mammary ridge and a further 4 tu­mours were removed via a mammectomy! Treated with antibiotics again.

The evaluation was originally carried out because of stomach/bowel problems, recur­ring diarrhoea, painful flatulence and heartburn. At this point in time, Lola had approx. 30 atheromata spread around her whole body, some of which were up to 3 cm large.

She smelled very strongly, which I traced back to a blockage in terms of detoxification regulation, amongst other reasons. Her coat, shaggy and dull, also felt very greasy. Her conjunctiva were red.

She reacted heavily to the bladder meridian’s agreement point in the areas of: BL 13 lungs, BL 18 liver, BL 19 gall bladder, BL 21 stomach, BL 22 3-warmer, BL 23 kidneys, BL 25 large intestine.

As expected, the evaluation of the first, extensive test was correspondingly large as was the number of ampoules which went into resonance. All devices and software were used again. The contamination from toxins (chemicals, environmental toxins, vaccinations, medication, etc.), as well as electromagnetic and geopathic stress etc. was most significant.

In addition to this, strong contamination from pathogens with the bacterium faecialis alkaligenes, Proteus mirabilis and Branhamella catarrhalis, as well as parasites (Naegleria Fowled, amongst others, which is known to cause meningitis). Tissue and reaction blockages also occurred. The organs were heavily overburdened and the body’s defences weakened.

And, naturally, “degenerated cells” could be clearly detected.

In summary, for the topic of tumour and neoplastic diseases, I kept any eye on the fol­lowing ampoules which tested positively:

In, BICOM Pilot, almost all of the secretion organ programmes (liver, kidneys, lymph nodes, bowel) from my test panel went into resonance (see above).

With BICOM Multisoft Test, degenerated cells, disrupted cell regeneration, skin/mu­cous membrane, fatty tissue, connective tissue, benign fibrous histiocytoma and scar disruptions went into resonance.

5 elements  tested positively in the CTT test trays: WOOD, EARTH, METAL, WATER, liver, fatty tissue, viral contamination, bacterial contamination, heavy metal exposure, chemical exposure, disrupted excretion, contamination by parasites, degenerated cells

Degenerated cells

Degeneration 9 (skin), atheromata, healthy tissue degeneration, healthy spreading, immune deficiency, bowel development, stabilise DNA & RNA, bind free radicals, ge­netic defect, prevent neoplasia, promote healing, stabilise immune system, stabilise cells


Degenerated cells, scar disturbances, contamination from radiation, excretion of an­aesthetics/anaesthesia, accelerated excretion

In this case too, the owners were sceptical of the bioresonance at first. For this reason, the therapy started phytotherapeutically. First, all of the excretory organs were lever­aged in order to stabilise the bowel and bind the released toxins. Parallel to this, the parasites and pathogens were supposed to be eliminated.

Given the dog’s history (mammary carcinoma, atheromata), I recommended a low car­bohydrate or even a carbohydrate-free BARF diet urgently.

February and March 2016 passed with Lola on this diet. Lola visibly recovered. Her coat had completely changed. The fur had drastically changed; it was thicker, darker, and

no longer had the greasy feel it had during the first evaluation. And the dog no longer smelled as strongly. Heartburn had almost gone and defecation had normalised.

The following preparations were initially used after testing:


Worm-O-Vet, Clark Fx drops, bac­teria/viruses: Propolis Herbal
Detoxification and de-acidification: quark, linseed oil,

Interception of toxins:

NeproRella algae, Toxivet sorb and healing clay, support of the liver and kidney function, the immune system and the intestinal function: GladiatorPlus Liquid dogs & cats

Balance of vitamins and minerals:

MicroMineral, Spirulina powder, Vitamin D3 drops

On 30/03/2016, we began bioreso­nance therapy as shown opposite.

Physical honeycomb: NeyGero no. 64 D7, NeyDil no. 73 Dil. D4, NeyDil no. 66 D7, Mucosa comp. and CTT support ampoules from degener­ated cells: immune deficiency, bowel development, stabilise DNA, bind free radicals, promote healing, stabilise the immune system, killer cells, prevent neoplasia, stabilise CNS, stabilise cells

On 13/04/2016, I focused on the lymph nodes, kidneys and scar damage in BICOM therapy. It was important to me to regulate the excretory organs as fast as possible, since, to me, atheromata is a sign of detoxification regulation not working. In addition, an obstacle to therapy was to be avoided with the scars.

Under this premise, I used the following support programmes in therapy: lymph nodes (3066, 3126), kidneys (3078, 482, 3080) and scar damage (900, 927), and the corre­sponding substance complexes.

On 19/05/16, the evaluation and check-up date, you could see a significant increase in volume along the row of mammae, near the inner thigh, which had grown in the previ­ous few days, as well as some new lumps showing in the mouth again. Considering the dog’s history, I recommended the complete removal of lumps, those along the row of mammae in particular, as these demonstrated a tendency towards extremely fast growth.

For therapy, I used 3126 circulation weakness again, as well as the individual pro­grammes, 1010 liver improvement/excretion performance acc. to Riffel and 1015 un­specific liver therapy acc. to Riffel. In addition, I carried out the excretion of vaccina­tion contamination, using the chain 10075 excrete vaccination damage (428, 3095), whereby I also used CTT ampoule rabies vaccination for excretion for programme 428 in the digital input cup.

Overall, at that point in time, Lola was already physically and mentally a lot better. The owners had noticed that Lola’s behaviour had changed. Now she was considerably more relaxed and tolerant with other female dogs.

On 23/05/2016, the lumps were removed. This time, the owners handed over tissue specimens to the vet. No pathological veterinary investigation was carried out. I re­ceived the specimen on the same day and saved the information on the lump (athero­mata) using the SD1 digitiser.

From the veterinarian side, after surgery, massive antibiosis occurred again.

The surgical scar healed without complications. On 30/05/16, a large follow-up test took place using blood from the surgery with BICOM Multisoft Test, BICOM Pilot, UT digital and even digitised ampoules.

Of the original types of contamination, the following remained

With BICOM Multisoft Test, the following substances still went into resonance: degen­erate cells (benign fibrous histiocytoma, atheromata), contamination from heavy metal, chemical contamination, viral contamination, stomach, kidneys, liver, skin, lymph nodes, small joints; with the following substance complexes GT environmental poisons, GT heavy metals, GT stomach/bowel, GT kidneys, GT liver/gall bladder, skin/mucous membranes, fatty tissue, connective tissue, disrupted cell regeneration, scar damage, benign fibrous histiocytoma.

In addition: lead, chromium, nickel, mercury, formaldehyde, chlorine, anaesthesia and, in the case of, vaccination contamination, parvo vaccine and rabies vaccine.

In the CTT test tableaus, 5 elements were still shown: WOOD, METAL, WATER, liver, gall bladder, hind food, viral contamination, heavy metal contamination, chemical con­tamination, interstitial tissues contaminated, disrupted excretion: vaccinations, metals,  other: lead, nickel, mercury, medication additive, rabies vaccine, extracellular excre­tion, improve tolerability, avoid consequential damage, for viruses/fungus: filoviruses, orthomyxoviruses, HPV strains and for degenerated cells: atheromata, stabilise im­mune system, promote healing, genetic defect, bind free radicals, bowel develop­ment, immune system weakness, and, specific to dogs: viral contamination, scar dam­age, accelerated excretion

It was noticeable that the “degenerated cells” ampoule did not go into resonance in the CTT test trays, but an indication of the presence of degenerated cells was detected as before in the BICOM Multisoft Test.

Overall, compared to the first test, the result already looked very good.

With BICOM Pilot, the programmes for toxin excretion, detoxification regulation, circu­lation weakness, skin/mucous membranes, lymph nodes, bowel, liver/gall bladder, kid­neys, liver damage and immune system weakness still tested positively.

On 02/06/16, I began to work with the digitised vibrations of the removed athero­mata and the tested viruses.

For therapy procedures with “tumourous tissues”, I not only use excretion pro­grammes, such as 978 contamination from pathogens or 999 detoxification of the mu­cous membranes etc., but also — as in this case — the foundational programmes 3131 and 131 GP Yang Conditions as Ai programmes or also, as per the following therapy, 3003 immune system improvement, if the patient goes into resonance with this.

4. BICOM treatment on 02/06/2016

In the therapy on 22/06/16, the focus was on the immune system and excretion of toxins, after which the programmes for the excretion organs no longer displayed any resonance.

5. BICOM treatment on 22/06/2016

After this treatment, the atheromata which remained on the body slowly became smaller and smaller.

On 27/07/16, the last treatment session took place. In general, Lola’s lumps had signifi­cantly decreased in size, which her short boxer hair clearly demonstrated. We had to work again on the vaccine contamination as they were just as stubbornly persistent as the contamination from lead, mercury and nickel.

6. BICOM treatment on 27/07/2016

At the end of 2016, the owners thanked me with the words “the magic device” worked, the lumps, tumours, atheromata and everything else, had almost completely disappeared.” Of the more than 30 atheromata/tumours, only five small ones were still present and by the end of 2017, only 2 could still be felt.