Why treat only ill people? Bioresonance as a form of preventive health care

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany

Prophylaxis (prevention) is understood as the range of measures taken to prevent health deteriorating. We make a distinction between primary prophylaxis, intended to stop disease occurring in a person who is still healthy and secondary prophylaxis to avoid a recurrence of a medical condition which has been cured or has improved (relapse prophylaxis). In both cases the use of bioresonance therapy has proved effective for patients as well as for therapists and practice staff.

I. Relapse prophylaxis

You know the situation: the patient’s symptoms have disappeared or improved markedly. The patient has completed a course of treatment.

Frequent question: “What happens next?”

There are two options: “We stop the treatment now and you get back in touch if any new symptoms reappear!” or “we carry on treating you at greater intervals (e.g. every 4 – 6 weeks) to prevent a deterioration.”

We recommend the wait-and-see approach for most of our allergy patients, for example, as they generally remain symptom-free for a number of years. Relapse prophylaxis is recommended for most chronic diseases such as chronic pain or organ diseases, diseases of the metabolism, immune or hormone system, with autoimmune disorders and with cancer. Initially patients have a therapy session at monthly intervals, and later possibly every 6 – 8 weeks. We rarely use ready-made program series. We test out suitable programs, generally a combination of low deep and normal frequency programs.

With substance complexes or CTT ampoules in channel 2.


1. Recurrent urinary tract infection

Case 1 J. H., female, aged 12
Had suffered from recurrent urinary tract infections since she was a baby, residual urine at times, almost always nitrite in urine, frequent antibiotic treatment. We treated the intestinal mycosis and cows’ milk allergy, eliminated “drugs to suppress uterine contractions” and Streptococcus and stabilised the bladder with bioresonance. The young patient was initially symptom- free and her urine was normal. Three months later she again had feverish cystitis which was treated with antibiotics. We decided on bioresonance relapse prophylaxis. So far the patient has come to a therapy session every 4 weeks and for over 8 months has had no further urinary tract infections.
Input cup: urine
Input: bladder; output: sit on mat
922 (Inflammation / Tissue process)
3018, 390 (Bladder)
492 (Urinary tract infection)
570 (Increasing powers of resistance)
Channel 2: Urinary tract infection (Urology)

2. Thyroid disease

Case 2 U. S., female, aged 42

This tax consultant was diagnosed with Grave’s disease with hyperthyroidism. She declined radioiodine treatment. She was put on 15 mg methimazole by her GP.She wanted to try bioresonance as she had had a positive experience with treatment of her bronchial asthma two years previously. After 4 “acute treatments” once a week she felt much better subjectively and in better shape. To maintain this situation, she is initially coming to further therapy sessions on a monthly basis.
Input: throat; output: mat back
700 (Geopathy)
3088 (Thyroid)
548 (Hyperthyroidism)
916 (Pituitary gland)
Channel 2: Hyperthyroidism

3. Liver disease

Case 3 K. R., female, aged 60

In addition to hypertension and chronic asthma this patient suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, probably alcohol-induced. She had already undergone ascites puncture in hospital. Since the only solution offered by conventional medicine was to give up alcohol, she decided on bioresonance therapy. She already felt much better and her blood count improved after initial weekly treatments. To prevent a “deterioration” in her condition she continues to come for bioresonance every 2 – 3 weeks.
Input: right upper abdomen; output: mat back
3063, 3064, 430 (Liver)
970 (Detoxification)
Channel 2: Liver support

4. Prostate cancer

Case 4  H. P., male, aged 77

The patient’s prostate was removed due to cancer. Neither radiotherapy nor chemotherapy were necessary. Since then urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. After 6 “acute treatments” including elimination of scar interference, the incontinence was already much improved. He still comes for therapy each month in the hope of continued improvement in his symptoms and as “relapse prophylaxis”.
Input: bladder; output: sit on mat
3124 (Cell regeneration)
3094 (Shock)
934 (Hormones)
911 (Nerves)
580 (Prostate)

Channel 2: Prostate adenoma, CTT: bladder, male genitals

5. Cardiac irregularity, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, gonarthrosis

Case 5 M. M., female, aged 61

We treated this patient with bioresonance over several weeks back in 2004 (!) for tachycardia and multiple food allergies. After the first course of treatment she felt “so well” that she insisted on receiving further “prophylactic” treatment. She has been coming for BICOM® therapy every 3 – 4 weeks since then(!) The treatment schedule is adapted to her needs every couple of months. Latest:
Input: thymus; output: mat back
904 (Heart)
934 (Hormones)
Input: right upper abdomen; output: mat left knee
922 (Inflammation / Tissue process)
3056 (Arthrosis)

6. Treating menopausal symptoms

Is gratifying work for BICOM® therapists. After 4 – 6 weeks’ acute treatment patients like to come every 1 – 2 months for a “refresher”. The hormone programs appropriate for the individual patient should be tested out. Here is a selection of the programs we most frequently use.
Programs: 3048, 3049, 3050, 3030, 980, 981, 934, 916, 900
Channel 2: Menopausal symptoms

7. With cancer patients

Energetic relapse prophylaxis is always recommended. Activating the immune system is always the main priority here (see immune regimen below). If you are working with the “Degenerated cells” test set, the appropriate ampoules should be tested out individually at each session.

8. In the case of unavoidable prolonged contamination with toxins or pathogens,

prophylaxis is indicated especially if exposure to harmful substances at the workplace or living space cannot be prevented. A dentist comes regularly for elimination of amalgam toxin. Contact with mercury is unavoidable when drilling out old fillings. Another dentist also suffers from chronic Borrelia infection. We have been regularly treating the Borrelia mercury combination for years. We also have to keep treating wood preservatives and moulds where the workplace or living space is affected (strip of tape from the room).

9. Damage from radiation exposure

can often be minimised by appropriate steps to reduce interference. Prophylactic elimination of radiation exposure has also proved effective. Employees of nuclear power plants, X-ray assistants, frequent flyers, pilots and stewardesses come for electronic smog therapy (program 702 etc.) at regular intervals.

II. Primary prophylaxis

1. From the very start – newborns and mothers

The tummy button is the first scar we acquire in our lives. It should be treated promptly before, as a scar interference field, it leaves behind pathological information in the small body. The area around the cervical vertebra can also test as a “scar”, especially after “precipitate delivery”, if suction cups are applied or the baby’s position during labour is awkward.

All medications taken by the mother during her pregnancy (to suppress or induce uterine contractions, local and general anaesthetic, painkillers, tranquillisers, antibiotics, drugs (!), etc.) as well as any toxic contamination (amalgam in the mother, active or passive smoking, wood preservatives) should be eliminated. They may play a part in triggering neurodermatitis, chronic pulmonary disease or ADD syndrome. If necessary eliminate vitamin K (Konakion) which most infants are given following delivery. (Table 1)

Table 1

Newborns – prophylaxis

Input: quadr. flex. applicator on abdomen/ chest; output: lie on mat

Programs (half the time!):
Basic therapy
910, 900 (Scar)
3017 (Blocks)
3095, 432 (Shock)

For toxic or medication-related stress:
Input: toxin, medication; output: lie on mat
963, 944, 998

Children from atopic families (1 x monthly):
Input: quadr. flex. applicator across abdomen/chest; output: lie on mat
Basic therapy
428 (Thymus)
3089 (Mucous membrane regulation)
561 (Intestinal flora)
900 (Vitality)

Further recommendations: in infant’s first year no cows’ milk or wheat products if possible, symbiosis control with probiotics, no caries prevention with fluoride tablets, accompanying treatment for required or requested vaccinations.

Treat lower abdominal scars (caesarean, episiotomy, etc.) in young mothers. Programs to support hormonal changes are helpful. (Table 2)

Table 2

Prophylaxis for mothers with children

Input: quadr. flex. applicator on lower abdomen; output: sit on mat

Basic therapy
910, 900 (Scar)
3095, 432 (Shock)
3050, 980, 981, 934 (Hormones)

2. Prophylaxis for post-vaccinal complications

All vaccinations put strain on the immune system and can lead to side-effects in particularly sensitive patients. “Post-vaccinal complications” can largely be prevented with accompanying bioresonance therapy. Patient should be treated prior to and following vaccination, if possible with the original vaccine (empty ampoule with a residual drop of the substance). (Table 3)

Table 3

Prophylaxis for post-vaccinal complications

1.Input: chest/abdomen; output: mat Program 428
2.Input: vaccine; output: mat back Program 996
1.Input: chest/abdomen; output: mat Program 428
2.Input: vaccine; output: mat back Program 963, 944, 998

3. Surgical and dental procedures

Infected wounds, secondary wound healing and scar interference fields can generally be avoided if surgical and dental operations are prepared beforehand with bioresonance therapy and subsequently followed up with further bioresonance. The programs which have proved effective can be found in the computer manual.

4. Bioresonance regimens

Here are some suggestions from our own practice. The programs can obviously be modified or tested out based on your own experience of individual cases.

1. Autumn

We recommend an immune regimen for our patients and ourselves in autumn. Programs to stabilise the immune system in addition or as an alternative to the flu jab are the main priority. The therapy time is reduced to 6 – 8 minutes for the low deep frequency programs. According to Chinese 5 element theory the Metal Functional Circuit is assigned to autumn. It is therefore helpful to support the lungs and large intestine meridians. We place a suitable substance complex and CTT meridian ampoules in channel 2, as well as Bach flower remedies or Rosalinde flower essence mixtures (www.rosalindeblueten.de) to stabilise the patient’s psychovegetative state. BICOM 2000 users then just work with normal frequency programs and subsequently apply the ampoules with program 192 (A).

Alongside the 4 – 6 week course of programs potentiated BICOM® minerals produced with the device, e.g. from blood or stools are administered. If the patient takes 5 – 10 drops per day in 1.5 l water, they are also getting enough fluids.

Input: large flexible applicator on chest and abdomen; output: mat back

Basic therapy
3108, 428 (Thymus activation)
221, 562 (Large intestine)
211, 3005 (Lungs)
3089 (Mucous membrane regulation)

Channel 2: “Immunodeficiency”, CTT: lungs, large intestine
“Signposting” Rosalinde flower essences (Japanese anemone, lady’s mantle, foxtails)

2. Winter

Bioresonance introduces light and resonance into the dark season of winter. The vitality regimen incorporates programs for vitality, stabilising the immune system and activating the metabolism. The element water which is assigned to this season is supported via the bladder and kidney meridian. Potentiation of blood or earwax.
Input: large flexible applicator on chest and abdomen; output: mat back

Basic therapy
3027, 900  (Psychovegetative stabilisation)
3066 (Lymph activation)
3003, 570 (Immune system)
3080  (Kidneys)
390  (Bladder)

Channel 2: “Energetic fitmaker”, CTT: kidneys, bladder, lymph
“Healing line” Rosalinde flower essences (passion flower, stinging nettle, sage)

3. Spring

We offer our detoxification regimen in spring. The main focus here is toxin elimination, detoxification and purification and also activation of the wood element via the liver and gallbladder meridian. Potentiation of blood, urine or saliva.
Input: large flexible applicator on chest and abdomen; output: mat back
Basic therapy
3036, 970 (Detoxification)
3063, 430, 370 (Liver/gallbladder)
3030 (Glandular function)
981 (Hormones)
Channel 2: “Acidaemia”, CTT: liver, gallbladder, joints
“Learning leaps” Rosalinde flower essences (dill, bluebeard, stinging nettle, lemon mint, marigold)

4. Summer

The summer months see our fitness regimen. Support for sporting and leisure activities but also preparing for the upcoming holidays. In early summer the fire element is supported (heart, circulation, triple warmer, small intestine meridian) and in late summer the earth element is supported with the stomach and spleen pancreas meridian. Potentiation of blood or saliva. To prepare for the holidays and travel, consider eliminating vaccinations, treating allergy to sun or midges and mosquitoes or “diarrhoea prophylaxis” (e.g. regenerating the intestinal flora).

Input: large flexible applicator on chest and abdomen; output: mat back
Early summer
Basic therapy
3086, 802
  (Oxygen intake)
3050, 934  (Hormones)
281, 904     (Heart)
3032            (Blood circulation)
3127             (Small intestine)

Channel 2: “Oxygen deficiency”, “cardiovascular stress”, CTT: heart, cardiovascular system, triple warmer

“Release” Rosalinde flower essences (sea campion, Christmas rose, Iceland poppy, red daylily)

Late summer
Basic therapy
3086, 802
(Oxygen intake)
3109          (Acidaemia)
3107           (Metabolism)
3081, 935  (Pancreatic juices)

 Channel 2: “Pancreatic insufficiency”, CTT: stomach, pancreas, metabolism
“Ritual” Rosalinde flower essences (Marienquelle mineral springs, lady’s mantle)

Bioresonance regimens are also a good marketing tool for medical practices and should be publicised accordingly, for example through suitable leaflets or a poster for the relevant season in the waiting room (see figures 1 to 4).

And don’t forget your practice team and yourself

Bioresonance regimens


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