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5 reasons why to upgrade to B34

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We like to talk to all our potential clients personally and help build a bespoke package built around your requirements, however, we may have spoken already or you may know what you need and require an item by item written quotation, this page will help us to do that. BICOM® UK are the largest English speaking supplier of the BICOM® and other Regumed products, we will send you a written proposal with a special discount and a list of all items and accessories included.  

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What are people saying about BICOM® UK?

“Well, it has been the ONLY therapy that has made me stop bleeding into my mouth….. I have struggled a year and within two treatments to stomach and oesophagus, the bleeding stopped. I had an endoscopy which revealed lesions on my oesophagus that were partially healed and this is after two treatments, it can only be that as I have suffered over a year, and this is the only treatment that has helped me, so I would recommend a course of bioresonance treatments to anyone. Many thanks, BICOM®

Lauren, Leeds, UK