Bioresonance: What it is? Does it Work? How can help me?

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Let’s break the words bioresonance down: “bio” which is short for biological or “living organism.”  “Resonance” which when used in physics is when one object vibrates at the same natural frequency of a second object and forces that second object into vibrational motion.

Bioresonance (not to be confused with Biofeedback) uses the frequencies emitted by living cells in the body as the information needed to facilitate treatment therapy, much like the tuning of a musical instrument.  (Granted the frequency range of cells is much lower than piano strings, but can still be measured on regular electronic equipment.).  If you are familiar with tuning a piano then you would understand that tapping a tuning fork will cause the piano string that has the same frequency to vibrate.  A simple scientific fact.

2 tuning forks used to demonstrate resonance
Demonstration of resonance

This has been proven initially in Germany to be useful in trying to identify which frequencies are not in resonance to the body and could be causing negative reactions.

The explanation can appear complicated to those without an understanding of biophysics or who are new to energy medicine.  However, we have supporting documentation and videos for review as you search the site further.

If you would like to find out more, please read on in this simple explanation on bioresonance and understand how it works in relation to other principles we are familiar with.

What is Bioresonance Used for?

Therapy on a bioresonance machine helps to identify the specific frequencies that cause a negative reaction with a patient, these specific frequencies can then be used for the therapy.

(This section only provides general educational information on the technique.  Practitioners who would like more detailed technical material should contact us).

Watch this brief video to learn how bioresonance can be used as an effective complementary therapy.

BICOM® bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive, gentle therapy making it suitable for children over 4 years old and even sensitive patients.

Therapy on a bioresonance machine does not cure an illness; but help and identify toxin or stress load and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’.

Many people often wonder why, despite our scientific advances and affluence, more and more people struggle with maintaining good health. Some disorders are given a ‘label’ but many can’t be treated; they are simply managed.

Many of these disorders and syndromes have steadily increased over the last 20 years, which begs the question of whether we are becoming more intolerant or even allergic to increasing levels of toxins in the environment.

How Does Bioresonance Therapy Work & What Does it Treat?

In 1977, Dr Franz Morell, Erich Rasche and Dr Ludger Mersmann developed a filter to separate ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ electromagnetic signals coming from the body.

Discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles.

Depending upon their nature, all substances have their specific wavelength or frequency with highly individual characteristics. This is known as a frequency pattern that can be detected by a BICOM® device.

Research into biophotons is based on the assumption that cells communicate with one another by means of “flashes of light” (photon radiation) at certain ‘resonant’; frequencies.

Frequencies of cells
eg: wheat, egg, milk etc

Biophysics researchers believe that the biophysical level of the body controls the biochemical level and hence the structure of matter and the structure of organs.

The BICOM® device uses frequency patterns taken either from the body in the original biofeedback mode or from substances that are stressing the body.

When from the body, it either uses applicators making skin contact or magnetic applicators to collect information from deeper inside the body or from on top of light clothing.

The BICOM® separates these waves into harmonious and disharmonious components. The healthy waves can be boosted and sent back to the body, while the unhealthy waves are ‘inverted’ or turned upside down by an electronic mirror circuit before returning them to the body. Rather than just try to blast pathogens, a good device works with the immune system.

What actually happens is more complicated but the ‘inverted’ wave cancels the harmful wave that was stressing the body’s energetic system.

Noise cancelling headphones cancel out unwanted sounds
Cancelling noise

You can see this effect on the water in a pond where ripples reflected from a stone flatten the next incoming ripple. The same electronic principle is used in noise-cancelling headphones for use on aircraft. This is what can happen with electromagnetic waves, let’s assume that a patient is intolerant to gluten, then inverted energy wavelengths coming from gluten frequencies can be used. The aim is to have a positive effect on the human body and to reduce the reaction.

A typical 60-minute bioresonance therapy session will combine several therapy programs, some using information from the body and some from substances.

The altered information is played back into the body through a large electromagnetic mat that covers the patient’s spine.

During treatment, the body is ‘stimulated’ when it resonates with the healing frequency from the BICOM®.

Example 1:

Body secretions (saliva, mucous etc) can be used as the ‘input’ information along with an applicator at the throat. These secretions have both types of frequency patterns.

The BICOM® picks up the energetic information from this, and then internal filters separate the ‘harmonious’ frequencies from the ‘disharmonious’ frequencies, amplifying the healthy energy and calming down or cancelling out the ‘disharmonious’ frequency.

Example 2:

Let’s say food stress has been detected. A vial containing the food information is used as the input.

The gluten frequency pattern is run through the ‘mirror circuit which inverts it. It literally mirrors the image of the frequency pattern and the mirrored frequency is fed back into the body to weaken or cancel the gluten information.

So does bioresonance therapy really work? Is important not to believe everything you are told but to do your own research, there are a number of patient testimonials on verified sites, but each patient is different and therefore the results can be too.

Bioresonance Therapy Procedure

The physician Jacques Antoine Bechamp argued that diseases were the result of multiple factors unique to each individual.

When It All Becomes Too Much

Imagine the body as an empty barrel at birth. Then, with each contact with stressing substances in the environment, a little more is added to the barrel.

When the regulatory mechanisms in our bodies are functioning properly they can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stressors.

In some people, however, the regulatory system cannot cope and the barrel overflows, resulting in issues. 

Bioresonance Research and Treatments

We are regularly asked for available research and if the Bicom is accepted by conventional doctors and institutions. The regulatory question is difficult to answer as each country has its own regulations. When it comes to research the BICOM® is the most used and longest established energy device on the market, the company has always sort to prove the effectiveness of its methods. There are many “Case Studies” that have been documented and are still being so, here are some facts:

  • 1987 was the launch of the first BICOM device
  • More than 18,000 BICOM devices in over 90 countries
  • Usage: 55% doctors, 45% naturopathic practitioners
  • More than 100 seminars, workshops and specialist presentations each year in Germany alone
  • More than 150 seminars and specialist presentations each year worldwide
  • More than 60 employees in Germany

This is not the same as official clinical studies and peer reviews in the conventional medical field. The most important thing to establish with any medical device is

  • Does it cause harm?
  • Can effectiveness claims be proven?
  • Have enough people used it to provide documented results?
  • Is it accepted by medical experts?

The BICOM® satisfies the above criteria and the only proven claim is for allergy therapy (only in Germany), this means that practitioners cannot make any claims for other conditions. Bicom UK is working with the regulatory bodies to prove effectiveness in various areas, this includes registration of each device. The question does bioresonance work is too general, each specific claim has to be proven, does it work for this condition etc. To over each ailment is very costly and time-consuming, at this point it restricts making claims on most treatments.

Does Bioresonance Therapy Have Side Effects?

In the vast majority of cases, Bioresonance therapy is very well tolerated and no serious side-effects have been reported.

Fewer and fewer patients are prepared to simply pop a pill when they feel unwell. People who are careful of their health and want to act responsibly in health matters are looking for alternatives. It is accepted that virtually all allopathic medicine will have some side effects.

Bioresonance is not the same as allopathic medicine and has no side effects, why is this? Bioresonance therapy (BRT) works with the finite frequencies within the body, although these can be observed with the right equipment they are no stronger than the frequencies remaining in a homoeopathic remedy.

Although it may feel like nothing is happening during a treatment things are happening on the inside and these signs are an indicator that the body is using the information received from the BICOM®.

What Can Bioresonance Treat? Is it Safe?

Currently in the EU clinical studies have only been verified for allergy therapy. Since Brexit all medical devices have to be registered with the MHRA, this has ensured that all bioresonance and biofeedback devices are regulated, including being able to verify any claims made. To comply even further we encourage therapists to not use the words diagnose and treating but use the terms “therapy” rather than “treat” and to only discuss allergy therapy (only in Germany).

As explained above the BICOM® device works at such low frequencies, it’s not possible to harm anyone, is a non-invasive therapy and therefore is very safe. Each device carries a CE certification and we can say with confidence that bioresonance therapy is safe.

The device is powered by a 12-volt battery which is mainly to power the LCD screen. This battery can be left charging during therapy and therefore connected to the main 240v or 110v supply. This higher voltage is reduced to 12v well before it reaches the BICOM® thus eliminating any risk of an electric shock for the patient.

It’s important that the device is serviced at the right intervals and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and approved engineer. The clinic should be able to provide you with this information on request.

How Much Does Bioresonance Therapy Cost?

A 60-minute therapy session can cost around £60 but varies between therapists


  • Bioresonance is a drug-free complementary therapy method
  • The therapy is painless and is suitable for all people age 4 and upwards
  • The BICOM® machine can help to ease the stress on a patient’s body so that it can heal itself
  • Therapy works by reinforcing harmonious signals from the body, while counteracting disharmonious signals

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