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Mr.Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED

Dear Members of our International Medical Working Group tor BICOM bioresonance therapy,when I first met Dr. Morell in 1974 and heard about his inspired idea of using frequency patterns taken from the body and other substances for the purposes of diagnosis and therapy, it heralded a new era in medicine. We now take much of this early development for granted and rarely give it much thought. Yet our working group is in many ways an elite group making significant strides in medicine in an entirely new and previously unexplored area. The concept of using the body’s own energy patterns as the starting point for diagnosis and therapy is one that continues to offer unrivalled precision in medicine.
Your input in our International Medical Working Group is helping to establish this new discipline, which proves so beneficial to patients. Each of the Congresses staged by our working group represents another key milestone in the further development of the bioresonance method.

An online forum is currently being set up for the members of our working group, where each member will have the opportunity to share views, ask specific questions or provide answers to queries. This forum will go live from 7 June 2012, All members will receive their log-in details in due course.

An immeasurable pool of knowledge has been amassed over the course of our 51 Congresses and is something we can continue to build on today. The theme for this year’s Congress, which runs from 28 to 30 April 2012 in Fulda, is
                 ‘BIORESONANCE – Waves of Change’
and will provide valuable new insights for all those working in the field.

Hans Brügemann
Founder and Director of the IMA-BRT
International Medical Working Group

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