What can be achieved with amalgam elimination

Dr. med. dent. Vera Maubach-Chandra, Mönchengladbach


I have been a dentist for 28 years and for the past 14 years I have been working with BICOM BRT on a daily basis. These 14 years have been the most fulfilling professionally, despite increased professional regulation. I have BICOM therapy to thank for this. Beforehand I was a dentist who liked to repair teeth or do something to help keep teeth healthy. Now I can make my patients healthier and that is even more satisfying. I am also very glad that I discovered at some point that I was harming some patients by putting amalgam in their mouths


If someone asks me now: “What material do you recommend?”, then I answer: “A material which has been thoroughly tested especially for you.” In my practice I do this with program 196, A 50fold, in other words on a provocation setting. I check this on 5 different meridians: lymph, nerve degeneration, allergy, triple warmer and heart. I enter the results onto a sheet which you can see at the top right. These readings should not deteriorate under provocation. I charge € 76.50 for this material test and virtually every patient has it done before having dentures or extensive reconstruction, even most patients on health insurance schemes.


Another area I cover in my daily practice is dental foci tests. These are mostly patients sent to me by naturopaths or local GPs and of course there are my own patients who I advise to have a focal test. A complete focal test costs € 94
Material test


Amalgam cleanup is obviously a very important area of my work. I have been doing this using the same method for several years with continuing success. I have already explained this to you elsewhere and so don’t want to go into details here.

ere. I will show you the statistics sheet however which my amalgam cleanup patients complete and which gives me extremely positive feedback (see end of paper). I can only urge you to do something similar with your patients.

  • 1. Patients feel valued.
  • 2. Things which the patient would never have connected
    with their treatment would gradually be
    forgotten if this sheet did not ask about them.
  • 3. It is a wonderful form of feedback and a fine
    acknowledgement of your work.

I put the especially good feedback, often accompanied by nice notes from patients, in my information folder in the waiting room. I have success stories there which are a real inspiration to everyone. This folder is now about 5 cm thick.

How do I get so many letters?

Well, by doing a good job obviously, but also because I ask patients to write to me. You could and should ask the same after a job well done. This is an opportunity for patients to give something back which goes beyond money. And for you and your team it is a welcome acknowledgement of your achievement
As a dentist you should only treat those indications which affect the teeth mouth jaw area even if other areas of the body automatically react, such as the odonton organ relationship. If, for example, amalgam has to be eliminated from the jaw, other deposits will also automatically be activated as a result. If in doubt it is advisable to work alongside a bioresonance therapist colleague. The following examples are given by way of simplified summaries.


In my presentation I mainly wanted to tell you about what, in my experience, can be achieved with BICOM therapy or rather basically to present to you some good patient case studies.
I should perhaps begin by saying one thing though. I have attended almost all the congresses and I have always found it very beneficial as each time I took several things away with me which helped me become even more effective in my therapy. Each year you look at things from a different perspective as a practitioner, you think back to the cases you’ve dealt with and to patients who you were not able to help much and often the solution has been presented to me here. Just to give you one example, I think it was Herr Baklayan’s tip with fibromyalgia to test lactic acid left-spin reflected as well and it works wonderfully!
That’s how I cured my first fibromyalgia patient. A spirited woman, in the prime of life, with three teenage daughters, who wanted to help her husband in his work and had been in continuous pain for many years
I tested her thoroughly and found the following:

  • no basic food allergy
  • block in element wood
  • meridians or parts of meridians: liver, large
    joints, small joints
  • on the liver meridian the pink elimination ampoules
    for the following tallied:
  • disturbed elimination
  • viral stress
  • chemical stress
  • Yin Yang and acute
  • On the joint meridian also “disturbed elimination”
    and “Yin Yang”.
  • Amalgam only affected the nervous system
  • Lactic acid without the spin tester only showed
    minimal allergic components. Yet left-spin reflected
    it was quite clear

In addition she had

  • parasitic infestation
  • radar stress (she lives on the American base)
  • viral conditions gamma-herpes, orthomyxo,
    retrov, herpes, adeno
  • the pink ampoule for “intercepting postvaccinal
    complications” tallied and also “whooping
    cough pathogen”, tetanus vaccination”, “tuberculosis

I first sent Herr Schäfer to her on account of the radiation stress. The whole family lives in a house which is very badly affected. It had to be kitted out with a large number of neutralising balls. Then there was a phase in which everyone in the family felt something – I would call it “withdrawal symptoms”. Later that wore off and turned positive, for the rest of the family too.

Treatment plan:

  • stabilise element wood and allergy therapy for
    lactic acid
  • from third session onwards, radar radiation
    also treated
  • then viral therapy, inoculations, parasites
  • and finally amalgam.

I have now worked through virtually everything with her and am now carrying out the last part; amalgam elimination. This January she told me proudly that for the first time she’d danced until 3.30am this New Year. Her husband couldn’t believe his eyes as she’d not been able to do that for years.


Another nice case was a woman in her late 20s with two small children. She’d had tinnitus in both ears for 10 years. It had made her near suicidal as a result. In her case, it was Dr. Altrock’s tips which helped me. I treated basic food and amalgam essentially and the tinnitus, which she had suffered from for 10 years, has gone, confirmed by an ENT specialist.

Treatment following an extraction

Now a more everyday case, not quite so spectacular, but something we do routinely, like giving treatment after an extraction. A patient who in the past always had major problems after an extraction, post-operative bleeding, pain, swollen cheeks, etc. We took out a molar tooth, two roots broke off as well so we had to have a good look around. He was then given his treatment and was in and out as he had none of the previous problems. You know that, after 2–3 days, wounds treated with BICOM therapy look like other wounds after one week without BICOM therapy. Incidentally my assistants usually administer this treatment, I do it only occasionally.

Weight problems and other problems which disappeared

This one also went very well. A young woman, aged 32, with 12 relatively small amalgam fillings who was not happy with her weight. I will read out to you all the things which disappeared, according to her own statistics: weariness, lack of concentration, nervousness, irritability, headaches, pains in the neck, oedema in the eye subsided, diarrhoea, rashes, geographical tongue, dry mouth!

Wouldn’t you say that was really successful?

Indeed, and after the third elimination session she had already lost 4 kg. The whole BICOM therapy treatment cost € 450.

Family man with no reserves of strength

Before amalgam cleanup I always test the 5 elements for blocks and, if an element is blocked, I do not detoxify it but first stabilise the element(s). That is what I did with the following patient

A 48 year old man, father, reserves of strength exhausted. He had a block on the element water, a wheat allergy, was deficient in orthomolecular substances and had amalgam stress.

He was first given element therapy, then wheat allergy therapy, then standard amalgam elimination and after that he was ready to tackle anything.

Root treated front teeth

A colleague in Aachen referred a regular patient to me. He had root treated front teeth and these were affecting his prostate and bladder. The amalgam stress test gave the same result on the lymph, all three kidney test points and bladder. Disturbance in the element earth, neurovegetative peripheral and central.
I was able to neutralise all the stresses.
The patient still has his teeth.
His symptoms have gone and once a year I test to see if a signal reappears. Stable since 1999.

High blood pressure

I have a 70 year old patient. He has had high blood pressure for 20 years which he measures himself: 160/80 – with BP-reducing tablets. I cleaned up his amalgam and adjusted his orthomolecular balance, large doses of vitamins. Since December 2002 he has stopped the BP medication and has a BP of 140/80.

Back pain

Another of my patients, who repairs and supplies washing machines, is over 70 years old. He plays the organ in church and is very active in the charity Caritas. He came to me 2 years ago seeking advice after he had had no luck from his doctor and orthopaedic specialist. He was unable to play the organ any more due to pains in his back. I used a combination of the Dorn method and bioresonance therapy on him. We treated him twice a week. Basic therapy according to conductivity and program 915 spinal block and 460 myalgia. Program 999 was also applied, amplified 64 fold, from the back as output onto both feet at the input. It was also oscillated over oil and drops so these could be massaged in and taken. After five sessions all the patient’s symptoms had gone. It is a real pity that we don’t have a camera handy for when a patient says with that look on their face: “Doctor, the pain has disappeared. I played the organ again for two hours yesterday.” (Well, I stored the memory in my head.)

MS patients

Three of my patients whose amalgam was cleaned up had been diagnosed with MS. A young woman aged 20, a PE teacher aged 30 and a 45 year old patient. Amalgam cleanup was the crucial factor in all three cases. No further episodes for several years while beforehand there had been several each year, no symptoms! Positive attitude to life.

Increasing vitality and generating more positive attitude to life

Removing amalgam increases patients’ vitality and gives them a more positive attitude to life. Amalgam is an oppressive substance which makes people depressive and can make children hyperactive.


For years I have been actively doing what I can to see that the irresponsible prescription of psychotropic cocaine like stimulants to children and adolescents is banned, or at least strictly controlled, as a first step in the right direction.
I am very interested in positive results from alternative therapy with ADS.
Please get in touch with me if you have any such cases.

I have prepared 2 lists:

1. for therapists who I can recommend to parents seeking help.
2. a kind of petition to our members of parliament to take up this problem and to investigate the consequences of the huge rise in these prescriptions

I invite you to sign this petition during the break. This would help my work considerably.


This selection of highly successful therapies should encourage you to make frequent use of BICOM therapy. You do not always need to discover the philosopher’s stone to be successful but can achieve excellent results with standard therapies.

Questionnaire no.:

Study of amalgam intolerance within the practice

Initials: ……………………………. Age: ……………………….. Sex……………………

By completing and returning this questionnaire you will help in the scientific analysis of the current controversial debate on the amalgam problem. Analysis of the amalgam detoxication we carry out will enable us to gather representative case related material. We were concerned to help you, now you can help us! Complete and return to my practice 8 weeks after amalgam removal.

Instructions for completing the questionnaire

The extent patients are affected by the particular symptom before amalgam removal = “before” and the degree of reduction of these symptoms after cleanup = “after” is classified as “severely = 3”, “moderately = 2”, “hardly = 1” and “not at all = 0.” Cross out the appropriate figure. The boxes 1 – 8 weeks are designed to provide information on the progress of the reduction. Use the blank space at the end of the table for any symptoms not listed. If 2 symptoms are listed in a box but only one applies to you, then cross out the inappropriate symptom. If both apply, leave them both.

Which symptoms existed before amalgam removal, how have your symptoms changed following treatment?

questionnaire 2
questionnaire 3

The examples show that the weakness in the arms subsided after amalgam cleanup yet tonsillitis and nasal catarrh only altered slightly.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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