Unlocking solution-focused potential — bioresonance in the field of psychology

Dipl.-Psych. Hans-Peter Kuhl

Epilogue: Researching the fundamental principles

What I would like to show you relates to the foundation for your life. Life is based on a mathematical’ law known as “function”2.

In our particular context this means: What relationship does the individual have to life? What is the original meaning, determination and purpose in life? What path will life take? And where will it all lead?

Working every day with bioresonance technology helps us to understand the underlying principle. In recreating vital processes through technology, over time we recognise the principles that lie behind it.

Allergy treatment is the preserve of the BICOM system. Through your work in treating allergies you will know that successful treatment often only requires the basic allergens of milk and wheat to be treated. From a psychological point of view, a disposition to allergies is linked to a certain mindset. The person in question reacts to certain signals, which in themselves are harmless, but which they experience as a life-threatening attack.

The key to resolving this idiosyncrasy is hidden in our hearts. The theme central to human life is its individuation3.

The art of healing is therefore in enabling people to find their own key and to learn how to use it. From this perspective it makes little sense to fight illness or allergens4. The art of healing takes people beyond the narrow view of their symptoms towards salutogenesis, to the development of their health.

Health is the foundation of life, hence the well-known saying: Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing. For me, this raises the following questions:

How can I break the cycle which is the endless pursuit of good health? How can I establish and secure a natural foundation for my core health? How can give myself a good quality of life?

  1. In order to calculate a function (a curve or a path), only two pieces of information are required: a point on the curve and the gradient (differentiation) of this point. After taking into account a few fundamental considerations the calculation is surprisingly simple.
  2. https://www.mathe-online.at/mathint/diff1/i.html
  3. Individuation (Latin: individuare, making oneself indivisible/inseparable) is the way to becoming your own person. It describes the process of becoming aware of yourself as something unique and individual. In the individuation process a person becomes what they truly are. (Wikipedia)
  4. The following phrase originates from J. W. Goethe: “If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain
    how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he could be, he will become what he could be.”

Keeping an open mind

With my very own key I can unlock my problem-focused reticence and develop a solution-focused, accepting attitude. For bioresonance therapy this basic psychological attitude represents THE FUNDAMENTAL ATTITUDE upon which all other therapies are built.

With a receptive and open attitude …

  • you can increase the effectiveness of every treatment, indeed every message!
  • you can break the cycle!
  • you can find the true meaning of life!
  • you can make the right decisions (instead of always wanting everything to be absolutely perfect)!
  • you can find your own path through life and learn to understand it!
  • you can RESOLVE the true cause of self-aggression and autoimmune-related problems!
  • you can learn to LOVE yourself!
  • you can lead a fulfilled life!
  • you can develop a culture of healing with others, which can bring us all a better quality of life!

You can only convey this receptiveness by providing a credible basis of trust and inviting people to enter into a new experience of themselves.


The credible basis of trust that is required cannot be “created”. As is true with education and upbringing, the only way to convincingly do this is by setting a credible example. Or, in other words, being confident in yourself. A genuine healing practitioner is the most effective “medica mentum”5. As therapists we continuously communicate our (actual) BEING, because we cannot NOT communicate.

The practical implementation is a process of becoming:

Be the unique person that you are meant to be.

One way of finding out the secret to life is psycho-logic: psycho-logic is a subjective science. It traces emotions until the inherent logic has really been understood.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” Alan W. Watts

In tracking your feelings, you will discover your core being and will be able bring yourself (back) into harmony with the world. The burning question remains:

“What will you ultimately take from this process of becoming?”

5 Latin: heal the mind.

6 The first axiom (basic law) of communication by P. Watzlawick (1921-2007).


In my psychology practice I invite people to create new experiences with their own bodies. If we want to change opinions and attitudes, which form the basis of chronic patterns of behaviour, we must create new experiences with our own body. Brain research’ has confirmed this to be true.

I understand “therapy” to mean unpacking gifts together.

I therefore invite you today to create entirely new experiences with your body. Practical experience is certainly more exciting than mere theoretical illustrations.

The method

“Solution-focused brief therapy” is a special type of conversational therapy, which was first introduced by psychotherapists Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in 1982. It is based on the view that it is more helpful to focus on desires, goals and resources relating to personality than on problems and their origin.8

I combine and expand on this method by additionally using the BICOM and Oberon/BICOM BodyCheck (BBC) systems, homeopathy and other methods. By combining bioresonance technology, naturopathy and psychotherapy a new, more comprehensive therapeutic approach has emerged: the Kuhl-Kern-Gesund-System® (“Kuhl Core Health System”). By consciously interacting with the unconscious we learn to evaluate our experiences psycho-logically and get to know ourselves even better. The integration of the observer and their further development through the inclusion of time is at the heart of the treatment I have developed.

The core self experiences the feeling of what happens.

(A. Darnasio, neuroscientist and researcher into the physiology of consciousness)

I find the idea of discovering the quickest way to a solution particularly exciting — and then triggering a domino effect with the smallest possible stimulus in order to set the self-healing process in motion. How this unfolds practically, even when it appears that nothing else will work, is what I would like to show to you today.

Part I — Self-awareness

1. Creating a basis of trust

As already explained above, creating a secure reference framework which conveys a sense of protection and well-being to the person affected is one of the most important tasks associated with the vocation of healing. This framework must be tailored to the individual’s requirements and should invite the individual to unlock their self-efficacy. With guidance, the individual can then develop their own solution model and shape it so that it can continue to develop organically.

7 G. Huther (2010)

8 Further information can be found on Wikipedia.

  1. The miracle question guides the way

The quickest way to find the solution leads directly to the heart of the matter. Einstein is believed to have said: The heart of all problems is a problem of the heart.” The miracle question is at the heart of solution-focused systemic therapy:

Let us suppose that, while you are listening to this presentation, a miracle happens but is unnoticed. Your unconscious has found the solution to one of your problems. When you later leave the room during the break, everything needed to solve your problem has in fact already happened. How would you notice? …

  1. The accepting attitude

The therapeutic relationship is created by me involving myself in an unconditional OPEN space-time, a DIALOGUE: I am interested to see what happens spontaneously.

The section from the fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, is for me the most interesting symbolisation for a type of “open space-time”: God, the giver of life, is reaching out to Adam with his index finger (without directly touching him).

Here is a short exercise to complete at home or in your practice: place both hands on your heart and close your eyes for around one minute so that you can be at one with yourself.

  1. Your benefit

By completing this short exercise you have made use of the “magic wand of your individuality”. If you now use your magic wand, you will learn how to support yourself and others in helping themselves and bringing good health to the world:

“Good health” is hidden from view (Gadamer) —this means that there is unknown potential and resource in the background.

Benefit has etymological roots in enjoyment. If, and indeed, because you are taking the shortest route, you can take all the time in the world and enjoy every single step with all your senses.

As a child I sometimes received a package from home. To make sure it was secure, it was tied up with not just one, but several pieces of string. And there were countless knots to undo too. I always took the time to undo, untangle and loosen each knot. Sometimes it took days to do this. This not only increased the thrill of anticipation, but was also, unbeknown to me, a useful preparation for my future career.

  1. Applications

    Solutions, resources and potential are hidden behind the symptoms.

Problems, illness, pain, suffering and despair only emerge if the link between symptom and meaning is lost (dissociation).

The quickest way to restore this connection is via the core. You can reach the core of the matter by using your magic wand to touch the symptoms. This means that you are bringing your full consciousness into play: this enables you to create a tunnel which connects your heart via the heart of the symptom with the heart of the client.

The way to do this is shown in the second short exercise for you to carry out at home or in the practice:

Place both hands on your heart and close your eyes for around one minute so that you can be at one with yourself. Now focus on the most unpleasant thing that comes into your mind. Take this into your heart. Repeat this exercise later as often as you can until you feel entirely at one with yourself.

  1. Harmony

If you allow your feelings to remain on the right track until you have fully understood the psycho-logic, strange things will happen:

  • A light will go on. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel provides us with a eureka! moment, an enlightenment.
  • We recognise the meaning and significance of the symptoms and experience a
  • If we then bring this ‘pearl’ of our wisdom to the world, we learn that our inner experience can also be beneficial to others.

The journey into the innermost depths of the heart enables the individual to be released and brings them into greater harmony with themselves in the world.

  1. Quantum leap9

A quantum leap is understood in this context to mean an extraordinary event, “a suddenly perceived expansion of space-time” as it were: in accepting the unconscious side, the hidden element, there is an acquisition of knowledge and I find myself at a higher level of consciousness again. “Peak experience” is the term we use to describe this.

During therapy this quantum leap effect happens in the moment when the “bottleneck factor”10, which prevents further development, is removed. You find this bottleneck factor by identifying the core blockage which is causing the organism the greatest stress. If the blockage is removed, the vital spirits are renewed. This is the proverbial crux of the matter.

In order to identify the crux of the matter, I like to use an appropriate homeopathic remedy. This also enables unconscious search processes to be set in motion, allowing

9 In quantum physics a quantum leap is roughly translated as the transition of a microphysical (i.e. very small) system from one state into another, with the energy content altering abruptly.

10 See: "Engpasskonzentrierte Strategie" [Bottleneck-focused Strategy], Wolfgang Mewes 1970. individuals to explore their "solution space" and learn how to manage with this effectively.

An exercise for at home or in the practice:

Give your unconscious mind the following task: when an appropriate solution has been found, always automatically make more of what works well, what does good. Find (even) more solutions of this kind! Openly allow yourself to strengthen the longing in yourself and in others: the desire for more. And then the desire for (even) more.

This means that our brain is able to further develop through good experiences and you will feel that this can be pushed even further! That is the start of a spiral of development and success.

Part II — Tips for the therapist

“BBC” — Using homeopathic databases

By using homeopathic databases in the BBC device you have an additional tool to use in conjunction with the patient to find their own unique key11 to their soul (homeopathic remedies according to Antonie Peppier, creative homeopathy). Here are a few examples of the most frequently used remedies currently and their psychological meaning:

  • Hepar suiph: violent rage — wanting to change others in order to bolster one’s own security
  • Ignatia: hysterical grief — through strong suppression an emotion becomes its opposite
  • Natrium muriaticum: deep grief — holding to that which is tried and true
  • Arsenicum album: existential fear — would rather die than change
  • Carbo vegetabilis: life energy not used for healthy self-interest
  • Belladonna: blocked and suppressed life energy turns into anger
  • Aconitum napellus: negative thoughts for the sake of self-protection
  • Hyoscyamus niger: feeling cheated by life
  • Zincum metallicum: skeletons in the cupboard — pseudo-dignity and discipline rather than feelings
  • Rhus toxicodendrum: feeling tortured and constrained, wanting to escape
  • China officinalis: feeling dependent and enslaved
  • Dulcamara: dominant figures should not be questioned

BICOM bioresonance

Generally at the start of treatment I like to use the test program (see Part IV — Therapy recommendations) and the liver-gallbladder programs, alongside other methods. From a psychological point of view a test imposed on us in life represents an initiation, a step towards adulthood. The liver is our organ of religion, the retrospective dependence on our source of vitality. As you can see, the BICOM provides not only a psychological

11 As described in fairytales, there are thought to be 7 keys — the identity codes which open the chakras. dimension to treatment, but for me, a spiritual dimension too. I believe that this is a way to provide new hope.


The concept of bioresonance is for me the “general key” to self-healing. In the background this communication technology conveys respect for and a holistic appreciation of the unique nature of each individual. In addition, it conveys the correct information.

Information arrives in the body via waves and pulsations and circulates within it. Light waves, sound waves, vibration, pressure — these all produce stimuli that the body receives, processes and decodes. This information releases energy and directs our behaviour so that the body can function effectively and efficiently.

“Living in harmony”12 is for me the logical further development of the bioresonance idea. There increasingly develops a “receiving feedback status”, being mindful and genuine.

Part Ill — Theoretical considerations and conclusions 


Good health comes from within. Behind every symptom is an unresolved emotional conflict, which creates stress. The solution to every problem is hidden within. (While we see the problem immediately, we have to search for the solution.) Love is the most powerful drug.

Resolving previously unresolved conflicts transforms stress into a resource.

“Healing is always about self-healing. Illness is always the attempt at self-healing.”13

The situation

As explained above, problems, illness, pain, suffering and despair only come about when the link between symptom and meaning is lost (dissociation). Dissociation generates an area of tension, an energy discrepancy. If we bypass the discrepancy14, we generate stress and externalise control. But if we deal with the discrepancy and find solutions, we experience self-efficacy and well-being.

Long-term stress

The worst form of stress comes from traumatic experiencesn in the period from conception up to the age of three. We generally have no recollections of this time. Therefore we consider our influences from this time as being normal. They are

12 Further information can be found at www.ganzkoerper.org

13 Prof. Fritz B. Simon, systems scientist

14 E. Lochel (1990): "Umgehen (mit) der Differenz" [Dealing with the Discrepancy]

15 Felitti et al.: ACE study

components of our “constructed reality”16. We fight against every challenge. Every attempt to change is experienced as a life-threatening attack from outside. As long as this unconscious threat remains unresolved, our original protection and survival strategies transform into attritional (destructive) long-term stress.

The inclusion of childhood trauma helps clarify a number of research questions that have been poorly understood:

  • Why is there so much chronic pain?
  • How can we ourselves successfully cope with acute pain?
  • Why do pharmaceutical drugs and “talking cures” often not heal the disorder, but make the situation worse?
  • How can we protect against helper syndrome?
  • Why does bioresonance produce such convincing results?


Increasing self-awareness, self-worth and self-efficacy strengthen our stamina in reaching adulthood and our courage to come fully into the world’. The tests that the world imposes on us in this way challenge us time and again to live a full and happy life.

An old image of the soul, which describes this mysterious path to self-realisation, is the process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Subjective science

With TIMP an entirely new capability grows. Through consciously dealing with the unconscious and the systematic reflection of experience we learn to more clearly recognise the correlations that exist between our attitudes and the success of our actions.

Viewed at a higher level, from this growing consciousness the link between internal and external becomes clear and develops into a holistic insight: we learn to transform “vicious circles” and “labyrinths” into models of success and to give our life greater quality.

Personal conclusions

Dealing with experiences in a psychological way brings solutions to light.

Redemption comes from within, not from outside, and is only acquired, not given.

It is the power from within which radiates your destiny externally.

16 H. Stephan: Out of habit we often think and feel spontaneously and therefore almost always get the same results. We perceive our reality in terms of emotional dependencies and the past. And the way in which we think and act creates our constructed reality.

17 Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk understands the core task of humans as coming into the world.

18 See also www.zeit-therapie.de

What do you fear? You will only face what is agreeable and beneficial to you.

I know the day when you will bless your suffering, that teaches you to become what you are.

©Ephides, messages from transcendental tradition

Part IV Therapy recommendations

Administer treatment to yourself at least once a week.

A valuable guide to strengthening your own well-being was presented in the REGUMED newsletter:

Extract from the therapy guide for BICOM therapists dated 4.1.2016:

Strengthening your own well-being

Own treatment

Few therapists treat themselves, often because they don’t have time. To ensure stable test results and also to assist your own well-being it is very important to administer treatment to yourself.

A possible combination would be:

  • Step 1

Basic therapy, e.g. program series 10130

Substance complex Channel 2:

Energetic fitmaker

  • Step 2

“General detoxification”, program series 10046 Cup/honeycomb Channel 2:

“Derivatio H” medication

available from: Pfluger GmbH

  • Step 3

“Activate vitality”, program 900.1

Substance complex Channel 2:


The following guidelines are my recommendation for an introduction to psychological treatment that I use in my practice. The programs in steps 3 and 4 are optional.

Step 1

I repeat the exercises described before every treatment as follows:

I place both hands on my heart, close my eyes and focus on my inner being. Now I focus on my next patient and take them into my heart.

Show your patient this exercise and ask them to take their problem and then their own being into their heart.

Step 2

Basic therapy after testing

  1. g. program series 10130

Substance complex: energetic fitmaker

Use both hand applicators as the input for all programs Output: modulation mat on back

Step 3 (maximum of 3 programs, test if necessary)

Clear blocks:

3017.0 (deep-seated blocks)

3094.0 (shock treatment)

3027.0 (depression)

3084.0 (stress/regulation in general)

3063.0 (liver detoxification) and 3064.0 (liver-gallbladder regulation)

Substance complex: energetic fitmaker

Cup/honeycomb Channel 2: “Derivatio H” medication (Pfluger GmbH)

Input: both hand applicators Output: modulation mat on back

For the two final programs (3063 and 3064) I recommend placing an additional flexible applicator on the liver region.

Step 4 (maximum 3 programs, test if necessary) Initiation: “test preparation” program:

127.1 (over-treatment — for harmonisation)

241.4 (shock treatment)

960.4 (vegetative dysregulation)

571.0 (activate right half of brain)

572.0 (activate left half of brain)

Substance complex: neurology/stress

Use both hand applicators as the input for all programs Output: modulation mat on back

I wish you every enjoyment and success in unlocking your solution-focused potential with bioresonance.

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