Virus in guinea pig farm

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Heidkamp-Kremer

My veterinary practice is located deep in the heart of the countryside and with bioresonance therapy I am something of a pioneer here as regards alternative medicine.

I use the BICOM® device on a daily basis and would now find it hard to manage without it. In the past, I very often gave penicillin injections for a variety of different disorders, whether cystitis, recurrent infections or similar illnesses. Thanks to BICOM® I have not needed to use penicillin on my animal patients for over a year but am able to treat all kinds of disorders with bioresonance therapy. When I’ve used BICOM® therapy In my practice I’ve seen an improvement in over 80% cases.

Some time ago a guinea pig breeder came to me asking for help. A virus which caused pericarditis had been detected in his farm of just under 80 guinea pigs. The risk of infection is very high with this disorder and several animals had already died.

I first gave all the guinea pigs preventive treatment with BICOM® therapy using programs installed in the BICOM® such as “increasing powers of resistance” and “infection with pathogens (viruses, fungi, bacteria)”, for example.

I also treated the animals which were already displaying symptoms individually with the BICOM®. After just three treatment sessions the virus was no longer detected in the farm and there were no further deaths.

The number of patients coming to me has increased considerably since I began using bioresonance therapy. Also, a growing number of owners from the city are bringing their sick charges out to the country to me. Word of my success has got around quite quickly.