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Allergological diagnosis using biophysical technology

by Prof. Dr. E. Giannazzo, Dr. med. S. Valenti and Dr. med. D. Puzzo Physiology Faculty, Chair of Biophysics at the University of Catania (Catania Medica, p. 9 ff) 1. Introduction A team of scientists from the Biophysics Faculty together with colleagues from other faculties has for years been planning a biophysical research study aimed at demonstrating […]

Bioresonance Device for Treatment of Allergic Diseases

By Yuan Ze, Huang Jiali, Wang Haiyan and Yu Chunyan (Pediatrics Department of Xi’an Central Hospital, Xi’an, Zip code: 710003) [Abstract]: The BICOM Bioresonance device (BICOM 2000) produced by the German company Regumed was used in allergen detection and desensitization therapy in 154 patients. The inverted and amplified biological wave of the allergen was transferred back […]

Permanent cold and watering eyes for months

ENT specialist: BICOM® bioresonance method – a good way to offset lower revenues as a result of the health reform For more than three years I have been working in my ENT practice with the bioresonance method. Despite initial misgivings about whether this therapy really pays for itself, the successes I have had using this […]