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BICOM® bioresonance therapy: Offering help when all else has failed?

horse with eczema treated with bioresonance

Client Name: Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte, Vet and non-medical practitioner Initial scepticism overturned by convincing experience When my daughter contracted neurodermatitis at the age of two, I followed the conventional treatment route since, as a conventionally trained vet, I wanted nothing to do with all the alternative “mumbo jumbo”. That started a veritable odyssey […]

Food allergies and post-vaccinal complications

Dog with allergy hair loss

Client Name: Jörg Fiedler, vet Underlying factor in many disorders 75% of my patients, especially small animals, suffer from allergies. With large animals the problems tend to be mainly orthopaedic, such as lameness, for example. I believe there are two reasons why allergy therapy is so important in my practice: Firstly, in general the body […]

A stud’s last chance

Client Name: Ruth Baß, holistic animal healer from Bachhagel Kissing Spines I hold a professional qualification in horse riding and equine management (Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin) and have been a BICOM therapist for many years. I first became acquainted with bioresonance ten years ago through my father who was practising as a gynaecologist in Augsburg. He hit upon […]