Tumours: holistic diagnosis and therapy

Christiane Herrmann, Naturopath, Berlin, Germany

The origins of a tumour

If cell division in certain tissues of our body gets out of control, then cells multiply extraordinarily quickly, which can then lead to the development of a tumour. This may be malignant or benign. Only a malignant tumour is called cancer. Cancer can be the consequence of a genetic predisposition, external factors such as exposure to radiation or contact with chemical substances or viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Tumours upset the equilibrium of a healthy organism causing damage to organs. In modern industrial nations cancer is one of the most common causes of death.

If people are diagnosed with a tumour this triggers feelings of shock and helplessness. We look for options to help these people deal with their illness in the best possible way.

Patients are faced with questions such as:
Why me?
How can I get well again as quickly as possible?
Where can I get advice, help and the right treatment?

With bioresonance therapy we have ways and options of remedying and overcoming this shock to the system. Thinking solely in terms of ‘mechanical repair’ only gets to grips with part of the illness. So for we therapists this is just the beginning of the search for a deeper understanding of the forces at play.

What are the causes that give rise to a malignant tumour?
Precise causes have yet to be researched. Using bioresonance I frequently test for:

• Geopathically stressed bedrooms/ sleeping areas
• Acidaemia
• Weakening of the immune system because of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites
• Inadequate dental clean-up
• Consumption of tobacco and alcohol
• Lack of exercise
• Asbestos dust
• Medication (immunosuppressants)
• Pain relievers (active ingredient: Phenacetin – kidney)
• Hormone preparations (female breast and endometrium)
• Helicobacter pylori – stomach
• Epstein Barr – throat
• Candida – oesophageal mucosa, mucosa of the stomach and bowel
• Herpes simplex virus – genital region
• Hepatitis B – hepatic tumours
• Clostridia – dental foci

Tumours evolve from an originating cell which has often arisen years or even decades previously. Such cells step out of line and develop their own laws.

Hereditary gene defects are only responsible for a small percentage of cancers.

I only start tumour therapy if the patient is ready to grasp the opportunity to make changes in his body.

There is only a chance of healing if a radical change in lifestyle is achievable:

• Immediately stop smoking
• A complete change of diet (no industrial food products or colorants and flavourings, no meat or dairy products, and use beans, peas and pumpkin as carbohydrates and no sugar or white flour)
• The diet is structured to be varied and suitable for families

Bioresonance therapy
Appointment for a diagnosis:

1. Discussion about the illness and taking a detailed patient history
2. Testing with the 5 elements test sets and all the eliminating organs (bowel, liver, kidney and lung)
3. Allergy testing
4. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites
5. The dental test set
6. The degenerated cells test set
7. Nutritional advice; discuss drinking a quantity of two litres of pure water a day.
8. Of all the options available the therapist should only carry out priority testing – only the priority test can help the patient, otherwise too much time is wasted.

If there is insufficient time to do everything then a choice has to be made as regards prioritisation of tasks.


Patients are asked to come once a week to the practice.

What the patient has to do:

1. The patient changes their eating habits and how much they drink
2. Eliminates cigarettes and alcohol from their daily routine
3. Exercises in the fresh air

Basic therapy 131, 132, 133 und 135

Eliminating organs:
• Always use the attenuation ampoules
• Stabilise the tested ampoules (bowel, liver, kidney or lung) on “A”, always check precisely the treatment time and intensity
• If “A” no longer tests then carry on working with “Ai”, “Hi+Di”, “Di”, “H” and “Ai+A”
• With the spleen, connective tissue and lymph proceed in exactly the same way as for the eliminating organs
• Toxin program 970


• Wheat, milk and sugar should be removed as stress factors for the body (normal allergy therapy)

Work with the ampoules for degenerated cells:

You should always pay particular attention to the “lowered resistance” and “stabilise immune system” ampoules in every therapy.

When the appropriate degeneration ampoule has been found, then this is put into the input cup and we test for parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria. The tested ampoules are treated together using “Ai”. Repeat with “Hi+Di”, “Di” or “H” on other treatment days.

Always stabilise the degenerated organ with an organ ampoule so that self-healing powers are activated.

After this stage of treatment (four weeks)
I have seen a reduction in the size of patient tumours of around 50%. This is confirmed by means of a conventional medical examination. Once this point is reached you have gained the patient’s trust.

Continue therapy until nothing tests at any amplification or any type of therapy. Meticulous testing is a prerequisite for successful treatment.


Never carry out therapy using always the same program. Where there are several stress factors present, always test the priority and this can be different in each patient.

In the interests of the patient only one stress should be treated.
Less is more in this case.

Work with the frequency sweep, before the next stage of therapy is started. If the stress can still be tested on a given frequency, then without fail continue therapy there.

Tumour patients have a high number of stresses. The therapist needs to treat only two and at the most three stresses using the priority test.

On each day of therapy and at each stage of therapy, take readings from the input and output applicators.

Sometimes the tumour will be the input, sometimes the output. Also when testing applicator placement only the output can be tested. Do not have any doubts and trust in your test, then you can really help your patient.

There are also patients who because of an excessive number of stresses do not show any test results.

In such cases the stress revealing ampoule proves effective. This makes the patient receptive to testing. I put this ampoule in the input cup and look for tumour stresses.

Additional therapy: Mistletoe

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