Use of low deep frequencies and the second channel in veterinary medicine – the HOW and WHY!

The aim here is to discuss why the low deep frequencies can be so important. But first of all let us look at what constitutes these frequencies and where they normally occur.

The sensory reaction of the brain to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields is a well known phenomenon in neurobiology.

The pineal gland functions in this connection as a kind of biomagnetic sensor. The pineal gland has several synonyms:

• Corpus pineale
• Epiphysis
• Cerebral apophysis
• Glandula pinealis

The pineal gland consists mainly of secretory nerve cells and glial cells which produce the hormone melatonin. The pineal gland often contains in its tissue concentrically arranged calcium concrement formations of different sizes. These concrements are often termed „brain sand” and are visible in X-rays of the cranium in the midline.

In earlier times the pineal gland was regarded as the point of connection between the brain and the spirit (René Descartes).

Some followers of Discordianism maintain that the pineal gland serves to make contact with the goddess Discordia (Roman) or Eris (Greek) – the goddess of discord.
The pineal gland is located in the head on the posterior wall of the third ventricle of the quadrigimenal lamina (see figure, next page).

Up to approx. 100 years ago virtually the same electromagnetic fields prevailed as had done so for many hundreds of thousand years previously, but this has completely changed now because of the widespread development of radio, power lines and substations etc.

The corresponding signals in the low deep frequency range arising in the superordinate areas of the brain are as it were disturbed from outside leading to many of the body’s own frequencies in this range no longer being able to develop fully or not at all (error in the control system).

Of course these areas in the brain can be permanently disturbed by illnesses, which can have the same consequences i.e. bring about a given set of symptoms.

The external disturbances can, all depending on the cause, be compensated by the body over a certain period of time and so illnesses or the symptoms of disease go undetected for a while.

If the external negative influence ceases to exist for whatever reason, the brain can once again take regulative control over all its systems.

However, the cessation of the external influence of itself occurs only rarely. Especially in animals with chronic diseases.

Hypothalmus with suprach nucleus

Like us, our animals always sleep in the same place and for years we have been living and continue to live beneath high- voltage cables or mobile phone masts. This results in the body not being able to avoid this interference field and any permanent counter regulation is impossible or only possible to an inadequate degree.

We can suppress the external interferences in some cases (BRT) and sometimes completely remove them (geopathology).

With the low deep frequencies of the BICOM® BICOM optima® we can ensure that the body’s own frequencies oscillate harmoniously once again.

It is in fact precisely this that we have always used therapeutically and continue to do so with BRT, however today no longer primarily on the somatic level as previously, but additionally at the control centres – i.e. the superordinate control centre.

This situation can perhaps be best visualised by seeing a disturbance (illness) as fire. Depending on the set of symptoms and cause of the illness there are various things
to be done. For a small fire a few firemen are usually enough in order to control the fire. If, however, the focus of the fire is much greater, then additional forces are needed to gain control of the problem.

If these forces are then coordinated and pooled together by the officer in charge, they can be deployed much more effectively and the target reached more quickly – superordinate control centre.

Based on their frequency range, the low deep frequencies are classified as follows:

Delta waves: 0.5 – 4 Hz
Theta waves: 4 – 7 Hz
Alpha waves: 8 – 13 Hz
Beta waves: 14 – 30 Hz

The Hz unit equates to oscillations per second.

The Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) was the first frequency to be researched in depth and is therefore often used for clarification, without this necessarily detracting from the influence of the other frequencies. Its frequency means it lies on the boundary between the theta and alpha range.

The lack of these oscillations can produce disturbances in general well-being such as numbness, headaches, pulse and breathing changes.

The Schumann frequencies are quasi fine weather frequencies and contribute to our overall well-being.

If you then consider that our animals are generally able to live in a more primordial and natural way and that they react not only more instinctively to everyday situations, but also react more quickly, more intensely and more long term to external stimuli – then they are virtually predestined to be treated by us with the bioresonance method.

However, they too are very much affected by the changes to our planet. The percentage of animal patients brought to my practice with very different problems, yet similar external interference fields such as E-smog, reactions to mobile phone networks, etc is now around 75%.

Especially marked but unfortunately not yet representative, is the connection between epileptics and electrosmog and in particular our parabolic mirrors (satellite dishes or similar) seem to play a major role here.

In the case of our animal friends the low deep frequencies in particular can play the role wonderfully of the fire fighting officer- in-charge mentioned earlier – since they react at a superordinate level and in my experience can bring an even greater improvement in the patient’s response capability.
Channel 2
Channel 2 is a wonderful addition to the BICOM® device and can shorten therapy time dramatically.

The honeycomb for receiving information (ampoules, native preparations etc.) is connected to the back of the BICOM® BICOM optima® by both yellow cables. All the information from channel 2 is applied exclusively with therapy type A, i.e. you can for instance let a homeopathic supplement run alongside during „normal therapy” and then there is no need to run such a supplement subsequently – so you save time.

This type of supplement via channel 2 is not of course restricted to homeopathic agents, but includes any information you wish to transfer using therapy type A.

There are therefore very many examples of the above-named supplements:

• Homoeopathic agents
• Phytotherapeutic agents
• Vitamins
• Trace elements
• Mineral nutrients

plus of course ampoules which are bound for therapy type A, e.g. most of the pink ampoules from the CTT (combined test technique).

The ampoules of the 5 element test set (CTT) make a particularly interesting supplement in this connection.

When these ampoules are placed in channel 2, then we do not use their actual information from the meridian levels – as they are used in the CTT – rather the corresponding organ is supported solely at the somatic level.

This means the possibility of using the CTT application has increased by another option and my animal patients, who from time immemorial have possessed better responsiveness than their owners, can set about overcoming their own illnesses a little more intensively.

The second option for using channel 2 consists in including the substance complexes stored in the BICOM® BICOM optima®.

In other words, the substance complexes can be selected directly from the initial display by pressing number 6 or the
therapy type is applied additionally after the programs needed for therapy (max. 6) have been entered.

Selection is then either via the honeycomb (no. 1) as discussed, or using the saved substance complexes (no. 2). Further selections are then based either on category (no. 1) or alphabetic (no. 2). There are one or two substance complexes which produce the following message when selected:

CAUTION: Do not use this substance complex if a therapy is being given at the same time through the main channel!

This merely means that these programs should be applied on their own, e.g. following a normal therapy, so as not to overburden the patient and to allow them to respond better.

If this message does not appear, then this substance complex runs while the other programs are running. The time component
can be changed or the preset therapy time accepted for the entire therapy (presetting).

If the Start button is pressed now, channel 2 will run automatically.

However, therapy using channel 2 should not just be seen in terms of saving time. Therapy success rates are in fact much improved too because a number of supplements can be incorporated into highly individualised therapy which is tailored to the patient’s needs. These supplements help us to help the patient.

The opportunities afforded to us through channel 2 and the low deep frequencies are almost endless. A great many things have become even ‘more possible’ for both the experienced therapist and those new to this form of therapy.

I would urge you, therefore, to make the most of these options and turn them into therapy success stories.

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